1000pipBuilder Review: Is This Signal Provider Worth It?

1000pipBuilder Review

Entering the Forex trading domain can be quite a journey, and 1000pipBuilder claims to be the compass you need. In this 1000pipBuilder review, we’ll peel back the layers and see what’s really on offer. Is this company reliable? Keep reading to find out more interesting facts!

Company type Signal Seller
Legal name 1000pipBuilder
Regulation No regulation expected
Registered in London, United Kingdom
Established 2016
Website https://www.1000pipbuilder.com/
Financial Authorities Warnings No official warnings
Contacts [email protected], 1-800-390-6035
If withdrawal is possible Yes
Fees $77 a month
If Active on Social Media: No
Investor Protection: No
Activity areas United Kingdom, United States, India, South Africa, Nigeria
Main threats No demo account
Main perks Transparent and easy-to-understand membership plans

Behind the Scenes – 1000pipBuilder

We can see that this company was established in 2016 by Bob James, a seasoned trader from London’s finance sector. 1000pipBuilder Forex signals firm offers mentorship programs for traders of all levels. Truthfully, we must say that our first impressions were positive!

Still, taking their claims with a tiny grain of salt, let’s dive deeper into their features.

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Inside the 1000pipBuilder Toolbox

As a Forex signals provider, 1000pipBuilder delivers signals to your inbox daily. This company promises potential gains of 600-1,000 pips

It’s a straightforward concept. You get to act on the signals, make informed decisions, and boost your trading success.

Exploring the Features

Let’s take a look at some of the main features of this company. 

  • The Signals. At its core, the company provides signals 24/5. We can say that this empowers users with expert insights for their trading decisions.
  • Value. While not revolutionary, the platform gathers positive reviews on Trustpilot. Bob James’s mentorship and additional support bring value, especially for beginners.
  • Safety and Security. To address legitimacy concerns, this firm provides result verification through MyFxBook, instilling confidence. In any case, signals are tools, not a recipe for success.

Membership Costs and Demo Dilemmas

Now, what about membership prices? You might be wondering – is 1000pipBuilder free? It’s not. We found that membership comes at 3 price points: £44 for one month, £144 for 6 months, and an annual plan at £228.

While the pricing aligns with the market, the lack of a demo option may deter those seeking a trial run. Keep that in mind!

The Pros and Cons Balancing Act


  • Convenient signal delivery to your inbox/SMS
  • Transparent and easy-to-understand membership plans
  • Expert guidance from Bob James


  • Lack of company transparency and insight into Bob James
  • High costs without a demo option for trial

Customer Support: A Silver Lining

When it comes to customer service, this signal provider excels. The company was built with a dedication to customer service in mind. We can see that clearly!

Many of the positive ratings quote the speed and depth of support offered. It’s the part of Bob James’ service he’s most proud of. You can reach them via email and phone. Notably, phone support goes through ClickBank. 

1000pipBuilder Reviews on Trustpilot

Now, let’s see what people on Trustpilot are saying about this company. This firm rocks a solid 4.7-star rating from 179 clients. That’s a clear thumbs-up from the crowd, indicating people do love what this trading company has to offer. 

When it comes to finance, aiming for services with 4.5 stars and up is a smart move. Always keep this in mind! 

Tip: Have you heard of Daisy Global? This is a decentralized AI system and a crowdfunding model for financial tech. It is a platform for crypto & FX AI trading, offering a crowdfunding smart contract that provides profits, equity, and income to members. It indeed sounds interesting! 

Choosing a Safe Trading Firm

Are you looking for safety in trading firms? Safety should truly top your list! Take the wise route by doing your research and checking out company profiles on trustworthy sites like Trustpilot. Dive into the assets, funded account size, leverage, and evaluation phase conditions. Moreover, don’t skip the profit split ratio of 90/10 – it’s a game-changer.

Remember that reliability is the key, as you want a firm with a solid reputation. You should know that most trading firms care about safety and include many solid features. And let’s not forget the risk here! Trading businesses play it safe with strict risk management policies. What’s more, they’ve got your back with many solid training and mentorship programs. Keep this in mind! 

A Quick Guide to Avoiding Online Trading Scams

To keep clear of online trading scams, follow these simple steps:

  • Doubt Unsolicited Offers: Treat online or social media investment ads with skepticism. Watch out for unexpected calls or emails promising great opportunities.
  1. DYOR: Before putting in money, do your own research! Know the company, its products, and check financial details. Verify if the investment and people involved are legit.
  2. Say No to Pressure Tactics: Be wary of rushed sales tactics. Legit pros won’t force quick decisions or ask for secrecy.
  3. Guard Your Online Presence: Online platforms are scam hotspots. Be mindful of the info you share and secure your social media accounts.
  4. Talk Before You Invest: Discuss with other skilled traders or advisors before deciding on the trading company you want to use. 

Being cautious, doing quick research, and talking to trusted advisors can slash the risk of falling for online trading scams. Remember that! 

Elevate Your Earnings Through Trading

So, are you ready to cash in on online trading? We’ve got your back. Dive into free consultations on top forex and crypto platforms. You can reach out to us anytime! 

We have some exciting news too – our new tool, the AI Analysis Tool, is coming your way. It’s your ticket to predicting price changes based on historical data and the latest news. Make sure to test it out today! 

Final Words

Summing it up, 1000pipBuilder’s got the goods with their signal service, mentorship, and solid customer support. 

As traders, make sure to choose wisely to match your needs. And speaking of choices, don’t snooze on our latest mind-blowing offer – the AI Analysis Tool. It’s geared up to supercharge your trading game with insights from past data and today’s market trends. Make savvy moves, and may your trading journey be a winning one.


What is 1000pipBuilder?

1000pipBuilder is a signal provider offering high-quality signals to assist traders in making more profitable decisions.

Is 1000pipBuilder Legit?

Yes. It has an excellent track record based on its past performance.

Is There a 1000pipBuilder Telegram Group?

There are some fraudulent 1000pipBuilder Telegram groups. It is recommended to sign up through their official website.

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