Lets Trade Review: An Amazing Opportunity for Aspiring Traders

Lets Trade review

With an emphasis on offering top-notch guidance and assistance, LetsTrade has developed into a reliable source for traders of all skill levels. LetsTrade and all its courses, live webinars, and content are accredited and certified by the CPD.

Read our Lets Trade review where we cover courses, programs, pricing, reviews, and more. Take a deep look into the firm’s operations to determine whether or not it’s the right choice suitable to your trading needs. Additionally, make sure to check out TraderUP.

About Lets Trade

LetsTrade is a full-service educational platform that provides traders of all skill levels with the information and resources they need to be successful in the financial markets. LetsTrade has been committed to giving its students excellent instruction and support since 2014 so they can confidently manage the challenges of trading.

The platform features several important initiatives, such as the Aspiring Trader Lets Trade course, which helps novices get started in trading by offering mentorship sessions and basic training. The Weekly Trading Sessions give traders access to in-the-moment market research and insights, helping them to stay ahead of the curve.

Company Type Educational Platform
Legal name Lets Trade
Regulation Not expected
Registered in 7 Bell Yard, London, United Kingdom, WC2A 2JR
Established 2014
Website letstrade.com
Financial Authorities Warnings
  • No official warnings
If a withdrawal is possible No refunds;
  • $495 ATP
  • $495 WTS
  • $100 LSS
If Active on Social Media:
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United States, South Africa, United Kingdom, Australia
Main threats Could be more affordable;
Main perks Reputable business with good reviews;

Lets Trade Education

A variety of educational programs are available with the academy, however, before subscribing to the programs, traders are required to register and complete the one-on-one session. To stay up to date on thousands of market opportunities, the programs are suitable for traders of all skill levels. Take a detailed look at the programs below:

The Aspiring Trader Program

The goal of the Aspiring Trader Program (ATP) is to give prospective traders the know-how, abilities, and self-assurance necessary to be successful in the trading industry. Students are expected to complete the program in four weeks if they study for two hours every week.

A variety of topics are covered in the training, such as using trading platforms, reading charts, comprehending short selling, using various order types, identifying support and resistance levels, identifying breakouts, using trading indicators, and diversifying trading portfolios.

Weekly Trading Sessions

Traders have a chance to pick the ideas of seasoned traders in real-time with Weekly Lets Trade Trading sessions (WTS). Traders can trade alongside experts and learn what has occurred, why it has happened, and what might happen next with 16 markets examined live every week.

All things considered, the WTS presents prospective traders with a singular chance to pick the brains of seasoned industry experts and obtain insightful knowledge about the trading sector. The WTS is a crucial tool for anyone trying to advance their trading knowledge and abilities because of its emphasis on interactive learning and real-time analysis.

LetsTrade Spotlight Service

LetsTrade Spotlight Service (LSS) is an effective tool that helps traders identify opportunities in more than 2,000 marketplaces and save time. The LSS uses real-time notifications to let traders know when markets are intriguing, pointing out possible opportunities and letting them know when they’ve concluded.

Time-saving advantages, thorough market analysis, and real-time alerts are some of the LSS’s standout features. Traders may make better trading decisions, stay up to date on market developments, and spot possible opportunities by utilizing the LSS.

LetsTrade Club

With lifetime access to all LetsTrade services, traders may enjoy a full trading experience with the LetsTrade Club. Aspiring traders can learn the basics from the Aspiring Trader Program and trade alongside seasoned pros during live weekly trading sessions.

Additionally, members of the LetsTrade Club get access to special software that makes it easier to discover entries and calculate the optimal trade amounts. This program examines more than 2,000 markets in real-time and gives traders insightful information.

Lets Trade Price

With a cheap price of £495 for potential traders wishing to get started in trading, the ATP is a great choice. A few benefits of the ATP include gaining trading confidence, learning from any place, and having lifetime access to lectures and trade assistance.

At £495, the WTS is a great deal, especially when you take into account that members also get the whole Aspiring Trader Program, worth €195. Eight introductory lectures covering the fundamentals of trading are included in this curriculum, giving budding traders a strong foundation.

The LSS is quite affordable at just £100 a month, especially when you take into account the time-saving advantages it offers. Traders can continuously profit from the LSS’s real-time insights and notifications with lifetime access.

Lets Trade Reviews

LetsTrade has a 4.5 out of 5-star rating overall on Trustpilot despite receiving a mixed bag of reviews. There are a total of 88 comments and more than 80% are favorable, however, there are still some who expressed dissatisfaction.

One reviewer called her experience “awful,” citing stress-related back discomfort, inadequate training materials, and ineffective one-on-one calls. A different reviewer said that he was coerced into attending a “free” webinar by the company after receiving a cold call and labeling them as scammers.

Certain reviews have reported favorable experiences with LetsTrade, even despite these unpleasant encounters. For instance, one commenter complimented the business for honoring her request to be taken off their call list. LetsTrade has received praise from other reviews for its personal support and live trading webinars.

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Final Words…

To sum up, LetsTrade provides a variety of educational services in the trading sector, emphasizing the provision of real-world information and practical support. Reviewers have praised the company for its professionalism but some have expressed displeasure with their experiences, including cold calling and inadequate training tools.

Overall, the academy can teach you a lot of things, especially those required to pass prop firm challenges. That said, we have an amazing opportunity to offer you to work with a reliable and reputable prop firm that has a 4.9 score on Trustpilot, which is impressive in today’s age.

Choose between one-phase or two-phase evaluation challenges to showcase your skills, or better yet, get funded instantly up to $200,000. Call us now and make sure to grab this opportunity to start a profitable trading journey thanks to proprietary trading!

FAQ Section

What is Lets Trade?

LetsTrade is a comprehensive learning platform that provides programs and courses for traders of all experience levels to give them the information and abilities required for profitable trading.

Is Lets Trade a Legit Platform?

LetsTrade is a reputable website that has been offering instructional services since 2014. They offer a trustworthy resource for trade education because they have earned CPD accreditation and certification.

How to Trade Risk-Free?

To trade risk-free, consider using a demo account to practice without using real money.

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