Darwinex Zero Review: Throwing Money Away Never Sounds Good

Darwinex Zero Review

Darwinex Zero company has been operating since 2022 under the management of Tradeslide Technologies Ltd. This firm was registered in the United Kingdom, and the official address is 20 Fitzroy Square, London, W1T 6EL, UK.

Interestingly, the company transparently says they don’t require regulations. Indeed, they are offering funded virtual account services. What are the pros and cons of such companies? Find out in this comprehensive Darwinex Zero review.

Company type Active proprietary trading scam
Regulation Unregulated
Registered in United Kingdom
Established 2022
Website Darwinexzero.com
Financial Authorities Warnings No official warning
Contacts e-mail
If a withdrawal is possible Highly unlikely
Fees 38 EUR/month + sign-up fee of 95 EUR
If Active on Social Media: Yes – Discord, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas Spain, United States, Colombia, United Kingdom, France
Main threats Lack of regulations; trading with virtual funds; no public reviews available;
Main perks None

Legal Information and Regulation

According to the UK registers, Tradeslide Technologies LTD is indeed a legitimate firm. At least on paper. Generally, trading companies in the UK should obtain an FCA license first. However, darwinexzero.com is not one of those companies offering financial services. Instead, they offer a virtual trading platform in exchange for a monthly fee. Therefore, the license is not required.

But what is dangerous here is that the company is charging traders for money to trade with virtual funds. Yet, there are many Tier 1 licensed brokerages offering pretty much the same. Except the fact that these firms also offer transparent real investment opportunities. You will tell us by the end if Darwinex is legit, in your opinion.

Trading Platforms Offered

One of the key aspects of every trading firm is the trading technology available. Without adequate tools and conditions, it’s hard to be consistent and profitable. Overall, the most popular platforms in the industry are cTrader and MetaTrader without a premise. These choices include a wide range of advanced analytical tools and indicators, automated features, and many more.

That’s exactly what’s included in the MT5 and MT4 offer. However, you will be trading on a demo account with Darwinex Zero prop firm. Therefore, none of the hypothetical profits you are making can’t be withdrawn. Yet, such firms expect you to believe they will pay you insanely high amounts of money.

What Are The Fees, Spreads, Leverage And Commissions?

Important to realize is that the key thing is not revealed. That is leverage. Without negative balance protection, you can easily get all of your balance wiped out. Consequently, you have to pay extra funds to get additional virtual funds on the account. Doesn’t make sense, innit?

On the other hand, you can use quite attractive spreads starting from 0.2 pips for some major forex pairs. Contract commissions depend on the asset. For instance, AUD/CAD is charged 2.5 AUD per contract. In addition to that, there are transparent swap rollover fees. As can be seen from our honest Bitbinx review, transparent fees can play a huge difference.

Pricing Plans

Regardless of the plan you choose, you will have to pay a 95 EUR signup fee. Which is insane, considering the fact that licensed brokers offer free registration. Nevertheless, following the registration, there’s a 2.5-week calibration and testing period. Once you pass their program, you start funded account trading, and you are paying 38 EUR per month.

So, how are you supposed to profit from this program? It seems that’s not an option. It’s quite unclear how clients are making any money out of this. Definitely, they won’t pay you with your fees. Anyway, the programs available are: 

  • Zero            
  • Silver – 25k-350k EUR for 3 month period
  • Gold – up to 500k EUR for 6 month period
  • Investors – external investment opportunities
  • Pro – other third-party capital

Apparently, traders are getting a 15% performance fee. Yet, there’s no single proof this program works.

Are Darwinex Zero Contact Options Reliable?

In the era of technological innovations, it’s quite strange to see such a company without quick response support. Instead of a phone line or live chat, you can only contact this firm via e-mail.

Even though they claim to have a dedicated support team, it’s hardly believable you will get the help you need. Especially if you realize the company didn’t share any working hours. So, you can only hope for a quick answer.

Is The Withdrawal Possible?

Generally, it should be. But there are too many warning signs telling you that it most likely won’t happen. Anyway, the company reveals that for a withdrawal option, you can only use wire transfers. At least for now.

Yet, none of the other withdrawal conditions are transparent, such as processing time or fees. Which is exactly what could be a potential issue in the future. Instead, opting out for Tier 1 licensed brokers would make such procedures way smoother. Make sure you check our FXGT review and see what we talk about.

General Conclusion: Is It Worth It?

Throwing away almost 150 EUR for a demo account is nonsense. Especially because you can get proper trading education with top-tier licensed companies. In addition to that, Darwinex Zero doesn’t have any reputation. Consequently, you shouldn’t invest anywhere if you are not sure about it.

Once you start trading with transparent brokerages and using tools like AI Analysis Tool, your whole perception could change. There have never been more available tools like this one. You are one step away from making your trading experience much more fun. Get in touch today and find out more.

How Can I Make Money While Trading Online?

To be clear, trading on a demo account will never make you any money. Therefore, trading with prop firms offering virtual trading doesn’t make sense. Instead, you can open a micro live account, start using AI tools, and implement different strategies. We are gladly offering you a presentation of an AI Analysis Tool, which can make the whole trading experience way better.

This tool allows traders to make educated decisions with minimum effort. Historical data analysis combined with live pricing and patterns can give you a pretty accurate price forecast. Which is in the end, we all want. So, to get more details and see how it works, get in touch with our team. Most importantly, the first consultation doesn’t cost you anything.

FAQ Section

Is Darwinex Zero Legit?

There is still no proof that this company is not legit, but without regulations anything is possible.

Is Darwinex Zero Regulated?

Not at all. The company is offering virtual trading services instead of real trading. Therefore, the regulation is not necessary. Which makes everything more dangerous.

What is Proprietary Trading?

Proprietary trading is a form of trading where traders are using funded accounts instead of those with their own money deposited.

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