IndexStockPro Review: All About IndexStockPro Broker


IndexStockPro Is Another company that has been trying to cash in on the crypto market hype, IndexStockPro, claims to offer its clients “freedom to trade cryptocurrency assets with zero risks.” 

The fact is that the only thing this scam broker is offering is a risk itself. Their site offers us made-up testimonials and reviews which are probably supposed to make us feel like we are dealing with a legitimate broker, but it doesn’t provide us with a license.

No license means that there is no legal regulation that clients can rely on, this further implies that any investments made with this shady brokerage are highly risky. Furthermore, there is no mention of who operates or owns their website. This is another big red flag indicating that we are indeed dealing with a fraudulent broker.

Company IndexStockPro
Website Indexstockpro.com
Address 250 N 71st Ave, Hollywood, FL 33024
Email                 [email protected]
Phone +13322461678
Minimum Deposit 2000$
Leverage N/A
Bonuses N/A
Regulation Unregulated
Warning N/A

Is IndexStockPro Legit? Regulation and Safety of Funds

As we’ve already stated above, IndexStockPro doesn’t have a license to offer the services it offers. More than that doesn’t even try to give us an idea of which legal entity owns or operates it. 

There is also no information about where the company is registered and who oversees its activities. Authentic and licensed brokers always make pertinent legal documentation publicly available, a lack of this information is a clear sign of an investment scam.

The only things that seem like they provide some information were their terms and conditions, but again, no legal entities or relevant information are mentioned here. 

They claim to be located in the United States, but this seems highly unlikely, as legal regulation regarding trading in the US is very strict and licenses are not easily obtained.

Being unlicensed means that there is no regulation that can guarantee the safety of your funds. 

Don’t fall for any empty promises made by this financial swindler, complaints against brokers like these are plentiful and the only thing that is guaranteed is that you will lose money if you invest it with this scam broker.

Available Trading Platform at IndexStockPro

The IndexProStock scam promises its victims access to one of the most popular trading platforms in the industry, the MetaTrader 4. However, this is just another lie in a long string of fraudulent claims made by the phony broker. 

Registering an account gives you access to a demo version of the platform, the company doesn’t even bother with giving you the login details for its trading server. It’s clear that the company most probably doesn’t have any trading software.

Deposits and Withdrawals Process at IndexStockPro

Even though some legitimate brokers do allow depositing through wire transfers and cryptocurrencies, IndexStockPro only allows crypto and wire transfer deposits which is a classic method of scamming people used by unlicensed brokerages such as this one. This way the chance of clients withdrawing their money is virtually non-existent.

Though they offer a 500$ „Starter” account, the FAQ section of their website clearly states that the minimum deposit is 2000$ USD or its equivalent in any currency that you have. Once again, do not deposit your money with the IndexStockPro broker as you will lose a significant amount of money seeing how the minimum deposit is rather high.

How is the Fraud Orchestrated?

Much like any other investment scam, IndexStockPro makes use of trained manipulators whose job is to attract viable customers with false advertising. After clients leave their contact information they are pushed into depositing their money with attractive offers and impossible promises. 

At this point, the agents might start telling their victims how they are making some gains, and feed them false information about would-be profits that the victim is making. This is done only in an effort to milk out some more money.

The illusion comes crashing down upon the scammers’ victims as soon as they try to pull out their money. Withdrawals are not possible if transfers were made through bank transfers and cryptocurrencies so people can wave goodbye to their money. This is when the illicit broker also stops any contact with the client and deletes their account. 

This is usually done until the scam brokers have acquired a significant sum of money, upon which they will try to erase any sign of their previous existence, only to start the same scheme all over again under a different name.


We hope that after this IndexStockPro review there is no need to further emphasize that this is in fact a sophisticated investment scam. 

You stand to gain nothing if you decide to invest with an unscrupulous and unlicensed broker. The company has all the signs of a quickly put-together fraudulent project and the best thing you can do is simply avoid them and give a chance to a legitimate broker. 

Bogus brokerages like this one come and go, and we’re fairly certain that the people behind this organization will eventually come up with a new name and continue playing the same old tricks. Stay informed and you’ll be able to recognize these scams easily and protect your investments.

FAQs about IndexStockPro broker

What Can I Trade with IndexStockPro?

IndexStockPro allows its users to trade in cryptocurrencies.

What are the Available Methods of Withdrawal?

IndexStockPro requires your crypto wallet address in order for you to withdraw from your account.

Is IndexStockPro Broker Regulated?

IndexStoPro has no legal regulation or license. They are an unregulated crypto broker.

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