Forex Lens Review: Key Offers, Results, Pros and Cons Revealed

Forex Lens Review

Forex Lens firm is apparently registered in Canada under the name Forex Lens Inc. This firm is a standard proprietary trading company offering a wide range of services. But the most important one is the funded trading account.

Apparently, the firm provides live trading accounts funded up to $1M. But that sounds a bit unrealistic. Especially to any experienced traders. Therefore, make sure to check this Forex Lens review carefully and see if you can trust this program.

Company Type Proprietary firm
Legal name Forex Lens Inc.
Regulation Unregulated
Registered in Canada
Established 2007
Website Forexlens.com
Financial Authorities Warnings Yes – CFTC
Contacts E-mail; Discord;
If a withdrawal is possible Highly unlikely
Fees $38 per month
If Active on Social Media: Yes – Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Turkiye
Main threats On the CFTC Red List; non-transparent conditions
Main perks None

Legal Info: Is The Forex Lens Company Safe?

Overall, the company appears to be legitimate. Yet, they are offering services out of their jurisdiction. As can be seen, the company seems to be registered in Canada. However, the IIROC database doesn’t hold any records of this company being regulated.

To make everything even worse, the CFTC has published this company on the warning list. But to be honest, there’s no proof that the company is not legitimate. They just warn US citizens this company is not registered with the CFTC as it should be.         

Traders Reviews

As can be seen, user reviews on Trustpilot seem quite positive. Everyone is sharing positive experiences with the company’s service. Yet, there are only 13 comments available, and that’s not a big enough number to make a conclusion. Especially knowing that many comments could be fake or even requested to be made. 

All in all, we suggest you think about alternatives carefully, read this Forex Lens review, and make an educated decision. To get some more tips about choosing the right investment path, read our Fidelity review as well.

What Does The Company Offer?

One of the most popular features here is the Forex Lens live trading session. Traders can join the community through their Discord channel and follow other traders. Yet, none of those are licensed traders whatsoever. Anyway, the whole offer consists of:

  • Funded trader program
  • Forex trading room
  • Forex signals

Funded Program Conditions and Pricing

Inexperienced traders are often attracted by offers without risk involved. That’s why this firm offers a funded program for beginners who don’t have enough capital. So, the idea is to pass the assessment program and start trading on a live account.

The only condition you have to reach is to get a 10% profit target without breaching daily or trailing drawdown. Once traders do that, they expect the company to fund their live account. Yet, it is often a demo account instead of a live. In either case, it doesn’t make sense.

Think about it. If it’s a live account and you pay, for instance, a $5k fee for it to get $1M funded, it’s not worth the risk. On the other hand, to pay $5k to trade on a demo account doesn’t make sense either. On top of that, these fees are hypothetical since the Forex Lens doesn’t reveal any.

Regular Pricing Plans

In addition to the missing details about prices for funded accounts, there is quite an unclear regular offer. Yet, you can choose only one plan but with a different billing cycle. All in all, more marketing tricks to get traders to pay more money. Anyway, the plans include:

  • Access to custom trading platform – most likely web trader
  • Professional charting tools, calculators, and market news
  • Trade ideas with basic trading tools
  • Access to Discord channel
  • Risk-free quick-start system for beginners
  • Comprehensive educational system

Quite a mysterious offer that will cost you $38 per month in their limited-time offer. The regular price is $110. The quarterly plan would save you $157, and the yearly $482. But if that’s worth it, you decide.

Payment Methods, Refunds, and Withdrawals

Another thing making you wonder if is Forex Lens legit is their payment options. Practically, lack of transparency about it. The company doesn’t reveal any payment methods, processing time, or potential fees. The same thing is true with withdrawals.

In addition to that, the company claims that once you accept their agreement, you also accept that refunds might not be accepted for any reason. Therefore, if you decide this is not for you, the money is gone anyway. With this in mind, you might even wonder if the Forex Lens reviews are trustworthy.

Customer Support and Working Hours

Whenever you are investing money, you need to have a quick response feature. That’s how credible investment firms operate. In the case of the Forex Lens company, you can only get in touch with them via e-mail.

Even though registered users can access the Discord channel, it’s highly unlikely you’ll get any assistance there. The response from the company can be expected during working days, 9 AM – 5 PM EST. But to see how transparent contact options should look like, check our OctaFX review.

How Can I Make Money While Trading Online?

If anyone thinks they will get $1 million to trade on a live account with one evaluation, they are fooling themselves. That’s why prop trading is generally questionable, especially if you are trading with unregulated firms. Instead, traders should opt for Tier 1 licensed firms and start investing properly.

With your own money, you always know it’s yours. But most importantly, with these firms, it’s protected. The question is, how long it takes for a beginner to be profitable? Overall, it could take years and a lot of ups and downs. However, once traders start implementing new technologies, everything can change.

That’s why we introduce traders to technologies like AI Analysis Tool. It’s not a classic trading signals tool but software for detailed analysis and market forecast. To see it in action and find out all the details about it and how it can affect your balance, get in touch with us. Our team is offering the first consultation free of charge.

FAQ Section

Is Forex Lens Legit?

Since the company is not regulated anywhere we can’t consider the company legitimate.

Is Forex Lens Safe to Use?

Generally, no. The company offers services to US citizens without a presence in the CFTC register. Even though reviews are positive, you should be careful with them.

What is a Funded Account?

A funded account means that traders get live-funded trading in exchange for a monthly fee. The profits gained are split between the trader and the company.

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