Blink Funding Review – Anonymous Company Requiring Upfront Fees

Blink Funding Review

The first thing you will notice when you search for this brand online is that there are no Blink Funding reviews. It’s immediately suspicious to us to see a brand with no online reputation in today’s day and age.

However, let’s not judge too quickly. Read our comprehensive Blink Funding review for more information.

Company type Proprietary Trading Firm
Legal name Blink Investments, LLC
Regulation Not required
Registered in N/A
Established 2023
Website blinkfunding.com
Financial Authorities Warnings N/A
Contacts [email protected], website form
If withdrawal is possible Possibly not
Fees $50-$4,500 per account
If Active on Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, X, YouTube
Investor Protection: No
Activity areas United States, India, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan
Main threats Lack of legal information, no user reviews, unclear payout conditions
Main perks No perks

Blink Funding Prop Firm – Who Is Behind This Brand?

According to a barely visible website disclaimer, Blink Funding prop firm is an affiliate of Blink Investments, LLC. However, all the fees are paid to another entity, Prop Account, LLC, which is the company you’re signing an agreement with.

Since we have no explicit address, we’ve tried searching for Blink Investments, LLC online. We found a company of that name in the register of corporations in California. However, the firm’s status is “terminated.” Other than that, we found a pretty uninformative website, blinkinvestmentsllc.com, offering little to no information about company’s services. 

Based on their legal documents, Prop Account, LLC, seems to be a group of companies based in the Cayman Islands. Yet, if you check their website, propaccount.com, you will see that this firm offers white-label solutions for opening a proprietary company. The legal documents are directly taken from their website, meaning we have no idea who is actually behind Blink Funding.

Blink Funding Funded Accounts – What’s the Choice

If you’re still keen on investing, despite the company’s apparent anonymity, you can choose among several programs. Blink Funding evaluation is done in 1, 2, or 3 steps. Depending on your choice, you will pay different fees and get up to $500,000 to trade with.

Yet, it should be noted that all these funds are virtual, and so is the profit split. If you pay attention to the wording, the company says to offer a “virtual profit share.” Does it mean they don’t need to pay you? We guess so.

The 1-step phase is the most expensive, requiring fees between $75 and $4,500. If you decide to enroll, you can expect a maximum leverage of 1:20, a daily loss limit of 5%, and a max trailing drawdown of 6%. The profit target is 10%.

The 2-step phase offers somewhat cheaper fees, ranging between $60 and $3,000. The leverage goes up to 1:30, a daily loss limit is 4%, while the max static drawdown is set at 8%. The profit target for the first step is 10% and 5% for the second one.

Finally, we have a 3-step phase, requiring fees from $50 to $1,800. Here, you can expect a leverage of up to 1:10, no daily loss limit, and a max static drawdown of 5%. The profit target is 5% for all 3 steps.

Blink Funding Platform – What to Expect

Blink Funding proprietary firm is quite cryptic when it comes to trading platform. However, their website seems quite confusing, as profit is virtual, trading is virtual, yet they claim to offer only live accounts and not a demo.

When it comes to platform choice, we have no idea what to expect. We tried acquiring Blink Funding login details, but the confirmation email has never arrived. Based on everything so far, we assume it will be a proprietary WebTrader. With it, broker agents can manipulate your trades and claim you’ve not fulfilled the criteria, which is why you should pay the fees again.

Blink Funding Profit Split

If we were to trust the site, the Blink Funding profit split would range from 75% to 90% in clients’ favor. They state that the standard split is 75% but can be increased up to 90% with an add-on purchase. However, this add-on is not specified.

Additionally, searching legal documents for any withdrawal or Blink Funding payout terms yielded no results. All we know is that the firm doesn’t offer any refunds, which is another drawback. Namely, most legitimate proprietary firms offer a refund of a fee if you successfully pass the challenge phase.


To summarize, Blink Funding is an anonymous, unregistered company. While proprietary trading firms don’t require regulations since they don’t invest clients’ funds, there have been a lot of scams lately. Most of those are related to fees since the company can fail your account and demand that you pay the fees over and over again.

There’s no reason to choose an anonymous prop firm with no user reviews over an industry veteran such as Funded Trading Plus. This transparent UK-based firm boasts thousands of positive Trustpilot reviews. In addition, they have proof of payouts with satisfied users. If you need help registering an account, contact us.


What is Blink Funding?

Blink Funding is an anonymous proprietary trading company with confusing legal documents.

Is Blink Funding Legit?

The company claims it has two owners, yet none of those statements could be verified, which leads us to suspect its legitimacy.

Does Blink Funding Approve Payouts?

Without any user reviews, we cannot confirm nor deny the existence of payouts with Blink Funding.

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