FBS Broker Review: Who is FBS Broker?

FBS Broker Review

The FBS broker was founded in Belize, an offshore location but has recently acquired licenses from multiple tier 1 regulators such as CySEC and ASIC. Below you will find the pros and cons of FBS as a broker:

Also, take the time to read this complete analysis of licensed brokers, as it comes highly recommended by both us and everyone else here. Dukascopy, Flatex, and FP Markets.


  • Have been operating for many years 
  • They provide stable trading conditions for their clients 
  • They use industry-standard trading platforms such as MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 
  • They provide a suitable amount of educational resources


  • Trading conditions vary based on the entity and the jurisdiction of regulators (our recommendation is to sign up with the European entity of FBS)

All in all, if the client signs up with the right entity, suitable trading conditions with tier one regulation are guaranteed. 

FBS Broker At a Glance

At a glance, the FBS broker appears to be legitimate and it is! However, this was not always the case. FBS was established in Belize, an offshore location where the local regulatory body mostly just registers the brokers rather than regulating them.

This recently changed when FBS established offices in Cyprus and acquired the CySEC regulation and adopted all of the regulations required for a Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) license.

It is also worth mentioning that this broker is also licensed by the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius (FSC), the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), and the Financial Sector Conduct Authority of South Africa (FSCA), allowing them to offer their services to over 150 countries. 

Headquarters Cyprus, Belize ad Marshall Islands
Regulation CySEC, FSC, ASIC, FSCA
Platforms MT4, MT5, FBS Trader
Instruments Forex, Indices, Metals and Energies, cryptocurrencies 
EUR/USD Spread 0.9 pips
Demo Account Available/ Unlimited 
Minimum deposit 1 USD global- 10 EUR for EU
Base currencies EUR USD
Education Webinars and Videos
Customer Support 24 hours a day 5 days a week 

How Are You Protected at FBS? – Regulation and Securities

The FBS broker regulation is handled by two tiers one regulatory agency, those being CySEC, and ASIC. This means that the broker has to comply with the rules and regulations set by these authorities in order to maintain the license with them.

For the end user, this is great news as the primary purpose of these agencies is to ensure that the rights of the client are maintained to a sufficient level and that the broker is following the best practices. 

There are two crucial ways the client is protected – segregated accounts and the compensation scheme. Segregated accounts mean that your funds are unavailable to the broker for reinvestment and are only accessible to you.

The compensation scheme is a fail-safe in the finance world which ensures that, in the case, the broker runs into an insolvency issue, the clients’ investments remain protected. 

Another fact that ensures client safety is the use of legitimate payment methods such as credit card, wire transfers, Skrill, and Netteller.

In case of an issue, a client that has made their deposit via credit card can file for a chargeback, and the chances of receiving your funds back are relatively high.  

FBS Broker Accounts Types Available

This broker offers six different account types + a free demo account, each tailored to a different type of investor:

  1. Standard
    1. An initial deposit of $100 
    2. Spread from 0.5 pips
    3. Minimum lot volume 0.01-1000 lots 
    4. Leverage up to 1:3000 (does not apply to EU and Australian traders)
  2. Cent 
    1. An initial deposit of $1 
    2. Spread from 1 pip
    3. Minimum lot volume 0.01-500 lots 
    4. Leverage up to 1:1000 (does not apply to EU and Australian traders)
  3. Micro
    1. An initial deposit of $5 
    2. Spread fixed from 3 pips
    3. Minimum lot volume 0.01-500 lots 
    4. Leverage up to 1:3000 (does not apply to EU and Australian traders)
  4. Zero Spread
    1. An initial deposit of $500 
    2. Spread Fixed 0 pips
    3. Minimum lot volume 0.01-500 lots 
    4. Leverage up to 1:3000 (does not apply to EU and Australian traders)
  5. ECN
    1. An initial deposit of $1000 
    2. Spread from -1 pips
    3. Minimum lot volume 0.01-500 lots 
    4. Leverage up to 1:500 (does not apply to EU and Australian traders)
  6. Crypto 
    1. An initial deposit of $1 
    2. Spread from 1 pip
    3. Minimum lot volume 0.01-500 lots 
    4. Leverage up to 1:5 
  7. Free Demo Accounts
    1. Great for people entering the world of investing 

Each account type allows for a different trading experience including those with little to no experience with investing in any of the available instruments. 

