Immediate Trader Review: Be aware of This Affiliate Scam Campaign

Immediate Trader Review

Traders in the extremely unpredictable cryptocurrency market are constantly looking for solutions to help them deal with the difficulties of trading. There are now online platforms that promise to reduce the workload by performing market research and carrying out orders on their own. 

In order to evaluate the platform’s suitability for today’s traders, this Immediate Trader review explores its claims. We will also examine their functionality, evaluate their advantages and disadvantages, examine their past performance, highlight important features, and much more.

Find out more by reading on, and don’t forget to take a look at our EVFX evaluation for more info about this trustworthy brokerage company. Now, let’s delve in. 

About Immediate Trader

The first red flag we noticed is the badly designed website. It has no valuable information and the only contact information provided is an email and a web form. There is no information about pricing, plans, or anything else beneficial to traders. The huge lack of transparency is apparent. 

Furthermore, the truth about affiliate campaigns like this one is much worse. Instead of providing the AI bot like they say they do, the only thing that will happen once you reach out is that your details will be sold to scam brokers who operate without a license. 

The information about the owner is hidden on WHOIS, which isn’t surprising considering that they’re nothing more than a scam. Keep reading our Immediate Trader review for more red flags. 

Company Type Affiliate Campaign
Legal name Immediate Trader
Regulation Not expected 
Registered in N/A
Established 2023
Website immediatetrader.com


Financial Authorities Warnings
  • No official warnings
If a withdrawal is possible No
  • Hidden fees
If Active on Social Media: No
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada;
Main threats Selling your details to scam brokers; 
Main perks None! 

Legal Information

When talking about regulation, it’s important to say that ‘affiliate’ campaigns such as this one are not required to be regulated. However, considering your details are sold to brokers that will offer high accuracy of the bot and promise huge profits, it’s vital to mention regulatory requirements. 

Brokers are required to have a license in the nation they’re operating from, like FCA in the UK, ASIC in Australia, or the SEC and CFTC in the US. Because your details are sold to a random scam brokerage, you can’t know whether or not the broker is secure, leaving you blind to potential risks. 

So although companies like Immediate don’t require regulatory oversight, brokers do and they usually don’t have it. At least not the ones you will be directed to. Be careful who you trust online and make sure to double-check the background of the company before committing. 

Immediate Trader Features

With the use of AI technology, Immediate Trader iFex 360 is a sophisticated bot for cryptocurrency auto trading that eliminates the need for hours of market research. This would be a great feature if it were true, however, the reality is that there is no crypto bot

The only feature a company like this can offer is to sell your details to a scam broker, who will then call you constantly and promise a bot with 95-97% accuracy. A crypto bot with such a high percentage doesn’t exist and it’s a way to lure you into depositing your funds. 

Immediate Trader Reviews

As suspected, there are no genuine reviews about this company, which could be because they’re only recently established. There are various discussions online after we did some digging and none of the discussions mention anything valuable for this company. 

Unfortunately, since there are no reviews, we can’t be sure of experiences other traders had but from our years of experience, we can safely say that this firm is a confirmed scam even without looking at the reviews. 

How Does the Scam Work?

While affiliate marketing is a legitimate practice used by many companies to promote products or services, unfortunately, there have been instances where fraudulent schemes or scams have disguised themselves as affiliate campaigns. 

Similar to this case, they may promise access to a valuable product, such as an AI tool, but instead, they use this as a front to gather personal information or lead individuals to fraudulent brokers or services. The Immediate Trader AI bot is not real. 

As part of affiliate marketing or promotion, they attract people with promises of free or reduced access to high-value tools or services, like AI software. 

These scams drive victims to phony brokers or services that participate in unlawful activities, which may result in money losses or compromise personal data. The scam is transparent once you attempt to withdraw your funds, which is done with the broker, and if the broker is unlicensed, there won’t be any withdrawals. 

People must enter personal information such as phone numbers, email addresses, and even financial information to access the purported good or service. Rather than providing the tool that was promised, the con artists either profit from this information or sell it to third parties.

How to Recognize the Scam?

The only reason a company like this exists is for traders to leave their contact information so they could later sell it. You can recognize them by a badly designed website where there is only a web form to leave your details and everything else is hidden. 

Take the Immediate Trader bot as an example. The only thing found on their website is a web form, along with a couple of words about what the bot can do. Additionally, you will notice that with campaigns like this one, the use of the bot is free of charge, only to lure you in more. 

Exaggerated boasts of large earnings with little work are a common feature of scams. Promotions that promise easy money without much effort or investment should be avoided. There is no such thing as guaranteed profits and high returns in trading, so make sure to remember it. 

In Summary…

In conclusion, you should avoid affiliate campaigns that are suspected of fraud by recognizing their patterns. Trade with brokers like BCR, who are regulated and reputable, instead of risking the purchase of your details by a scam broker. 

That said, if you were looking for an AI analysis bot and got disappointed after realizing Immediate Trader is a scam, we got you covered. As a reliable and reputable tool, AI.F is a potent program that has many features, one of them being the ability to understand your needs. 

After it analyzes billions of data points, it will make insightful recommendations on whether to buy or sell, and all of that while you stay the decision maker. The time of relying on shady brokers is over and all you need to do is give us a call, try the bot for 14 days with no commitment, and become a successful trader. 

FAQ Section

What is Immediate Trader?

Immediate Trader claims to be an AI-powered cryptocurrency bot but operates as an affiliate scam, collecting user details for fraudulent purposes.

Is Immediate Trader Legit?

No, the Immediate Trader scam is real and the company exists only to collect your details and sell them to other parties like brokers.

Can I Trust Immediate Trader With my Crypto?

It is highly advised not to trust Immediate Trader with your cryptocurrency or personal information due to its fraudulent nature, which is selling user details to unlicensed brokers.

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