Eidoo Review – Key Details That Might Get Your Funds Stuck

Eidoo Review

Eidoo presents itself as a reliable non-custodial crypto wallet provider based in Lithuania. The brand is operated by Eidoo Lithuania UAB, which was registered in 2018. There’s also an entity registered in Switzerland, Eidoo SAGL.

At first glance, traders might believe this firm is a reputable and trusted company. Yet, if you dig deeper you will recognize some of the flaws that can surely negatively impact your experience. To find out what it is, make sure to read this Eidoo review until the end.

Company Type Crypto Wallet Provider
Legal name Eidoo Lithuania UAB, Eidoo SAGL
Regulation Not expected
Registered in Lithuania/Switzerland
Established 2018
Website Eidoo-wallet.io
Financial Authorities Warnings N/A
Contacts Phone
If a withdrawal is possible Highly unlikely
Fees Hidden fees
If Active on Social Media: Yes – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Discord, Telegram
Investor Protection: Non-custodian wallet
Activity areas Italy, United States, Germany, Ukraine, United Kingdom
Main threats High gas fees; platform issues; company in liquidation;
Main perks None

Legal Information and Regulation

Generally speaking, when you see a truly Swiss-based company, there shouldn’t be room for worries. However, when the company goes into liquidation in both countries, it’s hardly believable the business was fully legitimate. You can check either Lithuanian or Swiss registers for the proof. Thus, it appears there’s another entity registered as Eidoo in Lithuania, not associated with this website so far.

Still, with all these issues or not, the company was offering non-custodial crypto wallet features. Therefore, users had individual responsibility to keep their assets and private keys safe. But if those services were truly safe, we’ll find out in Eidoo reviews.

What Do Traders Say?

Quite surprisingly, even though the company has been around since 2018, there are no reviews on platforms like Trustpilot or Sitejabber. However, with the rising popularity of Reddit, you can find almost all answers there. 

Some notable issues users reported were mainly regarding hardware wallet compatibility, high gas fees, withdrawal issues, and poor customer support. Practically, all the things you don’t want to see with your crypto wallet provider. 

Key Features Of Eidoo Wallet

One very disturbing detail about this crypto wallet provider is the lack of transparency regarding its features. As it seems, for every bit of a detail you have to connect your hot or cold wallet. Even to get access to  T&Cs or HeloDesk. Fairly, not the most convenient business when you compare it to some top-notch providers.

Some of the mainly advertised options are PNT tokens, AAVE, Uniswap, and WBTC. Of course, there are a few other supported projects most traders don’t know about. Also, you can access your account through the not-so-popular Eidoo app DeFi and hybrid exchanges, which also have multi-account support.

What Coins Does Eidoo Support?

As can be seen on CoinMarketCap, the company was offering the Eidoo token when they were running the old domain, eidoo.io. The question is, why did they change it after all? In any case, the current Eidoo price is $0. Unfortunately, when it comes to coins, the company supports only Bitcoin and Ethereum coins that are used for paying all the gas fees.

However, when it comes to a full token offer, you can expect more than 1,000 options. That’s a fairly solid offer, yet not so credible anymore. In any case, some of the options are:

  • HOLO
  • MAKER and many, many more. 

Is Eidoo Crypto Wallet Available For All Devices?

When it comes to the availability of mobile and desktop apps, the company has quite solid coverage. The only limitation can be expected with the Android platform that is required to be 4.0.3 version or higher.  All others don’t have any specific restrictions.

But to be fair, with only 5k+ downloads on PlayStore, this app surely can’t be compared to the best-ranking ones. A few others worth comparing are Fintokei and Mizar. But all these features and services can’t be compared to the Funded Trading Plus offer. If you are into prop trading, you better check it out. 

What Are Contact Options?

Even though the Eidoo coin and token offer looks decent, if you don’t have proper support along the way, it truly doesn’t matter, especially with all the issues traders are continuously reporting.

In any case, the company presents us with a phone number in Switzerland. Yet, it doesn’t seem like a support number. Anyway, all contact options are hidden from the public, which makes everything even less trusted.

Key Pros And Cons

One of the interesting features of this company is the Eidoo debit card they are offering in partnership with Moneyfold Ltd. Practically, you should be able to use the card in everyday life and even get 10% cashback in crypto. Also, with the latest upgrades to the Eidoo v2 app, traders should have enhanced experience and availability of fiat-to-crypto transactions.

On the other hand, the company’s source code is not public. Therefore, you won’t ever know if there are any potential flaws in the system. As can be seen from the user reviews, there are plenty.

Summary: Is It Worth The Time and Money?

If you still want to complete the Eidoo wallet download, feel free to do so. At least now you know all the disadvantages. Fairly, there are far better crypto wallet solutions. But keep in mind with crypto wallets you are limited only to crypto investments and in most cases, in the long run. Meanwhile, we recommend you check Funded Trading Plus funded account programs.

This UK-based firm gained popularity very quickly with a high profit share and acceptable trading conditions for all knowledge levels. On top of that, you can use advanced tools and even AIs if you know how to maximize your profits. Most importantly, you are not risking your money in the market.

Once you pass the evaluation phases and become the partner, you can get up to 90% profit split. With $200k in the balance, that’s quite a good deal. Therefore, don’t wait a bit while others are making profits. Sign up right away with Funded Trading Plus and make more out of your trading experience starting today.


What is Eidoo?

Eidoo is a multi-coin crypto wallet provider registered in 2023 in Lithuania with offices in Switzerland.

Is Eidoo Legit?

With all the services and features being hidden from the public, you can’t expect it to be legit. On top of that, numerous reviews point out problems with this wallet.

How Much Are Eidoo Wallet Fees?

Eidoo Wallet fees will mostly depend on the blockchain status. Therefore, we suggest you opt for companies like Funded Trading Plus that offer much higher transparency.

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