Aton Review – Are There Any Risks Of Investing With This Firm?

Aton Review

Of course, as with any trading firm, Aton has some risks. Some companies have higher risks, and others lower. Nevertheless, Atonline Limited is a trusted firm that has been operating since 2009. But is it the best place to invest your money? You will realize this by the end of this Aton review.

Make sure to read it thoroughly if you want to be a profitable trader. But also, read our Funded Elite and Premarkets reviews if you want your funds safe.

Company Type Regulated Broker
Legal name Atonline Limited
Regulation CySEC
Registered in Cyprus
Established 2009
Website https://www.atonint.com/
Financial Authorities Warnings No official warnings
Contacts E-mail; phone
If a withdrawal is possible Yes
Fees 0.3% trading securities; $30 delivering securities; $80 DVP/RVP settlements with third parties; $30 transferring funds; $1.000 maintenance fee
If Active on Social Media: No
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas Japan, France, Italy, United States, Germany
Main threats Operating in jurisdictions without adequate licenses; High leverage;
Main perks Regulated by the CySEC;

Legal Information: Is The Aton Company Legit?

What’s surprising is that there are no publicly available Aton reviews. Yet, the company has been operating since 2009, and that might keep you away from them. On the other hand, what can keep you on track with this brokerage is its CySEC regulation. From the first moment the company started, it operated with strict oversight.

However, it’s well-known that such regulation can’t be compared to FCA, BaFin, or ASIC. But to be fair, it’s far better than nothing. At least, traders have their funds protected and can even get up to 20.000 EUR If the company files for bankruptcy.

What Attracts Traders To Aton Company?

The main reason why traders keep investing with Aton broker is due to their regulations. This makes investors more confident that there won’t be any issues. Still, with extremely high leverage, which is not common for European brokerages, traders can get in trouble.

That’s why trading with tier-1 licensed firms is a whole other level. Another thing is that the company lacks educational programs, which is also surprising for the CySEC-regulated company. Therefore, all Aton services should be approached with attention.

Where Are The Aton Services Available?

If you check the company’s activity areas, you will realize they are present everywhere but not in Cyprus. For instance, some of the most targeted countries are: 

  • Japan
  • France
  • Italy
  • United States
  • Germany

However, the key problem is that US and German authorities require brokers to have their domestic licenses. Yet, Aton trading company doesn’t have any.

What Trading Platform Company Offers?

It’s important to realize that this trading company doesn’t reveal what platforms they are using. But with their quite complicated registration procedure, it’s also hard to test them. 

However, according to some sources, the company is using the most popular option out there — Meta Trader 5. This is quite a promising and refreshing detail, especially when you realize that a wide range of advanced options will be available, such as Expert Advisor features.

Is a Demo Account Available?

To be fair, the company doesn’t even reveal any details about live accounts, let alone demo accounts. In general, if they are offering MT5, a demo account should be part of the offer. But it’s quite surprising to see legitimate Aton regulation and low transparency.

How Much Do You Need To Get Started?

Generally speaking, top-tier licensed firms mostly require a minimum deposit as low as $10. However, with this firm, it appears you will need at least $1.000 to get on board. 

Yet, it can’t be confirmed because the Aton investment company is not clear about the minimum requirements. Anyway, if you are looking for less risky options, you may opt for some demo or funded account programs.

What Are Investment Options Available?

Without transparent platform access, all tradeable assets remain a mystery. According to the company’s presentation, traders can use services of investing in:

Payment Options And Withdrawals

Overall, without a transparent deposit and withdrawal policy, everything remains mysterious. Yet, Aton securities investment firm provides instructions for wire transfers in their documents. That might be a hint as to what the only investment option available is. In any case, it’s far better than sending cryptos.

In general, traders might expect higher transparency from CySEC-regulated companies, especially since they don’t know how much they need to get started. If it’s truly $1k required to get on board, you might as well diversify that across multiple platforms and test everything simultaneously.

Contact Options Available

In general, the company’s support features can’t be compared to those offered by FCA-regulated firms. Still, having multiple phone lines available for various services is a huge advantage. You can also reach them via e-mail for less urgent inquiries.


All in all, traders can expect high security standards and protection with Aton trading company. On the other hand, quite a lot of details remain unknown when it comes to trading with this broker, which might be a deal breaker for some experienced traders.

Anyway, if you want to enjoy maximum security and comfort while trading, you should opt for Tier 1 licensed companies.

AI and Auto Trading vs Educated Trading

MT5 software usually allows traders to use a wide range of advanced features, such as trading signals, Expert Advisors, and algo-trading. Also, with AI taking over every industry, traders might as well opt for those options as well. In general, these options might be highly attractive, especially for inexperienced traders. Thus, nothing can be compared to true knowledge and taking advantage of fundamental analysis.

That’s why we always recommend traders opt for small or no-risk investment deals. For instance, opt for demo accounts and even better, funded accounts.

With Funded Trading Plus, for example, you can apply for different challenges and experience how it is to trade with big money. Once you complete the challenge you can get started with real money with huge confidence. Feel free to contact our team for more details.


What is Aton?

Aton is a trading brand belonging to Atonline Limited, a company based in Cyprus that has been operating since 2009 worldwide.

Is Aton Legit?

If you look at the company’s regulations, yes. But in reality, there are many things that the company doesn’t reveal. Such as trading conditions and payment options.

How to Withdraw Money From My Aton Account?

Getting a withdrawal from a regulated company shouldn’t be a problem. You simply apply for it in the client area and follow the instructions. If problems occur, talk to regulators.

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