BeSomebodyFX Review: Is This Signal Seller Somebody You Need?

BeSomebodyFX Review

Signal sellers are entities that claim to offer insights or predictions about potential trades and often advertise their services by promising high returns or a foolproof strategy for trading success. These signals can be in the form of buy/sell recommendations, trade alerts, or market analysis. 

Considering how risky this is, it’s no wonder there are so many fraudulent companies, which is why we had to write this BeSomebodyFX review. By delving deep into the firm’s profile, we try to uncover even the slightest indication of their unreliability so you don’t end up with someone like Soltechx

About BeSomebodyFX

Besides providing signals, the firm offers blogs about brokers and trading in general. The academy section will help you understand more about their trades and information; however, the real teaching comes from simply being a part of the BeSomebodyFX network, where you will learn something new every single day. 

They are based in the UK, where the majority of their clients come from. BeSomebody was established as a blog platform and later evolved into a signal seller and provider of educational resources for forex traders. 

The company was established by Gianluca Lamparelli, an Italian forex trader. The firm’s LinkedIn profile doesn’t say much about the company and its history, so we had to check WHOIS. Unfortunately, no information was found there either. Keep reading our BeSomebodyFX review to learn more about the company. 

Company Type Signal Seller 
Legal name BeSomebodyFX
Regulation Not expected
Registered in Foster Ln Street London
Established 2018
Website besomebodyfx.com
Financial Authorities Warnings
  • No official warnings
If Active on Social Media: On Instagram and Twitter
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United Kingdom, Italy, Slovenia, Nigeria;
Main threats Lack of transparency;
Main perks Good reviews;

Legal Information

BeSomebodyFX only provides education and signals and while it is risky, they’re not required to be regulated. The company doesn’t offer a platform where you can trade directly, nor does it accept your funds or take care of your profits, so regulatory oversight is not a must. 

Either way, we will always recommend regulated companies, despite not needing to be. Not only you’re entitled to investor protection if you’re using a company that is regulated by a reputable authority, but it also gives an additional level of security that is hard to top. 

However, don’t let that discourage you from doing business with firms that lack regulatory oversight but are reliable in every other way. It’s just easier knowing you’re protected whatever happens. 

BeSomebodyFX Features

BeSomebodyFX provides instructional materials, including as blogs concerning brokers and trading in general. Additionally, they provide an academy part designed to aid people in comprehending trading theories and forex trading-related facts.

The firm provides trading signals and insights for forex trading, helping subscribers with buy/sell recommendations, trade alerts, and market analysis. You learn as you trade, which can be beneficial to many part-time traders who don’t have much time to spare on education. 

BeSomebodyFX Plans

BeSomebodyFX signals are not free of charge; instead, you have to subscribe to their private network. Once subscribed, members will get access to the private member’s area, the private Telegram channel, the private chat for members, and the BeSomebodyFX Terminal.

The first month of the subscription is charged $35.99, and then a month after, it goes up to $39.99. With the private network, you will gain access to the private telegram channel for daily analysis, opportunities, info, and signals, full access to the Terminal, bank trades, hedge fund positions, stock opportunities, and the academy. 

If you are a part-time trader on the journey to becoming a full-time trader, you can make use of the private room that is included in the subscription. You can keep your full-time job, spend time with family and friends, and still find profitable trading opportunities in the market.

BeSomebodyFX Reviews

There are almost 50 comments on Trustpilot, earning them a perfect score of 4.8 stars. However, despite the perfect score, we were not happy with the outcome. There are only 5-star reviews, all of them! Even the most reliable companies have at least a couple of unfavorable comments, so this one concerning. 

There are only two choices here, either the company is really that great that it only earned 5-star comments, or the majority of the reviews are fake and fabricated. Either way, relying solely on reviews is not enough, so read our pros and cons list below for a sum up of the company. 

Payment Options

After subscribing for the first month, you will gain access to everything the company offers, including signals, courses, blogs, and of course a variety of educational resources. The payment is processed over Stripe or PayPal and those are the only available methods. 

According to the company, there are no additional fees for subscribing, however, your bank may impose a transaction fee the company is not liable for. Once you subscribe, you can join the private Telegram group and start receiving daily signals. 

Weighing the Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  1. Educational Resources
  2. Network Benefits
  3. Positive Reviews
  4. Part-time Trading Support
  5. Subscription Costs
  1. Limited Information about the Company
  2. Unverified Reviews
  3. Risky Nature of Signals

Can I Make Money While Trading Online?

To summarize, BeSomebodyFX is a good company with great features and it doesn’t cost as much as we expected, unlike TradesWiser. There are various educational resources you can use to elevate your skills and boost your profit chances. However, there is a tool that can do all of that and even more! 

AI.F is a potent program made by experienced traders to assist you in overcoming the financial markets. It has many features and abilities and you can discover them all in our 14-day free trial whenever you’re ready to start your journey. 

Besides making insightful recommendations on whether to buy or sell, it can forecast future price movements, process billions of data points, and more! Give us a call and learn all about AI.F from our specialists. Start now! 

FAQ Section

What is BeSomebodyFX?

It is an educational platform and a signal seller that provides insightful recommendations on the forex market.

Is BeSomebodyFX a Legit Signal Provider?

Yes, the firm is a legitimate business, however, signals are risky and have only 80% success or less.

Is There a BeSomebodyFX Telegram Group?

Yes, the Telegram group is available only after subscribing to their services for $39.99/month.

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