Ballet.com Review – All You Need to Know About This Cold Storage

Ballet.com Review

While there are many crypto storages, some are better than others. Depending on your preferences, you can find the one offering a designated crypto card, many different coins, a higher level of safety, etc.

Where does this one belong? We’ll find out together during this detailed Ballet.com review.

Company type Crypto storage
Legal name Ballet Global Inc.
Regulation Not required
Registered in Delaware, US
Established 2019
Website ballet.com
Financial Authorities Warnings N/A
Contacts Web form, social media, Telegram
If withdrawal is possible Yes
Fees Buy, sell, swap fees
If Active on Social Media: X, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Telegram
Investor Protection: No
Activity areas United States, Belgium, Dominican Republic, Portugal, Brazil
Main threats Unresponsive customer support, loss of private keys leads to loss of crypto
Main perks User-friendly, compatible with iOS and Android, waterproof, NFTs included, flat shipping rate

Who is Behind Ballet.com Crypto Storage?

Ballet.com crypto storage is owned by Ballet Global Inc., a company founded in 2019 by Bobby Lee and his team of international crypto veterans. Hence, it’s a good start for the firm. Upon checking relevant registers, we indeed found the firm to be incorporated in the US.

However, it’s important to mention that since this branch only offers cold storage and allows the loading of funds and swapping one crypto for another, it doesn’t need to be regulated. On the other hand, their subsidiary, Ballet Crypto, offers a proprietary product named PURE Wallet that allows the purchase of BTC. Therefore, the daughter company has obtained a relevant FINCEN license.

Ballet.com Reviews – What Customers Have to Say?

Oddly enough, we were unable to find Ballet.com reviews on sites like Trustpilot or SiteJabber. Instead, we found comments on Amazon related to the physical storage and the shipment of it.

At the time of writing. Ballet.com cold storage held a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. An average of 75% of users rated the product with the highest mark, while 10% of the total of 807 comments gave it the lowest rate. The majority of complaints are focused on customers’ inability to add BTC to their wallets and the unresponsiveness of customer support. This may be a serious issue since we all know that financial matters are timely sensitive.

Ballet.com Storage – How it Works?

As one of their most prominent products, Ballet.com company provides clients with the Ballet REAL Series Cold Storage. It’s a card that requires no setup and is immediately ready for use. It should be noted that the card itself has no electronic components and is, therefore, unable to be hacked or otherwise compromised.

Since it’s cold storage, customers have their own private keys or seed phrases that they use to access their crypto. However, it also means that the loss of crypto will highly depend on your ability to memorize and save these keys. Therefore, it’s advised to keep them written, preferably not in the same place where you hold the physical device.

Since the Ballet.com wallet requires no setup, it’s ideal for gifts. It’s also meant to be used by those who are long-term into crypto, as it offers higher safety. If, however, you’re a frequent trader, it might be wise to use a software wallet over a Ballet.com hardware one.

How to Use The Storage?

First of all, you will need to purchase the card from the official website, store.ballet.com. You can choose from the following:

  • Ballet Cold Storage – $39
  • REAL Bitcoin Any Occasion Gifting Edition (3-pack or 5-pack) – $107
  • REAL Bitcoin Gold Dragon Limited Edition – $129
  • 2024 Lunar New Year Crypto Gift Card – $35
  • Ballet Cold Storage Limited Edition (4-pack) – $169
  • PURE Bitcoin Signature Set – $599

Once you’ve chosen your card, you will need to install the Ballet.com app on your iOS or Android device. Then, you should scan the code on the physical card. Once done, your virtual card will appear in the app. Then, you’re ready to top it up with your desired crypto coins.

The Ballet.com card supports over 20 blockchains, allowing you to buy, sell, and swap your crypto. In addition, it allows you to manage your NFTs, which might be the advantage of this card over similar ones, such as Phantom App.

How to Withdraw My Coins Out of the Ballet.com App?

If you wish to make a Ballet.com withdrawal, note that you won’t be able to transfer fiat currency to your bank card or an account. Instead, you will have to send your crypto to another wallet, an exchange that allows for fiat currency withdrawals. 

You can choose to send BTC, ETH, or any similar digital coins, just be mindful of Ballet.com fees. If you wish to reduce them, you can swap your coins to fiat currency stablecoins such as USDT and USDC. Once converted, you can send stablecoins to your wallet with another exchange and make a withdrawal to your bank account.

Final Words

As you had a chance to see, Ballet.com is a pretty solid cryptocurrency cold storage. However, there might be some flaws, such as slow customer support and the possibility of losing your crypto if you lose your private keys. In addition, this card allows you to hold your digital coins but not trade them.

If you wish to find a risk-free alternative for trading, we suggest Funded Trading Plus. It’s a UK-based proprietary firm with over 2,000 positive reviews on Trustpilot. The company offers its own capital to those who can prove their trading skills during an evaluation phase. Since you have nothing to lose, you might as well try it out today. If you need any assistance setting up your account, do not hesitate to get in touch.


What is Ballet.com?

Ballet.com is a cold crypto storage that allows you to safely store your digital coins offline.

Is Ballet.com Legit?

While this type of business doesn’t require regulations, Ballet Global Inc is a company registered in the US as a financial business.

How to Get My Crypto Out of Ballet.com App?

If you wish to withdraw your crypto coins to your bank account, you will first need to make a transfer to an exchange that allows for fiat currency withdrawals.

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