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Lirunex is a regulated broker operating since 2017. The company operates and registered from its office in Cyprus. 

They offer their clients professional trading services both through a regulated system of business conditions and in the security of clients through compliance with prescribed laws. 

In addition, Lirunex offers its clients one of the most popular trading platforms, the MetaTrader4. This exemplifies the fact that this company really cares that its clients have great trading conditions. That is why we can now freely say that we strongly recommend the Lirunex brokerage house. 

We did not find anything missing on the entire website of lirunex.eu, more precisely, all the information that the company should provide is already there. Everything is transparent, clearly explained, and unbiased. If you want to know all aspects of the business as well as the offer that this company has, read our Lirunex Review to the end.

Regulation CySEC, LFSA
Platforms MetaTrader 4
Instruments Currency pairs, CFDs on commodities, indices, and shares 
Demo Account Yes
Minimum Deposit 500$
EUR/USD Spread 0 pips
Base Currencies EUR, USD
Education Yes
Customer Support E-mail, Phone Number

Lirunex Regulation and Security of Fund 

As we have stated before, Lirunex is a regulated company based in Cyprus. Behind the website is a company called Lirunex Ltd which is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, license number: 338/17. A cross-border license issued by CySEC, the company also has a license issued by the LFSA of Labuan, Malaysia. 

This is one of the most important features because regulation allows the broker to enter the market with his financial offer. In addition, regulation and licensing have the function of providing protection to clients. 

In this way, clients can do business without fear of fraud, because both the clients and the company are subject to a law that enables both parties to do business without any harm to either of them. Clients who invest in regulated brokers can sleep soundly, knowing that their finances are in safe hands.

Lirunex Available Account Types 

Lirunex  Trading Accounts Overview

Lirunex offers 3 different account types. In addition, the offer also includes a demo account for all those potential clients who want to check the quality of the trading platform and other business conditions before investing money. As for trading and investing orders, they are as follows:

  • LX-PRIME – 2,000 USD/EUR.
  • LX-Pro – 10,000 USD/EUR.  

It is also worth mentioning that besides the expected differences in the minimum deposit that is required, these accounts also differ in maximum leverage that is possible and floating spread.

Lirunex Trading Instrument 

If you scrolled through their website, you might have noticed that Lirunex doesn’t have a very wide offer of trading instruments. However, this is a great thing. While unscrupulous financial swindlers offer pretty much anything they can think of, reliable brokers focus on a specific set of trading instruments.

This enables brokers such as Lirunex to provide outstanding services to their clients, and give them expert advice no matter what situation the clients might find themselves in.

Lirunex offers major and minor currency pairs, such as USD/EUR, EUR/JPY, GBP/EUR, CAD/GBP, JPY/CHF, and others. The company also offers CFDs on gold and major equity indices, CFDs on commodities and non-major indices, and CFDs on shares.

It is important to mention that leverage varies between different trading assets offered and between different accounts, so make sure that you check their offer in detail before you start investing real money.

Deposits and Withdrawals at Lirunex

Lirunex Deposits and Withdrawals Options

Lirunex supports the most popular methods for depositing and withdrawing money from a trading account, namely bank transfers, credit cards, and electronic payment systems. The minimum deposit they require is $500. 

When withdrawing money, it is important to use the same method that was used for payment. The withdrawal request is processed within one business day. 

Lirunex allows clients to withdraw money even when they have open positions in the trading account, but it is important that the free margin exceeds the amount specified in the withdrawal instruction. 

Lirunex broker fees built into the spread. All in all, this broker leaves lots of space for traders to learn and grow as they gain more experience. 

Trading Platform Overview

When it comes to the trading platform, Lirunex has provided its clients with the highest quality platform, which makes trading a pleasurable and rewarding experience. 

It is the critically acclaimed MetaTrader4, which is one of the most popular choices when it comes to trading platforms. The platform and its various advanced functions are used on a daily basis by both experienced traders and beginners all over the world. 

MetaTrader4 is easy to learn and can be mastered almost intuitively by novice traders. In addition, MetaTrader4 offers a wide range of additional tools and charts that facilitate both trading and planning different strategies. 

Essentially, Lirunex does a great job at ensuring that anyone who wants to, can try their hand at trading with relative ease and comfort without having to worry about being defrauded by a scam broker. 

This is yet another reason why we recommend this broker because one of the main things when it comes to trading is the trading platform that the client uses. MetaTrader4 provides users with a unique trading experience.

Customer Support

Well-organized customer support. There is a space on the site for asking questions, and you will receive the answer quickly by email. In addition, there are four email addresses that users can contact. 

Customer support is for general inquiries, account inquiries, passport inquiries, and document verification. 

The support is arranged in such a way that clients do not have to waste time contacting the wrong department and can instead easily find the answer to any problem that they might have. You can also contact Lirunex via telephone numbers.

Education Available 

Lirunex company wants to make sure that its clients get the best possible experience and thus offers users a Beginners Guide to Forex Trading, trading analysis, strategies, and economic calendar to help newcomers quickly get on their feet and start trading.

This means that novice traders will be instructed in the ways in which trading is carried out, as well as trading planning options and the use of additional tools. The Lirunex broker offers a Demo Account, which is parallel with a trading account. 

This way, clients have space to test their abilities and check their strategies before applying them to real trading and investing. And that is perhaps the best way to learn and develop skills in the world of commerce. 

The good thing is that you won’t have to make a mistake and pay for it with money, but you will be able to try all the strategies on a Demo Account, before making sure that they really bring income.

Lirunex Overall Summary

When we look at the complete trading conditions offered by Lirunex, we can clearly see that they benefit their clients and thus the company too. 

In addition to being a regulated broker, with whom you will have no risk of fraud, this is a broker that offers an excellent trading platform, and this is one of the main things when choosing a brokerage house with which traders want to invest. 

Another great thing is that Lirunex allows its users to use both a Demo and a Live Account in parallel, and thus, practicing their trading strategies reduces the risk of losing their investments. 

After doing thorough research, we were unable to find a weak point of this company. The only thing that made be considered a shortcoming is that it can be made inaccessible to some clients due to a deposit in the amount of 500 USD EUR because there are other brokers with offers for micro-accounts. But if you want to get serious about forex trading, this is the broker for you.

FAQs About Lirunex Broker

Can I have a Demo and Live Account Working at the Same Time?

Lirunex broker allows its users to simultaneously use both Demo and Live Accounts.

What Trading Platform Does Lirunex Offer?

Lirunex broker offers one of the most popular trading platforms called MetaTrader4.

What Is The Minimum Deposit at Lirunex?

The minimum deposit with Linurex broker is 500 USD EUR.

Is Lirunex a Safe Broker?

Lirunex is a fully secure broker, regulated by the CySEC regulatory body.

Does Lirunex Offer Demo Account?

Lirunex offers a demo account to its clients, as much as possible to use it in parallel with a live account.

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