Isa Banking Review: Everything You Should Know About Isa-banking.io

Isa Banking Review

This Isa Banking review sheds a bright light on the company’s features and operations so you can decide whether or not they’re a good fit. Embark on this journey with us and uncover who Isa Banking is behind closed doors. Additionally, check out Zenexes before you go to learn who to avoid. 

However, today we talk about Isa Banking and there is a lot we need to say. From the lack of license and transparency to unfavorable feedback, it seems like this broker doesn’t have anything good to offer. But keep reading and see for yourself. 

About Isa Banking

The first thing we’ve learned about this brokerage is that they operate in the UK. However, there is nothing about them in the FCA’s register. Brokers are required to obtain a license in the nation they’re operating from, but that didn’t stop Isa Banking from targeting nations like the UK and the US. 

The only form of contact is an email that we tried to reach out to; however, it’s been a week, and there’s still no reply. Imagine having an issue that needs quick resolution, but there is no one to help you out. Pretty inconvenient, don’t you think?

Furthermore, the fact that they present themselves as a secure brokerage company doesn’t sit well with us. There are many red flags surrounding this broker, so keep reading our Isa Banking review to learn them all. 

Company Type Broker
Legal name Isa Banking
Regulation Unregulated
Registered in N/A
Established 2023
Website www.isa-banking.io
Financial Authorities Warnings
  • FCA
If a withdrawal is possible Potential issues;
  • Hidden fees
If Active on Social Media: No
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United Kingdom, India, United States, France, Spain;
Main threats Unregulated; FCA warning;
Main perks None!

Legal Information

As suspected, the broker is operating without a license. Choosing a regulated broker is imperative for success. However, that can present as challenging in today’s age, which is why in-depth research is crucial. Either way, this broker is up to no good, considering the lack of license. 

Unlike Lincoln FX, who disappeared after the FCA warning, the Isa Banking forex broker is still standing. As the broker was mostly targeting UK investors, the FCA published an alert, warning UK residents of a potential risk while dealing with this brokerage. Avoiding this broker is your best chance of success. 

Isa Banking Features

The assets available for trade include currencies, commodities, stocks, and indices. There is no educational material that can be valuable for traders, and even the platform is a suspicious web trader no one’s ever heard of. The information regarding leverage, spreads, or any fees is hidden, indicating a huge lack of transparency. 

As we delve further into this Isa Banking review, we notice there is nothing about this brokerage that could make traders deposit money besides the usual ‘Get rich’ stories. So basically, to trade with this broker, you must deposit a minimum of $250 without even knowing what they offer. 

The assets available are decent, to say the least, but for less money, you can trade with reputable brokers and ensure your success. Avoid this company altogether and check out reliable alternatives with more features you can benefit from. 

Isa Banking Account Types

Besides providing too many account types, they also provide a ‘savings’ account, which probably means you deposit money to save. However, the truth is that they probably use that money to pay profits, if they even pay them. Either way, here’s a breakdown of the account types: 

  • Basic $250 – $5,000 – You get 3 trading and educational sessions with a senior analyst and access to more than 100 assets. 
  • Bronze $5,001 – $15,000 – 10 sessions with a senior analyst that won’t help you at all, access to more than 100 assets, 3 VIP signals, and first withdrawal for free can be expected with this account. 
  • Silver $15,001 – $50,000 – Unlimited sessions, access to more than 200 assets, 5 VIP signals, and 5 withdrawals for free. What an offer, right? 
  • Gold $50,001 – $ 150,000 – Unlimited sessions again, access to more than 200 assets, 5 weekly VIP signals, and 10 withdrawals for free. 
  • Platinum $150,001 – $500,000 – Pretty much everything is the same as with the Gold account, besides 10 VIP signals weekly and unlimited free withdrawals. 
  • Diamond $500,001 – $1M – Everything you receive with this account is unlimited, with the addition of 10 express withdrawals for free, higher leverage on assets, and financial advisor services. 

Isa Banking Savings Account Types

  • Crypto Savings: You can create a diversified portfolio with the most profitable assets of the decade, however, don’t let that fool you into depositing. 
  • Dedicated Portfolio: Create an account dedicated to one specific asset. Create a safer environment for your capital by concentrating on a single asset that you specify. 
  • Diversified Portfolio: Diversify your account with a series of assets, tailored to the needs of your account.
  • Hedge Fund Savings: Join forces with another trader to be able to take the most from the financial markets.
  • Personal Banker Account: Get yourself a dedicated senior analyst, that will cater to your financial needs and be concentrated on your account.
  • The minimum period for the savings account is 3 months, and monthly profits are guaranteed between 5-25 % every month. Never trust someone who guarantees profits! 

Isa Banking Reviews

There are 9 comments in total on Trustpilot, and the majority are unfavorable. The funny part is that there are no 5-star reviews, indicating that the broker is not as good as it presents itself. Most of the comments are 1- and 3-star reviews, complaining about withdrawals and money blockage. 

According to one trader, they will pretend to make money for you, but unfortunately, they will ask you to pay without giving you your money back. They stole a big sum of money from that trader and asked her to pay over $10,000 to get the money back. 

Brokers that are asking you to deposit more money to be able to withdraw are not legit. Never believe that getting your money back requires paying even more money because that is their trick to take as much as they can from you. 

Isa Banking Withdrawal and Deposit Methods

Besides the empty ‘Refund Policy’ section, there is nothing about withdrawals or deposits. To find out about the payment methods, you need to reach out to customer support, and considering how slow they reply, you can probably expect your withdrawal never. 

The withdrawals are not instant unless you choose the Platinum or Diamond account type, and there are fees that are not disclosed. Brokers like this lure in traders with fake stories and huge profit guarantees because they don’t have anything valuable to offer. Make sure to never deposit your money blindly. 

Some Final Words

With this, we will conclude our Isa Banking review because there isn’t much to be said. Besides lies, deception, misleading information, and scam attempts, this company doesn’t have one good quality that would make us recommend them. Even the lack of regulation is not the biggest problem. 

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FAQ Section

What is Isa Banking?

Isa Banking is an unlicensed brokerage company with dubious practices that operates in an uncontrolled manner.

Is Isa Banking Regulated?

No, Isa Banking conducts business as an unlicensed brokerage company, which raises questions about its reliability and compliance with legal requirements. Be aware of the Isa Banking scam.

Can I Withdraw Profits from Isa Banking Broker?

Withdrawals from Isa Banking may be challenging because of the unclear process, terms, and fees. Additionally, there have been many user complaints regarding blocked funds and withdrawal problems.

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