Bitbox Swiss Review – Swiss-Made and a Trusted Choice

Bitbox Swiss Review

BitBox Swiss is a hardware wallet designed to secure digital assets, such as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. With its emphasis on security, simplicity, and user control, BitBox is a trusted choice for users seeking to safeguard their holdings.

The wallet is compatible with various currencies and tokens and offers two wallets and a range of additional features for its users. While evaluating the platform, it seems to ensure the safety of the client’s funds, yet, we’re going to put that theory to the test.

Its user feedback is without fault, the reputation in the market is pristine, and overall reviews are crystal clear. It certainly looks like we have a real deal on our hands, so continue reading to find out for yourself if this platform is worth investing in.

Company type Crypto Wallet
Legal name BitBox
Regulation Not expected
Registered in N/A
Established 2020
Website https://bitbox.swiss/ 
Financial Authorities Warnings No official warnings
Contacts [email protected]
If withdrawal is possible N/A
Fees No hidden fees
If Active on Social Media: reddit.com





Investor Protection: None
Activity areas Germany, Switzerland, Austria, United States, Italy
Main threats Potential for phishing attacks
Main perks Multi-currency support and ease of use

User Feedback

Delving into Bitbox Swiss, we found several recurring themes among users. Our research team also must note that on the popular source Trustpilot, the wallet received over 900 reviews, with an excellent score of 4.8. 

One user, new to wallets, praised the BitBox for its simple interface, easy touch operation, and inconspicuous design. Another user emphasized the safety and open-source nature of the BitBox02, and they found the software menu clear and easy to navigate.

We can confirm that the reviews are overwhelmingly positive, and the overall trust score and reputation are admirable in the market. Various sources evaluated the wallet, and it even popped up in a Forbes article as a recommended option for investors in the year 2020.

Swiss-Made Hardware Wallet

The Bitbox Swiss hardware wallet is designed to protect users’ coins with advanced security features. It features a dual-chip design and has undergone independent security audits. The source code is fully open source.

Key features are:

  • Easy backup and restore using a microSD card
  • Minimalist and discreet design
  • Supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, Cardano, Ethereum, Chainlink, BAT, and over 1500 ERC20 tokens

It’s marketed as Bitcoin-only. That means the firmware is limited to support only Bitcoin, reducing the attack surface and improving security for Bitcoin holders. The option WalletConnect allows users to connect to Ethereum DApps from desktop or mobile devices.


The wallet offers security features designed by experts to protect cryptocurrencies. With its dual chip design and open-source code, it ensures the safety of your assets. Another plus is the wallet’s minimalist design, which makes it easy to use, and its support for a wide range of cryptocurrencies makes it a versatile option for users. 

Windows 7 macOS 10.13 Linux Android

Display Material Size Weight
128 x 64 px white OLED Polycarbonate 54.5 x 25.4 x 9.6 mm  Device 12g; with packaging 160g


On the official website, the platform transparently offers its pricing information, features, and reviews of its products. Bitbox Swiss shop offers 2 hardware wallets for the same price and additional accessories for users looking for more security for their backups.

The BitBox02 Bitcoin-only edition is designed to protect bitcoins with dedicated firmware focused solely on Bitcoin. This streamlined approach reduces the attack surface, enhancing the security of the user’s holdings.

  • Easy backup – with a microSD card
  • OLED display and touch sensors
  • Protected by a secure chip
  • USB-C & A compatible – with included cable
  • Reduced attack surface with Bitcoin-only support

The BitBox02 Multi edition has the same features as the Bitcoin-only but offers additional FIDO U2F and support for multiple cryptocurrencies. Both editions are made in Switzerland and come with a 2-year warranty.

Comparing wallets side by side can be beneficial for the user’s decision-making process. Read our Fireblocks Review to compare offerings, pricing options, and features. 


Researching pricing ranges, we found that accessories vary, while the cost of both Bitbox Swiss hardware wallets is the same. 

The Bitcoin-Only Multi
EUR 124.17 EUR 124.17

They state the products are in high demand, so when users purchase, it is in their highest power to make the shipping process fast. It also provides a beneficial option, and that is an estimated arrival of the product. Users can also purchase other practicalities that can benefit their wallets.

Backup card – from EUR 7.50

  • to protect users with 24 recovery words with aging-resistant Backup Card

Steel wallet – from EUR 54.17

  • it’s a BitBox Swiss offline backup tool, that protects against fire, water, electrical shocks, and corrosion

MicroSD backup cards (2-pack) – from EUR 20.83

  • two additional high-quality microSD cards for redundant BitBox02 backups

Many more additional options are available. We advise potential clients when they decide they want to commit to a company, further browse their website. Since platforms are prone to changing their site appearance, web for, pricing information, and features. Look on the official form for up-to-date information.

Is the Application Worth Downloading?

The BitBox Swiss app goes seamlessly with the hardware wallet, offering a different experience for buying, securing, and using cryptocurrencies. Clients can buy crypto directly in the app, with funds sent directly to their BitBox02 for ultimate control. 

It’s mobile-ready on Android, allowing users to manage their crypto on the go. It also offers multilingual support for a wide range of languages. The app’s multiple accounts feature allows users to manage funds for different purposes or users.

It also offers transaction notes for staying organized and unified accounts for easy address management. The app also includes a coin control feature for selecting which coins to spend, enhancing privacy. For individuals interested in AI trading tools, be sure to check out Alvatix Review

Open-Source Platform

Beginners in the market wonder what being open-source means exactly. It means the source code of a software program or application is freely available for anyone to modify. For users, the open-source nature of a software project provides transparency and allows them to verify that the software behaves as advertised and does not contain any malicious code. 

In the reviews section BitBox Swiss is praised for this feature particularly, for its functionality, security, and overall quality. The hardware wallet itself does not charge any BitBox Swiss fees for transactions. However, when users send cryptocurrency from a BitBox wallet directly to another address, they will need to pay the standard network transaction fee for that cryptocurrency. 

This fee is paid to the miners who process and confirm transactions on the blockchain network. The BitBoxApp guides on choosing the appropriate transaction fee based on the current network conditions, but the fee itself goes to the network, not to the BitBox wallet.

Final Take On Bitbox Swiss

To keep it short and sweet, BitBox Swiss offers a secure solution for managing and safeguarding your cryptocurrencies. With a high focus on security, simplicity, and transparency, BitBox Swiss is a trusted choice for users looking to protect their digital assets.


What is Bitbox Swiss?

It’s a hardware wallet designed to secure digital assets, including Bitcoin.

Is Bitbox Swiss Wallet Safe?

Yes, due to its secure chip protection, open-source code, and overall positive user feedback.

Do Bitbox Swiss Reviews Look Good?

Overall, BitBox Swiss reviews look very good, with over 900 reviews and a score of 4.8 on Trustpilot.

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