InfinityFutures Review: Watch Out For These Important Tips

InfinityFutures review

InfinityFutures company was first registered in 2001 in the US. According to the NFA register, they were changing business names regularly. Today, they are operating under the Infinity Futures LLC.

Since the company is offering very popular futures trading, this could be a good starting point for them. At least to build a reputation. However, there were too many irregularities along the way. Luckily, this honest InfinityFutures review reveals it all.

Company Type Futures investment firm
Legal name Infinity Futures LLC
Regulation Unregulated
Registered in United States
Established 2001
Website Infinityfutures.com
Financial Authorities Warnings No official warnings
Contacts Phone; e-mail; web contact form;
If a withdrawal is possible Highly unlikely
Fees Up to $33 per month
If Active on Social Media: Yes – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United States, France, India, Canada
Main threats Potential risks of disobeying rules and regulations; lack of transparency; unregulated company;
Main perks None

Legal Information and Regulations

Generally, all trading companies in the United States should have CFTC, SEC, or NFA licenses for trading. But of course, you have to catch up with all the names this company has been using. In any case, the current ownership, Infinity Futures LLC, doesn’t have any of the mentioned regulations.

On the contrary, they were fined three times so far for different violations. The first time, it was by the CFTC, and twice by the NFA. All the actions against this company can be seen here. With this in mind, you know that none of the fund’s protection measures are available. Especially the compensation schemes if the company goes bankrupt.

How Does Infinity Futures Work?

The infinityfutures.com brokerage is a classic futures trading company. Practically, traders are selling or buying assets at an agreed-upon price at a future date. Overall, quite an interesting form of trading. Yet, there could be various issues if the company is not regulated.

Even though no InfinityFutures reviews are available, which is surprising, some traders report potential issues. For instance, failed trades that could cost investors a lot of money. After all, we are not saying without a reason to trade with regulated firms.

What Platform Does InfinityFutures Broker Offer?

It seems that InfinityFutures trading is raised to another level with their software choice. The company has invested some money to build proprietary web-based and desktop apps. Therefore, the first choice is the AT Pro software. Besides, traders can get Infinity AT charts to optimize their trading options.

As the latest alternative, traders can choose the NinjaTrader platform. All in all, quite good options with a wide range of advanced features. Yet, if you compare those to cTrader or MetaTrader, you can find many downsides. For instance, lack of Expert Advisors automation features. However, our Fibotraders review will help you understand that the software choice is not a dealbreaker.

Is Mobile Trading Available?

Generally, the company advertises all the apps to be optimized for iOS and Android devices. Thus, AT Pro software is available as a web-based platform and desktop app. Therefore, mobile users won’t have maximum comfort in trading with this brokerage.

In addition to that, AT Charts are also advertised for mobile apps. Yet, the download option doesn’t exist. After all, only NinjaTrader is reliable and trusted for use on a mobile. Therefore, you have too many factors to take into consideration.

Tradeable Instruments Available

Generally, futures are available in all sorts of categories. Even though traders mostly prefer indices, there are some other popular choices. With Infinity Futures, you can trade:

  • Currencies – British Pound, Australian Dollar, Swiss Franc
  • Energies – Brent Crude, gasoline, natural gas
  • Interest Rates – Ultra bonds, treasury bonds, treasury notes
  • Stock Indices – e-mini S&P 500, Mini Dow, DAX
  • Metals – Gold, copper, silver
  • Commodities – corn, soybeans, wheat

What Account Types Does The Company Offer?

If you plan to trade micro markets, you can start with $1.000. Which is quite affordable for futures trading. But generally, a $3.000 minimum deposit is required to open an account. Besides the 30-day free trial, traders can also choose:

  • Joint
  • LLC
  • Corporate
  • Partnership
  • Trust accounts

Besides general deposits, accessing charts from different exchanges can cost you up to $33 per month. These charting options include CME, CBOT, NYMES, and COMEX. Additional costs of $12 are charged for using AT-Pro charts, but at least the Pro platform is completely free.

InfinityFutures Support Options

Even though the company offers fairly transparent contact options, they don’t reveal any working hours. But you can try reaching them out via toll-free line, direct line, e-mail, and web-contact form.

Since the InfinirtyFutures commission is fairly non-transparent, you’ll need these contact details often. Yet, if you read our AltimaTrade review, you’ll know how to choose brokerage properly.

Does InfinityFutures Offer an Educational Program?

Generally, the company doesn’t have any dedicated educational packages. For instance, webinars, 1-on-1 sessions, live group sessions, or anything similar. Instead, they provide video materials that are focused on AT Pro software and AT Charts instructions.

Besides, you can get updates on live events and news, read some general articles, and use event alerts. Thus, if you compare these to any Tier 1 licensed firm programs, you will quickly realize the quality difference.

How Can I Make Money While Trading Online?

If you look at what youngsters are doing nowadays, you will think that it has never been easier. Indeed, trading with the right broker and using the right tools can change the game. But how to know which ones to trust?

Overall, you should always choose top-tier licensed firms. This way, traders minimize the risk of being a victim of a scam. But there’s a catch. Trading with such firms requires clients to learn how to trade, which can take years. However, some of them are eager enough to try new technologies, such as AI Analysis Tool, which helps them analyze the market. Consequently, helps make the right trading decisions.

Once traders realize the key benefits of such a tool, they rarely get back to regular trading and learning. Our team is available to present you with all the benefits of this tool. Get in touch with us today and see how it could change YOUR future.

FAQ Section

What is InfinityFutures?

Infinity Futures is a US investment firm offering futures trading since 2001 without current membership in the NFA.

Can You Make Money With InfinityFutures?

It should be possible. Yet, after one CFTC and two NFA complaints, which include high fines, anyone could question the probability of getting any funds there.

Is InfinityFutures Legit?

The company appears to be legit but they are not in the NFA oversight anymore. Therefore, you have far better and safer options available.

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