Asian-Trade Review: Reasons You Should Not Trust This Broker

Overview of scam broker Asian-Trade

Asian-Trade is, by all means, suspicious. As a result, it has no connection with the Japanese markets as it implies. Rather, they are just another offshore broker that lacks a license and any type of regulation. These firms keep praying on people and just have one goal in mind: to steal money.

In this AsianTrade review, you will see why it is not advisable to invest in the company. Let’s check out the details below! 

Company N/A
Website Asian-Trade.Info
Address Estonia / Japan
Email [email protected]
Phone N/A
Minimum Deposit 100 JPY
Leverage 1:1000
Bonuses No
Regulation No
Warning No

License for Asian-Trade and Security of Funds

Asian-Trade claims to have headquarters in Japan. The location itself lacks many details, per se. Nobody can figure out exactly where the broker operates based on this information. AsianTrade broker does not have any license nor regulation to operate there. 

Be that as it may, you can be sure that the address it gives does not define the firm. Also, they claim that there is an apparent office located in Estonia. Bogus brokers are very risky, and you should be mindful of these red flags.

Tip: Always think twice before taking any risks while investing your hard-earned cash! You will save yourself many troubles if you stay alert. Also, make sure that you read the reviews about the company before you decide to use it. 

Trading Platform Available at Asian-Trade

This alleged FX broker does not define what trading platform it uses. Only after signing up, you are able to see it is MT4. This is one of the most widely used media in the enterprise. Thus, this platform is registered in the name of an offshore firm.

Please be aware that the existence of some type of trading platform is no warranty that this is a truthful broker. Monetary scammers often use trading media to trick their victims that their cash is being invested. Nonetheless, this trading is entirely fictional, and the capital goes straight into the scammers’ pockets.

Find a legitimate broker that offers traders MT4 and/or MT5, the most recent version of the trading platform. Due to the wide range of components they deliver, these venues have become industry standards.

Options for Deposit/Withdrawal

The data on payment options is contradictory and deceitful. Keep in mind that this is common for phony brokers. On the homepage, we see a declaration that this broker solely uses crypto assets. 

VISA or Mastercard deposits are not available. If you deposit with your VISA or Mastercard, you still have the chance to file a chargeback within a certain period. If you are dealing with a deceptive firm, you should take action as soon as possible. 

The minimum deposit requirement is apparently 100 JPY. This is definitely suspicious, so be mindful of this scam.

Scammers prefer crypto assets because these transactions are harder to trace. While some honest brokers accept digital currencies like BTC, they do so alongside other transparent payment methods such as cards, wire transfers, or widespread e-wallets like PayPal, Neteller, or Advcash.

Asian-Trade Account Types

Asian-trade forex broker includes the following account types: 

  • Micro
  • Trader 
  • ECN 

However, there is no justification for why you should think about paying more. These scam firms include investment plans with outrageous profit calculations. There are poor trading conditions at this so-called investment company.

Asian-trade does not contain data to prove trade activities are taking place. The investment company will likely draw negative consequences, defining why similar data is missing. Trade records for three months or more help determine the outcomes to predict.

Depending on any web trading venue exposes you to opposing third-party attacks. Affiliate marketing links expose you to phishing attacks on private data. The web links including important data to traders barely work.

How the Scam Is Executed

You can be scammed by shady brokers in a number of ways. You will often experience numerous withdrawal issues. Similarly, you will be charged odd fees. A common scam involves phony high fees, regularly exceeding 20%. Those will often be called withdrawal processing fees.

In the same vein, there are almost always profit fees. Scammy web pages want you to pay for them in advance.

Likewise, there are often mindless promises of returns. This one is another favorite scam method that you should be aware of. Fraudsters will always promise you huge guaranteed returns. Beware that trading with leveraged instruments carries significant risks. Any broker deception will try to persuade you that your returns are guaranteed.

If possible, use brokers that are regulated. This is the unwritten rule, by all means!

Asian-Trade Summary

Hopefully, this Asian-Trade review was of any use to you. We have one purpose. The purpose is to prevent as many traders from losing their funds as possible.

In addition, Asian-Trade does not have a license, and its platform is inadequate. Additionally, the address on there is completely bogus, and the payment processor is deceitful as well. Ultimately, there are many complaints and negative reviews about this website.

Check all companies carefully. Do this before you conduct any transaction. We truly hope that our Asian-Trade review was able to help you in any way.

FAQs About Asian-Trade Broker

Is My Money Safe with Asian-trade?

Your money will not be safe with this scammy FX broker. Keep this in mind.

Is Asian-trade a Regulated Broker?

There’s nothing secure or regulated about this broker scam. You should be mindful of this.

What Is The Asian-trade Minimum Deposit Amount?

There is information that the minimum amount is 100 JPY on this so-called forex broker.

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