BB360 Review – Facts About BB360.Market Broker


BB360 is a shady brokerage company allegedly situated in London, UK. Without providing any proof of being regulated, BB360 shatters our expectations of a trustworthy broker. 

The website is designed to attract traders’ attention with promises of likable trading options. Investors could apparently trade anytime and anywhere with the help of the mobile platform. 

All issues and questions are promptly solved by the dedicated support team. Depositing funds has never been more secure and expressive. Trading is available on over 200 symbols and surely yields profitable results. 

You have to admit the broker did put some effort into advertising itself. It’s all in vain, though. BB360 is unregulated and not safe for investing. It has even been blacklisted by CONSOB, the Italian regulator: 

Company N/A
Website BB360.Market
Address London, UK
Email [email protected]
Phone +44 1579558181
Minimum Deposit $250
Leverage Up to 1:300
Bonuses N/A
Regulation Not regulated
Warning CONSOB

Regulation and Fund Security at BB360

In the Terms and Conditions, we have found the claim of BB360 being registered in Ireland and regulated by The Central Bank of Ireland. Even though this indeed is the regulatory authority in Ireland, BB360 is not really found in the regulator’s database of authorized brokers. 

With the UK address, we had to also check the database of the UK regulator – FCA. One of the world’s top-tier regulatory bodies, FCA supervises brokerage activities on the territory of the UK. BB360 does not appear in their database either. 

Not to be overly presumptuous, we have decided to check some other databases of licensed companies, as well. AMF, CySEC, ASIC, BaFin, CNMV, IIROC, and others do not list BB360 as a regulated broker. 

After also finding a warning issued against BB360 by the Italian CONSOB, we’re sure this broker is a phony. BB360 is operating without authorization to offer any of the financial services we saw on the site. 

Consob warning against BB360

The legal framework that regulators enforce includes customer protection, segregated bank accounts, risk-reduction measures, leverage restriction, banned bonuses, compensation schemes, and negative balance protection. The goal is to protect the consumers and ensure transparency to prevent money laundering.

Operating outside of the regulatory standards, BB360 is a fraud, an unscrupulous broker with the anonymous owning company and the goal to defraud its clients. 

Trading Software Available at BB360

The trading area contains a simple web-based platform that cannot really compare to the advanced options and reliability of MT4 or MT5. 

The BB360 trading software shows the available instruments (stocks, crypto, indices, currencies, commodities) and a somewhat basic chart with simple customization options. 

Trading software could be opened without making an account and depositing first and it does show some level of functionality. Unfortunately, since this is a scammer we’re dealing with, neither can their software be trusted. 

For best performance and profitable results, refer to regulated brokers that offer competent and fast platforms. 

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

BB360 accepts deposits made via Visa, Bitcoin, and MasterCard. Terms and conditions mention wire transfer as well. The downside to depositing with BB360 is the fees, which are clearly stated to exist and they’re up to the broker to decide how much they will amount to. 

Apart from deposit fees, BB360 also reserves the right to charge withdrawal fees. There are additional commissions that aren’t quite clearly explained. There’s also an administration fee, which is much like the inactivity fee of $100 charged annually. 

The minimum deposit amount required is $250.

How the Fraud Was Carried Out

It seems like BB360 fits the profile of a common scamming scheme. The point is to attract unsuspecting victims, usually novice traders, by offering bonuses, huge chances of profit, and similar.

The conditions they offer come with strings attached. That’s usually high trading volume required or withdrawal fees. 

After getting you to invest, fraudulent brokers can either disappear with your funds or keep working to convince you to invest all over again. The circle is endless and only the investor will lose.

BB360 Summary

Despite the deceptively functional trading platform, the trading terminal on BB360 still cannot be trusted since it’s offered by a bogus broker. The same is with all other seemingly profitable trading conditions. 

Do not, for even a second, be in doubt about whether to trust an unregulated broker or not. In spite of everything they offer, they are probably not really providing those options and features. Their mission is to get their hands on your precious investments. 

That’s why it’s of immense importance to report the fraudulent brokers that have robbed you or have tried to.

Let’s raise awareness together and fight the ever-increasing threat that unscrupulous scammers.

FAQs About BB360 Broker

What Account Types Does BB360 Offer?

Several account types are available: Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Every account requires a higher initial deposit. 

What Is The Minimum Deposit at BB360?

The minimum deposit amount required at BB360 is $250.

Can I Trust BB360 Broker?

Whatever BB360 offers as trading conditions and services, they can never be trusted because they’re unlicensed.

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