ForeSignal Review: Key Features, Potential Risks, and Pricing Revealed

ForeSignal Review

To make a proper conclusion that this company is legitimate, we have to do the proper analysis.  One of the first things you notice is that the company doesn’t reveal any ownership or legal information. But also, there are quite shady contact options available. Definitely not something that represents legitimacy.

Therefore, we have to look at what this company offers and see if it’s worth it. To help you with that, we will analyze all the details in this ForeSignal review. But to see some tips on how to avoid investment scams, don’t skip our Oriontero review.

Company type Forex Signal company
Legal name N/A
Regulation Not expected
Registered in N/A
Established 2009
Website https://foresignal.com/en/
Financial Authorities Warnings No official warning
Contacts e-mail; telegram;
If a withdrawal is possible Depends on a broker
Fees $29 per month
If Active on Social Media: No
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas Italy, India, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom
Main threats Very few reviews are available; poor customer support options; ions; zer proof of work
Main perks None

ForeSignal Company Requires Regulation or Not?

Generally, all the companies that don’t offer financial services are not required to comply with any regulations. Still, any company collecting payments should offer transparent registration details, addresses, and contact options. But that’s not the case with ForeSignal.com company.

One reason why not to trust this company is simply their disclaimer. They are using CFTC Rule 4.41 to waive any liability for traders’ losses. Understandably. Still, they provide you with services that should appear reliable.

What’s The Experience Of Traders?

As can be seen, the company’s domain was registered in 2009. If that’s when they were registered, that’s quite a long period. Yet, there are only a few reviews available. In general, comments are mixed, but most of the negative comments reveal discrepancies in results and what the company presents.

Mostly, the issue is that the brokerages you are working with don’t offer the same spread. Therefore, the implemented setup can’t work properly. On the other hand, it might be that this company has bought the domain recently and has just started its services. Thus, without transparent details about the founders or anything, it’s hard to say.

Where Do Traders Come From?

The Telegram group reveals there are just below 2.4k subscribers for this program. Generally, not the most trusted ones if you like. Most of those clients, but also from ForeSignals reviews, come from: 

  • Italy
  • Germany
  • India
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom

What Plans Does The Company Offer?

Besides the ForeSignal free forex signals on its home page, traders can also choose a Premium account. The downside of free signals is that, for some, you have to wait to get access. But also, you have to bother with ads.

The main advertised benefits of a Premium account are: 

  • Immediate access to signals
  • No-ads
  • Telegram notifications
  • Real-time e-mail notifications.

ForeSignal Pricing

In general, plans are quite expensive offer for such an anonymous company. The options depend on the billing cycle, and you can choose: 

  • 1-month plan – $29 promotional / $60 regular
  • 3-month plan – $59 promotional / $120 regular
  • 6-month plan – $89 promotional / $200 regular

What ForeSignal Signals Traders Can Get?

As can be seen, there are only 14 pairs the company is analyzing. On top of that, you are limited only to Forex pairs. Not the most accurate ones. In any case, the data about these pairs goes back to 2016, and you can see a whole history of change in pips. Some of the pairs available are:


Is Customer Support Available?

If any problem occurs with signals, Premium account, or payment, you have a fairly poor option to get the problem solved. The only quick-access contact option is the Telegram group. Still, this group is primarily created for signals and not support.

To get in touch with the company’s staff, you have only e-mail as an option. But once you get the response, it might be too late. Therefore, to see why reliable contact options are important, check our Grow Deposits review as well.

Final Conclusion: Is It Worth The Money?

In general, when you compare it to what they offer, yes. Thus, if you compare it to others, no. You should rather put money into something more profitable and reliable. For example, artificial intelligence is taking over in all industries nowadays. So, nothing stops you from testing it out. Otherwise, you won’t know if it works.

There are far better tools provided by more transparent companies. Still, the key is to work with licensed companies and avoid as many issues as you can. For additional trading consultation, feel free to contact our team.

How Can I Make Money While Trading Online?

Generally, trading signals play a huge role for inexperienced traders. Indeed, once you find the right source, it could pay out well. However, this company has very few reviews, and already some issues have been discovered. Therefore, shouldn’t be a primary choice.

But to ensure you get maximum security and the best results, you first have to choose regulated brokerages. Otherwise, nothing else will be worth it. Consequently, you should equip yourself with the right knowledge and tools. Non-surprisingly, the best ones now are AI tools. For instance, an AI Analysis Tool helps you forecast market opportunities in the right way.

The combination of historical data, live prices, technical indicators, and patterns is what’s combined with this tool to make the perfect choice. But still, money control is in traders’ hands. At least the developers of the AI Analysis Tool know that traders are sick of scammers. Don’t miss a chance to improve your results quickly. Get in touch today and see how it’s done.

FAQ Section

What is ForeSignal?

ForeSignal is a company providing traders with free and premium forex signals since 2009.

Is It Worth Paying for ForeSignal?

Since there are irregularities with signals and no proof that these work, then not. Especially when you compare it to an AI Analysis Tool.

How Accurate is ForeSignal?

As can be seen, signals can work hypothetically. But in reality, every broker gives different quotes and it’s hard to optimize everything to work smoothly.

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