Cookies Policy

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A cookie is a piece of data that a website stores on a visitor’s computer, subsequently sent back to the website by the visitor’s browser on each return. Cookies help Brokers-Exchange identify and track visitors, their website usage, and preferences.

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Third-Party Pixels and Cookies for US Visitors

Despite other provisions in this policy, Brokers-Exchange and/or its partners may employ pixels, pixel names, cookies, and similar technologies to collect information from your device and/or web browser.

Our third-party collaborators might combine this data with other information, potentially recognizing your email address or additional progressively identifiable information. Even if the data lacks identifiable details, our third-party providers can match it with other data to identify your email address or other progressively identifiable data. For instance, the cookies might contain de-identified statistics related to the information you intentionally shared with us, such as your email address, shared with data providers in a non-human-identifiable form. By using our Services, you consent to us and our third-party providers storing, utilizing, and combining (i) non-identifiable data we share or (ii) progressively identifiable data, as described above.

We and/or our partners might also use this data to send you promotional emails. This information helps us track visitors to our advertising partners’ websites and send personalized emails based on their interests.