FBS Account Type

Trading Instruments Available at FBS

With the FBS broker clients have the opportunity of investing in the following instruments: 

  • Forex
    • EUR/USD
    • USD/JPY
    • AUD/USD
  • Indices
    • FNILX
    • IVV
    • DIA
  • Metals
    • Gold 
    • Silver 
    • Platinum 
  • Energies
    • ConocoPhillips 
    • Brookfield Renewable 
    • Nextera energy 
  • Cryptocurrencies
    • Bitcoin 
    • Litecoin 
    • Dogecoin 

FBS Broker Deposits and Withdrawals 

A client can tell a lot about a broker based on the deposit and withdrawal methods that they make available. For example, if a broker only lets you deposit via untraceable cryptocurrency that is a definite red flag and you should look for another broker.

On the other hand, if the broker allows legitimate deposit and withdrawal methods it is an indicator that the broker may be worth trusting.

Deposit Options

The FBS broker provides multiple safe ways for clients to deposit funds into their accounts:

  • Credit Card
  • Wire Transfer 
  • Neteller 
  • Skrill 

Deposits made with credit cards tend to be the safest route as this method allows the client the additional fail-safe of a chargeback should any issue with the broker come up. 

FBS Minimum Deposit

The minimum deposit available with FBS is as low as one dollar (cent account). This, however, is dependent on the account type that the client selects. The highest minimum deposit required is $1000 and this is for the ECN account type. 

Withdrawal Options

As with any legitimate broker, withdrawals are made through the same channels that the deposit was initially made. This is a requirement of agencies such as CySEC and ASIC and ensures that everything remains above board.

FBS Broker Trading Platforms Available

One of the most important factors when choosing an online broker is the platform which they provide for their clients to use. Generally, it is a good indicator of the quality of the broker if they use industry-standard platforms like MetaTrader. 

Web Platform

The WebTrader offered by FBS is the MT4 or MT5 WebTrader allowing clients full functionality and customization that the desktop version of the same software allows.

Desktop Platform

FBS uses the industry standard MetaTrader4 and MT5 trading software. This software provides the user with a large number of customizable options, ensuring that each client can set the software up in a way that works with their personal trading style. There are tons of useful tools that can be used by seasoned pros and novices alike.

Mobile Platform

FBS Trader is a Copy Trader based app that allows trading on the go. The real value of this app though is the social component which makes it possible for users to follow trading professionals and pick up on their strategies when it comes to placing the best trades. This is a big selling point, especially for those just getting their foot in the door. 

FBS Bonuses and Promotions

Currently, FBS is running a promotion that awards new users $70 for trading from the get-go without a deposit and another $70 for the same account if they download and sign into the FBS Trader app.

Another promotion they are running is the “100% on your deposit” meaning that what you deposit into your account FBS will double giving clients the opportunity to start trading with a larger sum.

Available Customer Support at FBS

In the many positive FBS reviews, one thing that consistently stands out as a positive is FBS’s attitude towards customer support. Clients have access to customer support 24 hours a day, five days a week through one of the following channels:

  • Live chat 
  • International telephone calls 
  • Email 
  • Social media 

It is worth noting that the Live chat option is exceedingly fast and responsive, something of high value to those new to investing.

FBS Broker Provides Research and Education

Alongside their dedication to great customer support, FBS is also dedicated to providing the necessary educational tools to set their clients up for success. From regular webinars to always-accessible educational videos, it is clear that FBS puts effort into educating its investors.

Investors should also take full advantage of the unlimited free demo account that the FBS broker offers as it is a crucial tool, especially for novice investors looking to make their first trades count.

FBS Summary

Considering FBS’s offshore beginnings they have grown into a legitimate and safe broker with multiple regulated entities. Complying with the regulatory requirements of tier one regulators, such as ASIC and CySEC, clients can rest assured that their investments are safe with this broker.

There is, however, some level of inherent risk if clients choose to trade with some of the offshore entities that are under the FBS umbrella. 

It is worth noting that FBS provides a large amount of educational material, as well as a free demo account, for their clients to help them navigate their trading careers.

This is in line with their approach to customer service as well. Clients can reach the customer service staff 5 days a week at any time of day through multiple channels.

All in all, this broker provides a suitable environment for any trader, from novice to pro, by using industry-standard platforms, methods, and regulations. 

FAQs About FBS Broker

What Trading Platforms Are Supported by FBS Broker?
  1. The FBS broker supports the following platforms:
    1. MetaTrader4
    2. MetaTrader5 
    3. FBS Trader 
Is This Broker Suitable for Beginners?

This broker provides ample opportunity for education as well as an unlimited free demo account. 

What is the FBS Minimum Account Balance?

The minimum account balance for the Cent account is $1.

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