FX MasterBot Review: How Safe and Transparent Are Their Features?

FX MasterBot Review

This company doesn’t reveal any ownership details, neither do they mention where is the company based. Yet, their T&Cs reveal the governing law is in the UK.

Apparently, they started in 2017, but research shows another story. According to who.is, their domain was registered in 2022. Therefore, you have two outcomes. First is that the company is misleading customers to make themselves legit. The other one is that they are rebranding in case they are exposed. None of these are good. 

To find out more about this tool, read this FX MasterBot review carefully.

Company Type Auto-trading software
Legal name N/A
Regulation Not expected
Registered in UK (allegedly)
Established 2022-01-12
Website Fx-masterbot.com
Financial Authorities Warnings No official warnings
Contacts Webform
If a withdrawal is possible Highly unlikely
Fees Hidden fees
If Active on Social Media: No
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas South Africa, United States, India, United Kingdom
Main threats Lack of transparency; hidden costs; untrusted contact options;
Main perks Automatization of the process;

Legal Information: Who Runs This Firm?

Surprisingly, the company doesn’t reveal any details about its owners. Allegedly, it’s created by a group of crypto enthusiasts. But that can’t help you legally anywhere. Instead, you might opt for companies with a bit more transparent background.

Keep in mind, that similar websites were used for gaining new customers, very often for unregulated brokerages. In any case, be aware that you are safe only with Tier 1 licensed companies. The ones holding for example FCA, BaFin or ASIC licenses. To be honest, FX MasterBot doesn’t require a license since they are not providing financial services. However, lack of transparency certainly is an issue.

What Are The Main FXMasterBot Features?

In the first place, the company claims to offer advanced technology. As they say, their algorithm provides insight and market analysis in real-time. With the integration of the software with your trading account, you can automate a trading process. However, they don’t reveal what platforms could be synced with the tool.

All in all, the whole explanation of the tool goes in circles. Practically, it’s designed to automate the crypto trading process. There comes the first disadvantage. You are only limited to crypto trading. On top of that, this tool seems to be web-based. Yet, we have seen many brokerages using web traders. After a while, many customers complained about manipulations.

As their main security feature, they claim to offer SSL security. Even though SSL is really important generally, it’s irrelevant in this case. Yes, it can protect your personal information. But money is not safe once you send it.

Pricing Plans and Additional Costs

Important to realize is that the company doesn’t reveal what are their pricing plans. Through the whole page, they are promoting free testing. Is it just to gather your information or something else, we would rather not test it.

To be honest, they briefly mention that to use this software you must invest at least $250. This is a fairy tale we have all heard once. Even if that’s true and all works, make sure not to crack under pressure. Don’t fall for fake limited-time offers because swindlers offer the same thing all over again.

Is The Software Available On Mobile?

In fact, no. Mobile users will have to go through the browser to access their tools. This is a huge downside especially if you are using multiple tools. But if you read our NuxTrade review, you will understand better why proprietary iOS and Android apps are important.

Are Their Deposit Options Safe?

As a key thing in the investing world, you need to understand what funding methods are safe. Keep in mind that all card transfers within 540 days are reversible. That’s the best option you can do. Other methods like wire transfers, crypto or e-payments are not so easily reversible. More importantly, some of these are completely anonymous.

Yet, FX MasterBot doesn’t reveal what do they accept. Most likely, these depend on the affiliates they are working with. Luckily, our Tokens Note review presents you with some tips about choosing a brokerage.

Customer Support

Important to realize is that this firm doesn’t leave any contact details whatsoever. You can send them a general question. And they will reply to you via e-mail and you can start from there. But very often, traders register for free options. Once they start getting numerous calls they find out they screwed up.

But be honest and think about it. What legitimate company is hiding its contact information?

Final Verdict: Is This Company Safe?

Generally speaking, everything points out in one direction. That you will regret it. Primarily, they are not revealing their partners transparently or payment solutions. Not to mention ownership details.

That’s why it’s important to know how to choose the right investment firm and the right tools, such as AI Analysis Bot which is an independent tool. Most importantly, it doesn’t control you, but on the contrary. You control the app! It’s a win-win situation where you get years of data, patterns and strategies in one app, which is not going to rip you off. Unlike auto-trading software everyone else offers.

How Can I Make Money While Trading Online?

Of course, anyone can. The key to making money online is finding the right brokerages. Very often you will see recommendations, but if those are not licensed – forget it. Only top-tier licensed firms can provide an honestly secure environment. Another key fact is that everyone wants money without any effort. That’s why people fall for scams including auto trading software.

On the contrary, there are tools like AI Analysis Bot designed for beginners to improve their results. Yet, the main control of the funds stays in your hands! This AI tool helps you analyze the market like a pro and get the necessary signal. Which is based on the analysis of historical data, live charts, patterns and technical analysis. Get in touch with us to see it in action!

FAQ Section

What Is FX MasterBot?

FX MasterBot is apparently only a crypto auto-trading software. Even though the name indicates other options.

Is FX MasterBot Legit?

No. Their advertisement looks like any other scamming software you can see in the trading world. For detailed explanations and safety advice, contact our experts.

What Are The Features Of FX MasterBot?

The idea is to automate the trading process. On the other hand, you can use AI Analysis Bot and be in control of the funds! Contact us for advice.

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