AFK Invest Review – All You Need to Know Before You Join

AFK Invest Review

This AFK Invest review aims to show you the difference between legit and unregulated investment firms. While the company boldly claims they’re not sales agents but fee-based managers, they have zero proof for their claims. 

We were unable to find any licenses or approvals issued to the brand or its employees. Let’s learn more on how to avoid investment scams.

Company type Wealth Management Firm
Legal name AFK Asset Management Group
Regulation Unregulated
Registered in NY, USA (allegedly)
Established 2024
Website afkinv.com
Financial Authorities Warnings N/A
Contacts [email protected]
If withdrawal is possible Highly unlikely
Fees Hidden
If Active on Social Media: No
Investor Protection: No
Activity areas United States, Canada
Main threats Unregulated, hidden costs, fake financial advisors
Main perks No perks

Who Is Behind AFK Invest Scam?

AFK Invest is owned by AFK Asset Management Group, allegedly based in New York, US. However, once we searched through the database of registered companies, we found no such entity. Furthermore, the company claims its founders were behind large projects such as E*Trade, Uber, TradeIt, etc. And yet, there are no names we could check out.

All in all, there are too many suspicious details about this firm. And the lack of AFK Invest reviews only confirms our suspicions.

AFK Invest Reviews – What Traders Have to Say?

If you check the AFK Invest website, you will see that they claim to have been in the business since 2015. Therefore, we are not unreasonable in expecting some online activity and people talking about the AFK Invest services. Yet, our search found only one Reddit thread mentioning this name. According to the user describing the scheme, this investment firm contacts victims on WhatsApp, promising guaranteed returns within minutes. Then, the conversation switches to Telegram, assumingly due to its encryption features. The client was asked to invest at least $2,000 and earn $10,000 daily.

Then, we checked when the company’s domain was registered, and we had what to see. Namely, the afkinv.com site was only started in February 2024. Therefore, it’s not surprising to see a lack of comments or AFK Invest complaints yet. If you have any negative experiences with this firm, we advise you to leave comments wherever possible to prevent others from falling into the same trap.

AFK Invest Services – What Does This Company Allegedly Offer?

While the web section describing services looks like it was made by a child doing homework, we were still able to extract some data. Namely, AFK Invest firm claims to offer the following:

  • Financial advice and planning,
  • Private wealth management,
  • Portfolio management,
  • Financial planning.

In addition, their disclaimer mentions Bitcoin as one of the investment options. And yet, since the firm is not registered, there’s no way that their employees are certified to offer any of these solutions.

AFK Invest Investment Process

Apparently, AFK Invest employees research possible investment opportunities using traditional sources, social media, and crowdsourcing information. Then, they choose an asset worth investing in and add it to your portfolio. 

They claim to be fee-only advisors, yet AFK Invest fees are nowhere to be found. Why would you invest with an anonymous firm when you have many certified financial advisors and regulated companies out there?

AFK Invest Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

While transparency is the word often used on the company’s website, AFK Invest is all but transparent. We found no legal documents, such as Terms and Conditions or a Payment Policy, that would outline the investment process.

Since the firm mentions Bitcoin, we can only assume that it encourages investors to transfer digital currencies. Namely, many online swindlers believe that by taking deposits via crypto, they can hide their identities and be safe from chargebacks and similar transaction reversals. Yet, little do they know about new technologies that allow you to find out perpetrators and offer mechanisms for crypto recovery.

When it comes to AFK Invest withdrawal, there is absolutely no information. Hence, we believe that this firm will not allow any payouts. Just remember that they promise profits, which is a sure scam sign. It reminds us of Monaxa and their lack of transparency when it comes to payments.

Final Words

Let’s conclude this AFK Invest review by pointing out all the negative aspects. The company is unregulated, hides fees and commissions, and is already exposed on Reddit as fraud. When it comes to positive things, there are none. There’s no app where you could track your portfolio and the deposit and withdrawal procedure are hidden.

If you want to invest and not risk your capital, we advise you to check out funded trading programs. Proprietary firms allow you to trade using the company’s capital and share profits up to 90% in your favor. If you don’t believe us, check Funded Trading Plus, a UK-based firm with over 2,000 positive reviews on Trustpilot only. If you have any questions regarding starting a funded account, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


What is AFK Invest?

AFK Invest is an unregulated wealth management firm offering clients bogus financial advice and portfolio management.

Is AFK Invest Legit?

Since the owner, AFK Asset Management Group is not registered, and the firm is not licensed, we can safely say they’re not legit.

Where is AFK Invest Based?

According to their website, AFK Invest is based in NY, US. Yet, there is no proof to confirm these claims.

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