Clarity FX Review: Is This AI-Powered Bot Good or Not?

Clarity FX Review

Are you interested in ClarityFX.ai and what it offers in the forex market? We’ve got you covered in this thorough Clarity FX review. Let’s dive into the features, benefits, and potential drawbacks of this trading tool. Our goal is to give you insights for an informed decision!

Company type AI Trading Tool
Legal name ClarityFX
Regulation No regulation expected
Registered in United States
Established 2022
Website clarityfx.ai
Financial Authorities Warnings None found
Contacts [email protected], 3076854391 
If withdrawal is possible Yes
Fees 50/50 performance fee
If Active on Social Media: Yes, Facebook and Instagram 
Investor Protection: No
Activity areas United States, South Africa, India, United Kingdom, Canada
Main threats None
Main perks Trading features and MT5 support

About Clarity FX – AI-Powered Trading

Clarity FX is an AI-powered platform that’s here to make the foreign exchange a breeze. It makes foreign exchange trading quite easy for traders in the global currency market. The platform offers AI-powered tools, with Kevlar AI leading the way.

This trading bot ensures quick trades, and it also provides a Prop Firm Account. Overall, we can see this gives traders access to huge capital.

Features and More

Now it’s time for us to discuss the features we found on their website! Take a closer look:

  1. Kevlar AI Automation: This one lets you automate your trading for solid entries and high-risk/reward trades. The trade manager EA adds flexibility for stress-free trading.
  2. Solaris AI Indicator: You can get access to insider information for confident profit-making.
  3. Order Block Indicator: Manage risk effectively to prevent unnecessary losses and achieve consistent profits.
  4. Liquidity Grab Indicator: With this one, you can grow consistently with AI’s institutional insider knowledge.
  5. Trend Catcher Panel: Unlock the “Cheat Code” for stress-free trading, avoiding common traps.

Compatible with Popular Platforms

One great thing about the Clarity FX bot is its compatibility with popular trading platforms. Kevlar is on MT5, indicators are on TradingView, and trade managers work on MT5. This flexibility is a big plus for traders using these platforms.

MetaTrader4 (MT4) and MetaTrader5 (MT5) are the go-to platforms for traders. What’s more, MT5 offers a fully adjustable interface, superb tools, and numerous technical indicators. Around 80% of traders prefer these platforms for their features. This is a fact!

Prop Firm Passing

This company introduces Prop Firm Passing. Notably, this allows clients to create income streams using external funds. Prop firms provide access to capital in exchange for a percentage of profits. We know that trading with a prop firm reduces risks, as any losses are covered by the firm.

To get started, clients need to acquire an account, and Clarity FX’s support team guides them through the process. It’s relatively easy! 

Tip: FOGEE claims to be an online broker registered in the UK, but there’s a twist! There is no information about where the company originated or who is in charge. So, what’s the catch? FOGEE isn’t under any regulation. We advise you to avoid this shady company! 

What if Clarity Fails a Prop Firm Passing?

What if the Clarity FX trading bot encounters a challenge in passing the prop firm account? Don’t worry, as they’ve got your back. If an account doesn’t meet a firm’s standards, they promise to find a solution.

The company is committed to offering you a pass free of charge. Or, if you prefer, they can offer a pass at a significantly reduced price. It’s important to note, however, that they won’t cover the direct cost of the challenge itself unless stated otherwise.

Clarity FX Reviews on Trustpilot

Now, what about reviews from other traders? Taking a peek at Trustpilot, this trading tool has a solid 4.1-star rating from 16 users. Clearly, this is a good sign of a sizable user base.

However, in the broader context, it’s generally wise to go for trading firms with ratings of 4.5 stars or higher. This matters, especially in the world of FX where safety is key.

Note: Does CBX Capital sound familiar to you? Although their positive reviews might suggest that the broker is legit, further research revealed the real story. Our advice is to stay away from shady businesses that are not transparent. Safety should always be your priority! 

Tips to Spot and Avoid Bot Scams

Protecting your money from trading bot scams is crucial. Some platforms claim to use AI to generate returns, but some are just smoke and mirrors to deceive clients. These scams involve creating fake bots or impressive-looking platforms that vanish, taking your money with them. To stay safe, follow these savvy tips:

  • Stay Skeptical: Don’t trust platforms too quickly, especially those promising AI-powered returns. Many are just out to fool clients! It’s best to use safe options like our AI Analysis Tool. 
  • Knowledge is Power: Learn about bot scams and invest in reliable bot detection software. The more you know, the safer your money remains.
  • DYOR: Seek out legitimate trading platforms to enhance your trading experience. If a platform sounds too good to be true, it likely is. So, watch out for unrealistic promises.
  • Read Reviews: User experiences matter. Check out what others say about trading platforms and AI bots. It’s like getting an insider’s view on credibility and performance.
  • Invest in Security: Get solid bot detection software. These anti-fraud tools can sniff out sketchy activities and keep scams at bay.

By following these steps, you significantly reduce the risk of falling victim to a trading scam. Your money deserves the best protection.

Can I Earn Some Profits Trading Forex?

Are you ready to step into online trading? Investing in forex and crypto has never been easier, and we’re here to guide you. Do you need advice on the best trading platform on the market? You can contact us today, and we will provide a consultation free of charge!

What’s more, don’t miss our new tool – the AI Analysis Tool. It predicts potential price changes by analyzing historical asset prices, the latest news, and other data.

Final Words

All in all, Clarity FX AI seems like a great trading tool. They have solid ratings on Trustpilot, and many features here sound interesting.

Yet, it’s crucial for traders to pick the offer that suits them best. Make sure to stay cautious and make informed decisions. As a parting note, check out our AI Analysis Tool – a great companion for boosting your trading journey. Learn how to trade smart and explore its potential!


What is Clarity FX?

Clarity FX is an AI-powered platform people use for forex trading.

Is Clarity FX a Legit AI Tool?

Yes, this seems to be a legitimate AI tool designed to boost your forex trading.

How to Choose the Right Trading Broker?

Choose a broker wisely by considering reputation, regulation, and user reviews.

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