InvestorsObserver Review 2024: Is This Tool a Benefit or a Drawback?

InvestorsObserver Review

Read our InvestorsObserver review and learn whether or not this tool can assist you in your daily trading activities. Weigh the benefits and drawbacks before deciding to ensure that this tool is suitable for your trading preferences. Additionally, check out Forexgump.

For the Main Street self-directed investor, InvestorsObserver develops top-notch investing tools. Whether they are novices or experts in stocks or options, the tool provides many beneficial features. Learn about features, pricing, reviews, and more by reading on.

About InvestorsObserver

As a small newsletter, InvestorsObserver had its start in 1999 during the dot-com boom. The company started creating and patenting technologies to meet the demand for dependable options technology for self-directed investors as interest in the options market and trading volume increased.

That is how in 2023, they decided to go public and make their name as InvestorsObserver. To this day, they still create options technology for Wall Street, but also build great investing tools for Main Street investors. The company has full-service tools and ultra-modern technology encompassing a spectrum of equities investing. 

However, something was not adding up with this company and we decided to dig deeper to learn more about its operations. That is how we stumbled upon several InvestorsObserver complaints which indicated a lack of transparency and trustworthiness. 

Company Type Stock Analysis Tool
Legal name Investors Observer
Regulation Not expected
Registered in 435 Merchant Walk Square 300-145 Charlottesville, VA 22902
Established 2023
Website investorsobserver.com
Financial Authorities Warnings
  • No official warnings
If a withdrawal is possible 14-Day Money Back Guarantee;
  • Premium $39
  • Elite $69
If Active on Social Media:
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Italy;
Main threats Complaints;
Main perks Great reviews on the App Store and many downloads;

Legal Information

The company is not required to be regulated, similar to the prop firm Funded Traders, but we’ve found some complaints. The complaints are focused on the firm selling fake products and offering services that require regulatory oversight. 

However, since there is no proof, we are left only to speculate and wonder if it’s true. There is no information about the firm’s owner and after checking WHOIS, the owner is hidden using a paid service. While that isn’t a huge deal, it’s still something to consider when choosing a firm.

InvestorsObserver Features

One of the main features is the all-in-one portfolio management, where you can link all your brokerage accounts into one central platform. That way, you will gain a unified view of your investments, making it easier to track and analyze your trading activities. 

The InvestorsObserver stocks dashboard offers a quick and intuitive overview of your stock investments. In addition, the stock screener in the dashboard will help you filter and narrow down stock options based on various criteria.

Compare stocks comprehensively by analyzing their prices, forecasts, technical analysis, and news. This feature enables you to make well-informed investment choices by considering multiple aspects of each stock.

For options trading, InvestorsObserver provides dedicated spaces with the options dashboard and options portfolios. Monitor market changes, track performance, and optimize your options portfolio with these specialized features. Or eventually, refine your options strategy using the options screener.

You can plan your investment activities effectively with the InvestorsObserver calendar feature. Stay informed about earnings releases and FDA events, allowing you to anticipate market movements and make strategic decisions.

InvestorsObserver Pricing

InvestorsObserver’s pricing plans are designed to cater to investors with varying needs, providing a range of features to match your investment goals. In addition to providing a free plan, there is also a 14-day trial for both the Premium and Elite account types. Here is a breakdown of the plans and costs:

Basic (Free)

  • Basic Portfolio Analysis
  • 1 Linked Brokerage
  • 5 Free Stock, Option, or InvestorsObserver Crypto Reports
  • Basic Screening Functions
  • Watchlist
  • Basic News Feed

Premium ($39/month)

  • All-in-One Stock Analysis Tool
  • Real-Time Pricing
  • Link Unlimited Brokerage Portfolios
  • In-depth Personal Portfolio Analysis
  • Unlimited Stock Reports
  • Unlimited Cryptocurrency Reports
  • Enhanced Stock Screener
  • Unlimited Watchlists for Stocks & Crypto
  • Personalized Newsfeed for Stocks & Crypto
  • Analysts Forecasts & Interactive Charts on Stocks & Crypto
  • Member’s Only Live Workshops

Elite Options ($69/month)

  • All Premium Features Plus:
  • Guided Covered Calls, Diagonal Spreads, and Vertical Spreads Portfolios
  • Options Screener for Seven Options Strategies
  • 3 Featured Covered Calls Daily
  • Morning Action Trade Idea Daily
  • Out of the Money Calculator
  • Enhanced Options Chains
  • Up to 27 Personalized Options trades daily
  • Investors Keyhole Trades: 4 Intraday Options Trades Every Market Day

InvestorsObserver Reviews

The reviews of this company are when things start to get interesting. We were able to find 3 comments on WOT and 2 on ScamAdviser, in addition to the testimonials written by traders on InvestorsObsever’s website. Most of the reviews are favorable and the firm is rated 4.8 stars of 541 reviews.

On WOT, the company is rated 3.8/5 stars and there is only one unfavorable comment out of three. The trader paid for the subscription and as he says, got burned in the process. Both of the ScamAdviser comments are unfavorable and additionally, the trust score is as low as 1.

Both comments mention fund loss and one says the company was offering regulated financial products without the authority to do so. However, as aforementioned, there is no proof, and relying only on one comment is not a good choice.

On the other hand, the InvestorsObserver app is rated 4.7 stars based on 721 ratings on the App Store and has over 10,000 downloads on Google Play. Those are the reviews we can rely on, as there are many, indicating that the majority of traders are satisfied with this tool.

Payment Options and Process

Before paying for the subscription, traders are required to register at the InvestorsObserver login page. After doing so, you will be taken to a secured payment page, where after leaving your card details you will gain access to all features. Cards like Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and AMEX are accepted.

In addition to providing a free version and a 14-day trial for each plan, the company also offers a 14-day money-back guarantee, which ensures you won’t make a mistake when choosing this company. Even after testing it, you can still get a refund, which is a huge benefit.

Can I Make Money While Trading Online?

The reviews are positive about the app itself, however, the company has faced some scam allegations. The complaints are a red flag and something to consider before committing. And this is why doing research is crucial, even after reading our InvestorsObserver review.

To make money while trading online, we suggest using our tool, AI.Fundevity. The tool is secure and reliable above anything else and offers robust features that can help you trade forex, stocks, indices, and crypto. Get analysis reports and insightful recommendations every month!

We are so confident in the power of AI.F and that’s why we have no problem giving you the bot for free as we know for sure you will come back. Call us now and start risk-free with a 14-day trial before experiencing a whole new trading experience!

FAQ Section

What is InvestorsObserver?

InvestorsObserver is a comprehensive investment platform offering tools for stock and options analysis.

Is InvestorsObserver Free?

InvestorsObserver offers a free Basic plan that includes basic features, however, to fully experience the tool traders are required to pay $39/month for the Premium or $69 for the Elite Options plan.

Is InvestorsObserver Worth It?

According to more than 700 traders, the app is effective and worth the money. However, the complaints we’ve encountered are definitely something to consider.

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