AI2Trade Review: Another Shady Broker to be on the Lookout For

AI2Trade Review

Even a quick look at the web page indicates a scam, as the regulator they advertise is not a valid one. Additionally, several complaints about this company will make you reconsider investing your funds, so read our AI2Trade review to learn more about the firm’s operations.

Shady brokers are everywhere and it’s no surprise that most of them operate without a license. But thanks to our review, you will learn all about the malicious practices of this brokerage and how to protect yourself. Keep reading and make sure to check out OptionStack.

About AI2Trade

The website advertises a few products, one of which is an AI trading service. On request, traders can open an AI AI2Trade account; alternatively, they can open a standard account just as with any other brokerage. However, something didn’t feel right with this broker and after checking the reviews, it’s no wonder.

According to the website, zero financial costs, maximum leverage of 1:200, and micro-lot trading with a starting price of 0.01 are available while trading. With more than 2100 instruments at your disposal and lightning-fast execution (<13 ms), the price is made to improve your trading.

The web page is laggy and the firm is not transparent about its history, nor does it provide any type of testimonials or proof that they are a reliable business. The minimum deposit is $1000, which is excessive compared to the competition. But let’s delve further into AI2Trade’s profile.

Company Type Broker
Legal name AI2 Trade Ltd
Regulation Offshore self-regulatory authority BE
Registered in The Queens Walk, London SE1 4AA, UK

Unit 1804, South Bank Tower, 55 Upper Ground, London SE1 9EY, United Kingdom

Established 2023
Website ai2trade.net


Financial Authorities Warnings
  • CNMV
  • Finanstilsy
  • Web Form
If a withdrawal is possible Highly unlikely
  • Hidden fees
If Active on Social Media:
  • No
Investor Protection: None;
Activity areas Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Albania;
Main threats Unfavorable reviews; Fake offshore regulation;
Main perks None!

Legal Information

The broker claims to be regulated by Broker Entities, however, when you look up their name on that website, the result says AI2Trade is regulated by the SEC and a member of SIPC, indicating they offer a compensation fund. Unfortunately, that is far from the truth.

Upon searching SEC’s register, no results matched for the name AI2Trade. Additionally, by looking just a little deeper, you will find several warnings published by authorities against AI2Trade Ltd, including CONSOB, IOSCO, CNMV, ATVP, and Finanstilsy.

The broker operates without a valid license and Broker Entities is not a valid regulator or source of information. Before committing to this brokerage, keep in mind that the minimum investment is $1,000, which you will probably lose.

AI2Trade Features

A wide range of trading features are available on many markets through AI2 Trade Ltd. Trade contracts for difference (CFDs) on major global equities, commodities for energy, spot metals, cryptocurrencies, and popular indices as well as international futures.

Presenting itself as a reliable brokerage, AI2 Trade Ltd offers CFD trading on a range of markets, including shares, commodities, energy, futures, Forex, indices, and cryptocurrencies. They say that their AI software and sophisticated execution strategy will provide them access to top-notch financial markets. 

Traders are cautioned as AI2 Trade Ltd has been reported as a scam, notwithstanding these assertions. They provide a variety of trading accounts with advantages like decreased spreads, competitive pricing, and better order execution, including professional and VIP accounts. 

They also say they have multiple industry accolades for their services, platforms, and products. The AI2Trade platform includes also MT4 and MT5, according to the website. Traders should use caution while making investments with AI2 Trade Ltd, though, because of its dubious reputation. 

AI2Trade Pricing

A pricing system that promises to have no financial fees is advertised by AI2 Trade Ltd. They provide the Professional Account and the AI Account, both of which require an AI2 Trade deposit of $1000. 

Other pricing information, on the other hand, is concealed, which raises questions about transparency and possible extra expenses for dealers. Before investing, traders should proceed with caution and carefully examine the platform’s price and charge schedule.

AI2Trade Reviews

Many traders fell to the AI2Trade scam according to Trustpilot. With over 40 comments, the overall score reached 3.5 stars. More than 30% of those comments are unfavorable and each of those comments accuses the broker of scamming them for money after they invested.

The comments are in Italian and after being translated, it seems that withdrawing your funds is a hassle with this firm. Additionally, the way they work is concerning, as according to one trader, they announced themselves via Instagram and asked him to deposit a small investment.

In an attempt to get the trader to deposit even more, the broker contacted him frequently and displayed the money he had “earned.” They eventually demanded a 20% interest fee for the trader to be able to withdraw the money, after tricking him into thinking that if he deposited $1,000, his withdrawal would double.

AI2Trade Withdrawal and Deposit Methods

AI2 Trade Ltd provides a variety of payment options. Accredited funds for bank wire transfers are normally deposited into your trading account for free, and the transfers take place within one business day. 

With credit/debit card transactions, there are often no costs associated with funding or withdrawals, and deposits are completed in about ten minutes, while withdrawals take a full working day. 

E-wallets like Skrill and Neteller also provide speedy processing; deposits are normally completed in 10 minutes, while withdrawals are handled for free in one business day. It is crucial to remember that costs may be applied by your sender or the bank.

Final Words…

AI2Trade markets itself as a brokerage company that provides a variety of financial instruments along with cutting-edge AI trading services. However, our investigation turned up several warning signs that point to this platform’s lack of reliability. 

The business has been charged with operating without a valid license and lacks transparency on its regulatory status. Furthermore, several trader complaints cast doubt on AI2Trade’s dependability. 

In addition, the $1000 minimum deposit requirement is comparatively high when compared to other brokers. Finally, we urge traders to proceed with caution and think about safer, regulated options for trading. 

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FAQ Section

What is AI2Trade?

AI2Trade is a brokerage firm that offers trading services in various financial markets, including Forex, stocks, and cryptocurrencies.

Is AI2Trade Legit?

No, AI2Trade is not considered legitimate as it operates without a valid license and has faced numerous scam accusations.

How to Choose the Right Trading Broker?

When choosing a trading broker, consider factors like regulation, reputation, trading fees, customer support, and the range of trading instruments offered.

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