Darwinex Review 2024: Regulated and Secure Brokerage Assessment

Darwinex Review

Brokers are the most important when it comes to trading, as they are the ones providing a platform and assets you can trade with. That is why choosing a regulated broker is imperative for success, no matter which tool you use or which prop firm you want to work with. 

Today in our Darwinex review, we learn about a regulated brokerage company that offers a vast array of features in addition to security. Even at first glance, this broker looks like an amazing choice for traders, and everything about them seems legit. But is it? Learn more by reading on. 

About Darwinex

At first glance, the broker seems like a transparent and reputable business, however, according to ScamAdviser, there is nothing transparent about this brokerage. The website has been voted as a scam and noted credit card charge prevention activities. 

This typically refers to measures taken by the company to prevent credit card chargebacks or fraudulent credit card transactions. This could indicate that they are trying to protect themselves due to multiple chargebacks that weren’t valid, or simply because they want to prevent traders from getting their money back. 

Company Type Broker
Legal name Tradeslide Trading Tech

Sapiens Markets EU Sociedad de Valores SA

  • FCA
  • CNMV
Registered in
  • Level 39, 1 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5AB, UK
  • Calle de Recoletos, 19, Madrid, Spain, 28001
  • Acre House, 11-15 William Road, London NW1 3ER, UK
Established 2014
Website www.darwinex.com
Financial Authorities Warnings
  • No official warnings
If a withdrawal is possible Yes
If Active on Social Media:
Investor Protection: Compensation fund
Activity areas Spain, Colombia, France, United Kingdom, United States;
Main threats
Main perks Regulated; A vast array of features and possibilities; 

Legal Information

Unlike SydneyFX, Darwinex operates as a regulated entity. Darwinex operates as a UK and EU brokerage company. It is the trading name of Tradeslide Trading Tech and is regulated by the FCA with FRN 586466 and registered under the number 08061368. 

Additionally, the EU trading name is Sapiens Markets EU, a company regulated by the CNMV in Spain under the number 311 and CIF A10537348. In addition to providing a license, they are also keeping the funds in segregated accounts and offer a negative balance protection. 

Darwinex Features

Trading is done on the Darwinex MT4 and MT5 platforms, with the ability to choose from other platforms like NinjaTrader, MultiCharts, Zorro IB Bridge, IB Gateway, and TradingView. The minimum deposit for trading is $500, however, investor tickets are $25,000 minimum. 

Access to various financial markets is available, such as forex, CFDs, futures, stocks, ETFs, or Darwinex ECN. After placing a trade, you can check more information about it on the FX/CFDs overview and a pricing structure that aligns fees or commissions with the performance or talent of traders or investors.

Tools or features allowing investors to create and manage portfolios comprising different DARWINs are also available, in addition to an application programming interface (API) that allows developers or users to interact programmatically with DARWINs or platform features.

Darwinex copy trading is not allowed, meaning no one can copy your trades without paying you for it. Overall, this broker offers many features and benefits with information-rich and transparent rules. 


The maximum Darwinex leverage allowed is 1:30 for major currency pairs,1:20 for minor ones, and 1:10 for commodities, no matter which account type you choose. Trading USA equities, Darwinex-supported ETFs, and IBKR futures offer you access to a cutting-edge analytical toolkit for evaluating other indexes and your approach. 

Revenue is generated by your DARWIN index from three sources:

  • Seed Allocation – They allocate up to €10 million a month to the best traders in the monthly capital allocation program (DarwinIA), committing the allocation for 6 months and paying a 15% success fee.
  • Third-Party Capital – The broker’s investors invest in your DARWIN index and pay us 15% of the profits you generate. The firm collects and pays you the fees every quarter.
  • Attract Investors – Approach investors with your own brand, your fee structure instead of Darwinex fees, and regulatory compliance with Darwinex Pro.

Darwinex Plans

The account will differ based on the selected platform, either Darwinex MT5 or MT4, or even by utilizing technology. Through PAMM accounts, investors can locate several traders ranked according to a certain criterion and deposit the desired amount into their plan.

For active and experienced traders, the trader account offers the opportunity to earn a 20% success fee on gains made for third-party investors in addition to earning from trading. The account types are a lot different than what the competition offers and for newbies, Darwinex may be too complex. 

Traders Share Their Experiences

The Darwinex forex broker has almost 40 comments on Trustpilot and the majority are positive, giving the broker a 3.6 score. The reviews are mixed, to say the least, and more than 20% of the comments are 1-star reviews. Let’s see what traders have to say. 

What most traders are concerned about is the 1% withdrawal fee and the fact that the withdrawals take much more time than expected. The process is either delayed or impossible, according to one trader. Despite more than half of the comments being favorable, the broker’s score is still low. 

Payment Options and Process

You may wire funds from any bank account in the European Union, in the same name as that registered with your Darwinex account. A Darwinex commission of $5 applies to deposits by bank transfer and there is a 1% withdrawal fee as well. 

Withdrawals can be processed back to accounts where deposits originated from. Before processing a withdrawal by bank transfer, the firm will require proof of bank account ownership in the form of a bank statement. It may take up to 1-3 business days for a withdrawal to get processed. 

Weighing the Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  1. Regulated by Top-Tier Authorities
  2. Access to Multiple Financial Markets
  3. Innovative Features
  1. Mixed Reviews
  2. Withdrawal Fees
  3. Complexity for New Traders
  4. ScamAdviser Concerns

Can I Make Money While Trading Online?

The Darwinex community doesn’t seem too pleased with the broker and the services provided. There are reports of delayed withdrawals, however, just like DNA Markets, the broker is a regulated entity, so you can easily report them to FCA or CNMV if you experience any issues. 

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FAQ Section

What is Darwinex?

Darwinex is a regulated brokerage that offers tools for investors and traders, access to various financial markets, and allocates capital through initiatives such as DarwinIA.

Is Darwinex a Good Broker?

The broker is regulated by FCA and CNMV and offers a diverse set of features. However, mixed reviews raise concerns about withdrawal delays and fees, impacting the overall trading experience.

What Are Darwinex Trading Fees?

Darwinex charges a $5 commission for deposits via bank transfer and imposes a 1% withdrawal fee.

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