Bear Bull Traders Review – Key Features, Pricing Plans, Pros And Cons

Bear Bull Traders Review

Bear Bull Traders is a company incorporated in the United Arab Emirates. The ownership belongs to Andrew Aziz, a worldwide-known trader and ex-Forbes council member. Since 2017 he has been actively selling his trading courses and books all over the world.

Bull and Bear Trading Group offers a wide range of educational features for traders. But to see everything you need to know and some bonus tips, read this Bear Bull Traders review carefully.

Company Type Trading education community
Legal name Aziz Online LLC FZ
Regulation Not expected
Registered in United Arab Emirates
Established 2017
Website Bearbulltraders.com
Financial Authorities Warnings No official warnings
Contacts Email
If a withdrawal is possible Depending on the brokerage
Fees $39-$1.199
If Active on Social Media: Yes – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United States, India, Canada, Philippines, United Kingdom
Main threats Lack of support options; limited offers; expensive plans;
Main perks 7-day money-back guarantee; e-books,

Who Are Bear Bull Traders?

The company has been active since 2017 and its owner has established quite a big community since then. Their customers mainly come from countries like:

  • United States
  • India
  • Canada
  • Philippines
  • United Kingdom

Their social networks show us they are expanding quite quickly. Only on Instagram, Andrew Aziz has almost 100k followers. For anyone in the financial world, that’s quite a lot. Especially when you see too many swindlers out there crawling out every day.

What Other Traders Say About This Company

Surprisingly, one of the first reviews written on the Trustpilot platform was negative. Another key fact is that there are only 4 comments there. As with any other firm that offers anything free, you will find unsatisfied customers, mainly talking about misleading from the company’s side. But you can decide for yourself if you try their services.

On the other hand, if you check a few Reddit comments about this company, you will find only positive reviews. Again, if it’s worth it, you will decide. Also, we would encourage you to check our review of Arbitrage Genius. Generally, something very popular nowadays and new to many traders.

Bear and Bull Trading Academy and Features

Of course, as any firm selling something, they have to offer you something free. In this case, they are starting with downloads and resources. But for that, you have to submit your e-mail address. Which can easily lead to bombarding with emails.

Anyway, bearbulltraders.com offers a wide range of trading support. These are divided into categories and every pricing plan brings you more benefits. You can use:

  • Chatroom – Includes scanners and breaking news from exclusive Benzinga feed
  • Technology – DAS Trader Pro, Lightspeed, BearBullReplay Simulator
  • Education – Webinars and Mentoring
  • Webinars – Monday onboarding, Tuesday strategy, Wednesday psychology, Thursday mentorship
  • Psychology – Mastermind program series, traders’ state of mind, mindfulness for traders, and more
  • Community – BBT Family, Blog, Forums

Pricing Plans

Important to realize is that all plans include some basic features, such as live onboarding sessions, day trading and options courses, and stocks and options chatrooms. The choices are:

  • Intro – $39/week
  • Basic – $99/month
  • Elite – $199/month
  • Elite Annual – $2.388/year – regular price – currently 50% off

Intro and Basic accounts offer the same features. Only if you apply for Elite you can get access to advanced courses, weekly memberships, and webinars. These are standard tricks to make customers pay more money. But only the ones that put aside this $2.4k can get 1-on-1 psychology coaching.

Another key benefit is that you can apply for a full refund within the first 7 days. But that’s only limited to one request per member.

What Are Trading Tools Offered

Since the company is highly promoting stocks and options trading, DAS Trader Pro could be a suitable tool there. But it takes a bit of experience to use it properly. Anyway, through Bear Bull Traders, you can get a three three-month license for $300.

Yet, these funds are not refundable. But besides these tools, AI is taking over every industry. That’s why we suggest you read our Candlestick AI review as well.

Customer Support

One of the very disappointing facts is that the company provided only e-mail as the contact option. On top of that, the working hours of the company are not revealed. Therefore, it remains for you to sit and hope for a fast response.

But there are many companies similar to this one offering far better support solutions. Primarily, live chat features are very popular nowadays.

Manual Trading Vs AI Trading: Pros and Cons

Generally speaking, manual trading is the best choice if you have years of experience. But very often, such traders start selling courses like Andrew Aziz did. Yet, for beginners, that might be very tricky. You will see traders trying various algo-trading options and failing constantly. That’s because none of these tools can be trusted.

Instead, you can use AI Analysis Tool and improve your results. Primarily, this tool is not trading on your behalf. So, you are still in control of money. However, you are served with advanced analysis and asset price forecasts.

How Can I Make Money While Trading Online?

Trading courses can be a great way to expand your trading knowledge. Still, that’s not a guarantee you will be profitable. Nothing is. But very often, one simple mistake can cost you heavily. Especially if you are trading with unlicensed brokers. Therefore, your first step is choosing the right broker.

Secondly, but more importantly, you have to know how to trade. Yes, you can follow other community members. However, that means you don’t trust yourself. For this reason, we would like to show you the benefits of the AI Analysis Tool. Years of experience are collected in a simple tool that will help you forecast market movements. Book your meeting with our team already today!

FAQ Section

How Much Does Bear Bull Traders Cost?

Bear Bull Traders has four different pricing plans. The costs are between $39 and $1.199 per month. Additional tools like DAS Trader Pro are paid separately.

Who Owns Bear Bull Traders?

Bear Bull Traders is officially registered as Aziz Online LLC FZ. But in general, it’s all under Andrew Aziz's management.

Does Bear Bull Traders Work?

According to many traders, you might say so. Thus, it all depends on personal experience. Generally, many traders opt nowadays for AI Analysis Tools instead of trading courses.

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