BuoyStocks Review: Several Traders Complain About Withdrawing Funds

BuoyStocks Review

Our fact-checked BuoyStocks review uncovers multiple complaints regarding withdrawals that this firm is desperately trying to hide. Read the feedback from other traders and weigh the pros and cons before committing to ensure this firm is a suitable choice for your trading needs.

BuoyStocks is an AI-powered tool offering traders the ability to issue trading decisions. The bot uses a complete set of perfect tools for analysis of market statistics online, and also continually learns through research the influence of news and events on market trends.

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About BuoyStocks

The BuoyStocks signup page might lure some traders into subscribing to the services. But if any of them takes a deeper look into this firm’s features, it will be clear as day that it’s not a suitable choice for any trader who wants to succeed. From lack of transparency to unfavorable feedback, this firm is surrounded by potential issues.

Starting with two websites, one of them looks like it was made in haste, while the other is this information-rich page that contains even a FAQ section and a registered address. For the benefit of all of our users, it provides a brand-new, automated crypto arbitration-scalping bot service. 

To learn more keep reading our evaluation, and make sure to research ASFX before giving away your funds. Despite claiming to be a reputable business with over 20 million users, this firm is not as it seems.

Company Type Automated crypto arbitration-scalping bot service
Legal name BuoyStocks LTD
Regulation Not expected
Registered in United Kingdom 40 Peterborough RD London SW63BN
Established 2019
Website buoystocks.co.uk


Financial Authorities Warnings
  • No official warnings
If a withdrawal is possible Potential issues reported by traders;
  • Subscription plans
If Active on Social Media:
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United States, Argentina, Peru, Colombia;
Main threats Unfavorable reviews and complaints;
Main perks No perks due to complaints;

BuoyStocks Features

The currency that powers the whole BuoyStocks BSBOT Ecosystem is called BSBOT. With a stringent 200MM cap, it will operate natively on the Ethereum and Binance blockchains using ERC-20 and Bep-20 tokens. The AITB Trade Bot from Buoystocks produces trade signals by utilizing indicators and safeguards. 

Insurances, on the other hand, are conditions that are assessed when a trade signal is generated by an indicator or combination of indicators. Examples of these conditions include ensuring that a trade avoids buy/sell walls or overcomes trade fees.

The bot is praised for trading thousands of cryptocurrencies on countless exchanges 24/7. Traders open an account with Binance, and from there manage their funds directly and use the bot with the secure API connection. To pay for the bot, traders can only use the BSBOT currency, so let’s check out the pricing of BuoyStocks.

BuoyStocks Price

The price of this bot depends on whether you choose a monthly or a 6-month plan. Purchasing the 6-month plan will provide a low discount on the BuoyStocks website, however, we advise testing the bot with the basic monthly plan first. The Basic plan costs 25 BSBOT and it includes two active trading bots.

The Advanced plan is priced at 60 BSBOT per month and offers extended features and automation. Additionally, traders can expect trailing up & down for bots along with ten active trading bots at their disposal.

Lastly, priced at 110 BSBOT per month, the Pro plan offers unlimited trading opportunities for professionals. Traders will get 20 active trading bots which is a double more than with the Advanced plan. Additionally, trailing up and down for bots along with taking profit is available. 

BuoyStocks Reviews

Reviewers have given BuoyStocks LTD poor ratings. Of the 18 reviews on Trustpilot, 78% percent rated the service with a single star, indicating major problems. Consumers have complained about issues like withdrawal delays, inadequate customer support, and claims that the platform is a Ponzi scam.

A reviewer stated that although they had been using Buoystocks for more than two years, they had only begun to take money six months prior. Although they had previously received payments, they pointed out that the last deposit was made in June 2022, and as of right now, there are eight outstanding withdrawals, one of which is past due by sixty days. 

A different critic labeled Buoystocks as “just another trading scam,” cautioning potential investors against making investments because of the company’s poor choices and unfulfilled promises. Overall, the reviews show grave doubts regarding the honesty of Buoystocks.

Payment Options and Process

Before paying, traders are required to register at the BuoyStocks login page. The accepted methods include the BSBOT currency and crypto, including Bitcoin, EOS, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, and Tether. Other methods such as credit or debit cards are not accepted, which could make it difficult to get your funds.

Several traders reported withdrawal issues and on the firm’s website, withdrawals are a taboo subject. There is no mention of withdrawing money, especially not the process or how long it takes. Overall, the lack of transparency here is pretty concerning.

Final Words…

Overall, BuoyStocks needs to work on the lack of transparency and several complaints regarding withdrawals to ensure a positive trading experience for its traders. While the bot seems to be effective in the way it’s explained, traders are advised to proceed with caution.

The firm received backlash and unfavorable feedback as multiple traders have been waiting more than two months to get their funds back. Additionally, the BuoyStocks cryptocurrency is the only payment method, making it difficult to dispute a charge in case of malicious practices. Overall, avoiding firms like this is a better choice rather than starting a business with them.

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FAQ Section

What is BuoyStocks?

BuoyStocks is an AI-powered trading tool that offers traders the ability to issue trading decisions, utilizing market analysis and learning from news and events.

Is BuoyStocks Legit?

The legitimacy of BuoyStocks is questionable, with several complaints about withdrawal issues and lack of transparency.

How to Trade Without Risking Money?

Trading without risking money is possible with proprietary trading firms that provide traders with capital to trade, such as our own. Give us a call!

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