IronGatesFX Review – Crucial Factors That Define Their Business

Overview ofIronGatesFX Review

 With their address in Switzerland, traders might think that this is something they were looking for.  However, not even at first glance IronGatesFX presents itself as reliable. There are many discrepancies that we would like to show you.

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Company N/A
Regulation No regulations
Website Irongatesfx.co
Address Av. des morgines 12, 1213 Lancy, Switzerland
Email [email protected]
Phone N/A
Minimum Deposit $10.000
Leverage 1:300
Bonuses Available


IronGatesFX Reliability – Regulation and Security

As the Swiss-based broker, they should be primarily registered and licensed with FINMA. But also, they should comply with European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) rules. Luckily, for traders, it’s very easy to expose the IronGatesFX investment scam. Neither that they are regulated by FINMA, but also not by any other Tier 1 regulator. For instance, FCA, BaFin or CNMV.

On the contrary, starting with FINMA, the company earned a warning. There is no joking with Swiss laws. Therefore, you can definitely trust this warning and avoid this scam broker from a wide angle. Consequently, this warning was reposted by Portugese CMVM. Most likely this scam broker was targeting Hispanic traders as well.

If you were expecting any funds protection features, you can forget them here. The only goal this broker has is to extort more money from traders. This is confirmed as well through IronGatesFX reviews.

Trading Platform Available at IronGatesFX

Another key point of this scam broker is their suspicious trading software. But primarily their presentation about it. Generally speaking, experienced traders will understand the nonsense in these statements. Firstly, this software is web based. Secondly, it doesn’t offer a mobile app. Lastly, but most importantly, it’s eligible for manipulation.

The features that this company presents as benefits are:

Detailed instrument categories

  • Updated market news
  • Several charts view
  • Economic events
  • Free hand to manage trading positions
  • Technical indicators

All these features are just basic functionalities that almost any other platform has. But if you want advanced features like social and copy trading or Expert advisors you should forget about this scam broker. Instead, opt for Tier 1 licensed ones that offer trusted software like Meta Trader.

Broker Using AnyDesk and TeamViewer

On top of all mentioned above, this broker is using third-party remote control software. Such as TeamViewer and AnyDesk. In case you didn’t know, this way the broker can control your devices.

Of course, after you grant them access. However, they will first try to gain your trust before attempting that. Most likely, with fake profits presented on your account. With scam brokers, nothing is certain. Therefore, avoid headaches and look for another broker on time.

IronGatesFX Account Types

What this broker definitely doesn’t have, is a shame. Without any credibility, they are asking traders to deposit insanely high amounts of money. There are 5 account types with IronGatesFX scam broker:

  • Silver            $10.000
  • Gold             $25.000
  • Platinum       $50.000
  • Diamond       $250.000
  • Millionaire     Invitation

Except for some fictive benefits that they offer, there is nothing attractive here. Not even for a beginner trader. With leverage of 1:300 and allegedly tight spreads, there is nothing profitable either. A leverage of 1:300 can easily wipe your account balance off. Or even worse, get you in debt. Since this broker doesn’t have negative balance protection.

However, many EU regulators allow maximum leverage of 1:30. Starting with ESMA and FINMA.

IronGatesFX Deposits and Withdrawals

According to the company icons presented they accept following:

  • Visa, Maestro, Master card
  • Wire transfers
  • Bitcoin

Thus, the company doesn’t have transparent withdrawal policy. So, additional fees and withdrawal processing time are not revealed. But if we read their bonus policy, we will realize that withdrawals most likely never happen.

In fact, the company offers widely banned bonuses. But the problem comes with the malicious clause. Whereas, this scam broker requires traders to get 40 times bigger turnover to be able to withdraw anything. In this case, for a $1K deposit and $250 bonus, you must reach $50K in turnover. But guess what, if a trader comes even close to that, they can offer y ou another bonus and extend the period.

How is the Fraud Delivered?

As we can see, this broker is using multiple ways. Firstly, they are luring traders online. Nowadays even through the Telegram platform. Once they get traders on board, they already deposited an extremely high amount of money. So, it’s too late to back up.On top of that, they are using shady software, but definitely scamming withdrawal policy. Practically, they covered themselves to never allow you a withdrawal.

If this was your case as well, don’t worry there is a solution. Our expert fund recovery team is there to assist you. Whether it’s a crypto transfer or a card transfer our team can advise you. If you haven’t heard of CipherTrace, you will in the first consultation. Book it now.

IronGatesFX Summary

IronGatesFX broker is a completely anonymous scam broker. They tried hard to look legit but failed in different fields. Starting with trading software, trading conditions and withdrawal policy.

Moreover, the company doesn’t offer demo accounts. They have highly risky leverage and no funds protection measures. Avoid this broker at all costs and contact our team for further advice. Don’t hesitate, because they didn’t hesitate to take your money.

FAQs About IronGatesFX Broker

Is My Money Safe With IronGatesFX?

No. This company is not licensed for its services and have no protection for traders.

Does IronGatesFX Offer a Demo Account?

No. The company doesn’t offer any risk-free option. Instead, they require $10.000 to start.

Is IronGatesFX a Trustworthy Broker?

Absolutely not. There is not even one positive aspect about this anonymous scam broker.

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