Fortunes Funding Review: Another Prop Firm That Recently Emerged

Fortunes Funding review

Prop firms or proprietary firms are very common these days. Some would think that only because you’re not trading with your own money, the risk is much less. But what if we tell you the risk is still the same, maybe even worse? This Fortunes Funding review will give you a clear picture of the reality of trading with prop firms. 

Fortunesfunding.com was recently established, in 2022, and since then, they have built a good reputation among their traders. But we can never rely solely on reviews and just forget everything else. Keep reading to learn more and don’t miss our FP Markets review. 

About Fortunes Funding

Fortunes Funding prop firm is actively searching for new experienced traders to join and become a member of their community. To get accepted, you must complete a 2-tier evaluation process so they can check your skills and after that, you can become one of their funded traders

The company was founded by experienced traders, including the head of support George Carpio and Hans Felix. The platform makes use of cutting-edge technologies and provides a helpful atmosphere. Challenge fees are reimbursed after the initial profit split.

Company Type Proprietary Firm
Legal name Fortunes Funding
Regulation Not expected
Registered in Cresco, PA 18326, US
Established 2022
Website fortunesfunding.com
Financial Authorities Warnings
  • No official warnings
Fees Evaluation fee:

  • $65
  • $105
  • $195
  • $295
  • $515
  • $975
  • $69
  • $109
  • $179
  • $329
  • $479
  • $949
  • $1,419
If Active on Social Media: Yes
Investor Protection: No
Activity areas United States, India, United Kingdom, South Africa, Kenya
Main threats Mixed Reviews;

Fortunes Funding Features

You can trade any instrument available on the ThinkMarkets trading platform during all of your phases. Those instruments include forex pairs, commodities, major indices, and cryptocurrency. You can choose from multiple funding packages after you pass your evaluation, which caters to various Fortunes Funding trading strategies. 

Tools and resources that cover risk management, trading strategies, and losses can especially benefit you and this prop firm has it all. Make effective and well-informed decisions by utilizing real-time market data and state-of-the-art trading platforms while trading a wide range of instruments.  

Fortunes Funding Plans

There are different options when it comes to funding challenges. For the phase-one challenge, traders can pay an evaluation fee of $65 for a $50,000 account. The phase-two challenge is more expensive. Learn more by reading the information below. 

One-phase Challenge

  • $5,000 account: $65
  • $10,000 account: $105
  • $25,000 account: $195
  • $50,000 account: $295
  • $100,000 account: $515
  • $200,000 account: $975

Two-phase Challenge

  • $5,000 account: $69
  • $10,000 account: $109
  • $25,000 account: $179
  • $50,000 account: $329
  • $100,000 account: $479
  • $200,000 account: $949
  • $300,000 account: $1,419

How Does It Work?

There are two challenge types, a One-Phase challenge and a Two-Phase challenge. Traders can manage accounts from $5,000 up to $200,000 and have unlimited days to achieve a 10% profit target with a max daily loss of 3% and a max loss limit of 6% of the initial balance with a One-Phase challenge. 

The Two-Phase challenge is a little different since it offers an account up to $300,000. You need to meet profit targets without drawdown violations with a max daily loss of 5% and an overall max loss limit of 10%. There are no minimum trading days required for progression. 

To receive funding, one must apply and provide the necessary supporting documentation. High-frequency trading, hedging between accounts, and martingale are examples of forbidden tactics. Copy trade is permitted up to a certain amount.

Fortunes Funding Reviews

An overall score of 4.4 stars is based on 465 comments on Trustpilot for Fortunes Funding. The majority of the reviews are favorable, except for some traders who experienced issues. More than 10% of the reviews are unfavorable so there are mixed feelings overall about the company. 

The negative reviews primarily focus on traders not receiving information when they request it, potential issues with the phase-two account, and calling the prop firm a scammer. Additionally, there are rumors about the company offering a giveaway for positive Trustpilot reviews. 

Deposits and Withdrawal Methods

There are flexible payment methods available with Fortunes Funding. You can make payments with either credit/debit cards or cryptocurrency. For crypto payments, various currencies are accepted, including Bitcoin, USDC, Ethereum, and DAI. 

In case you decide to pay in cryptocurrency, the payment should be made within 60 minutes of the Coinbase invoice being issued. That delay is to avoid any potential issues with payment loss. If you decide to pay with a credit/debit card, common instructions apply. 

Weighing the Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  1. Desktop and Mobile App
  2. Demo Account
  3. Flexible Funding Options
  4. Diverse Instrument Choices
  5. Educational Resources
  6. Flexible Payment Methods
  1. Mixed Reviews
  2. Mixed Perception of Company Policies
  3. Forbidding Tactics and Rules
  4. Limited Company Information

Can I Make Money While Trading Online?

It is possible to make money while trading online, but it’s crucial to remember that trading success requires several different things, including strategy, risk management, education, and market knowledge. Our AI.F analysis bot is one cutting-edge instrument that greatly increases trading potential, just like HFM HF Markets.

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We provide a 14-day trial so that people can see the power of AI.F for themselves. Users can investigate and observe the AI’s ability to guide trading decisions throughout this trial period. You can learn how AI.F can have a big impact on trading methods and results during the trial time. Book your meeting now! 

FAQ Section

What is Fortunes Funding?

Fortunes Funding Forex is a prop firm that provides capital to experienced traders. There is a 2-step evaluation process to confirm your skills and after you can become a funded trader.

Is Fortunes Funding a Legit Prop Firm?

There are mixed feelings about the company on Trustpilot. Some traders have voiced dissatisfaction with the company's policies, while others have given it high ratings and complimented their professionalism.

What is Proprietary Trading?

A financial organization or institution that engages in proprietary trading uses its capital to purchase and sell financial products, such as stocks, bonds, currencies, or derivatives, to make money for the business rather than for clients.

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