Option Omega Review 2024: Is the Tool Perfect for Option Traders?

Option Omega Review

To learn if this tool is suitable for traders, read our Option Omega review. Our assessment will present you with facts so you can make an informed decision on whether or not this firm is suitable for your needs. Additionally, make sure to check out Monument Traders Alliance

Option Omega is a great tool for option backtesting and can appear very beneficial to traders. Although tools like this are not required to be regulated, there are still some factors to look into before committing to the firm’s services. Learn them all by reading on.

About Option Omega

Option Omega is a tool for trading options that takes users from novice to expert by offering institutional-level backtesting capabilities and a whole options education experience. The platform provides traders with the opportunity to trade a variety of options, from short-term to long-term, utilizing a range of metrics and portfolio analysis. 

The Option Omega backtester lets users fine-tune strategies, powerful data, and tests that date back to 2013. The company is present on social media often, providing various promotions and discounts to its traders.

You may have seen recommendations for Omega Options in emails, chat rooms, forums, or social media. Omega Options may present enticing investment prospects. This can make one wonder if it’s a secure service provider, so keep reading the Option Omega review to find out.

Company Type Trading Tool
Legal name Option Omega, Inc
Regulation Not expected
Registered in Knoxville, TN
Established 2021
Website optionomega.com


Financial Authorities Warnings
  • No official warnings
If a withdrawal is possible Depends on the broker;
  • $99.99/month
  • $49.99/year
  • Course $99
  • Course $400
If Active on Social Media:
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United States, Germany, Canada, United Kingdom, India
Main threats Lack of reviews; No refunds or a free trial;
Main perks Comprehensive backtesting tool;

Legal Information

Since Option Omega does not handle traders’ funds nor does it participate in any regulated activities, they are not required to operate under a license. 

However, implementing security measures and protecting your personal information is still something they need to adhere to. The information on the payment page is being processed and encrypted securely using industry-leading encryption and fraud prevention tools, which is an indication of security.

In situations like this, choosing a regulated brokerage is imperative for success. Not only will you allow the tool to show its full potential but you will also trade with ease knowing your funds are safe. 

Option Omega Features


Backtesting capability at the institutional level along with a thorough options education program. Before trading, adjust your strategies for greater confidence.

Diverse Strategy Testing

Try out a variety of tactics, like as intricate time spreads and basic call-and-put purchases. Tests should be run back to 2013, enabling historical analysis.

Fast and Powerful Data

Utilize robust data with tests dating back to 2013 and run up to eight stages per test quickly.

Short-Term Option Strategies

Trade 1-minute market intervals on 0-day options to gain confidence when developing short-term trading methods. NBBO bid/ask and actual trades within each minute are used to calculate intra-minute stop losses.

Long-Term Strategy Metrics

Acquire performance measures for long-term plans so you can evaluate them over time. See a range of metrics that provide you with information about your strategy over time.

Trade Replay and Portfolios

View the VIX price, the underlying price, and the trade amount at all times during the trade. Introduce portfolios to aggregate preferred tests and offer extra data like annual returns, max drawdown, and CAGR.

Option Omega Academy

Backtesting Bootcamp: This course is free of charge and it’s designed to guide you from novice to master by teaching you how to create realistic tests. 

Dynamic Butterfly Spreads for Income: This detailed tutorial offers advice on how to trade Butterfly Spreads consistently.

Dynamic Calendar Spreads for Income: By breaking down the complexity of calendar spreads, this in-depth training enables traders to take advantage of volatility and time decay to generate consistent revenue.

M.E.I.C December: During live trading sessions in the course, Tammy provides insights into her methodology. Ten pupils maximum to ensure individualized attention.

M.E.I.C January: This 4-week course explores the principles of “M.E.I.C.” with live trading sessions and insights from Tammy Chambless, much like the December session.

Option Greeks Masterclass: This masterclass teaches you how to use the Greeks in your trades to your advantage.

Option Omega Price

The Option Omega free plan is not offered and the tool is priced for retail traders and offers monthly and annual membership options starting at $99.99 per month. Users can test strategies on a variety of assets, including TSLA, AAPL, QQQ, SPY, and SPX, with an infinite test capacity and the freedom to discontinue at any moment.

The annual membership options are discounted, meaning each month will cost you $49.99 instead of $100. The same features are included in the annual plan and the only difference is that it’s charged as a one-time fee rather than a monthly subscription.

Option Omega Reviews

Unfortunately, there are no reviews for this platform on any platforms online. According to ScamAdviser, the website doesn’t have many visitors, which could be the reason for the lack of reviews. But whatever the reason is, firms without feedback are not an option. 

Reviews can help you understand how the company works and if you will encounter any issues, especially scam-related. That way, you can protect yourself and avoid the firm or subscribe without thinking about what can happen. The lack of reviews is a red flag we will consider.

Payment Options and Process

The only payment options are credit/debit cards, such as AMEX, Mastercard, Visa, and Discover. The company does not provide a cart, therefore if you wish to purchase multiple courses, each course will be charged separately. This may be troublesome for traders.

The only good thing regarding payment processes is that there are no additional fees, however, there are no refunds either. All sales are final and if you don’t like the product, don’t expect a refund. Additionally, the free plan isn’t available either, so traders are forced to blindly trust the testimonials on the website and dive right into it.

Weighing the Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  1. Comprehensive Backtesting Tool
  2. Diverse Strategy Testing
  3. Portfolio Management
  1. No Reviews Online
  2. Limited Company History
  3. Limited Transparency
  4. Customer Support Issues
  5. No Free Trial Available
  6. No Refunds

Can I Make Money While Trading Online?

Option Omega appears to be a great backtesting tool with a ton of features, but it’s alarming that there aren’t many ratings, especially considering the company was founded in 2021. You can utilize other comparable tools like Bookmap, that are more transparent than this company.

One such tool is AI.Fundevity, a potent analysis bot that is reliable and secure. It can boost your profit chances without even blinking and all of that while you stay the decision-maker. Take advantage of this bot with our 14-day free trial and test the services before committing.

After trying AI.F, we promise you won’t be able to trade without it, as the bot is the ultimate game-changer in the trading world today. We believe in the power of AI, do you? Call us and reserve your chance!

FAQ Section

What is Option Omega?

Option Omega options trading is a platform that offers institutional-level backtesting capabilities, educational resources, and a range of features.

How Much Does Option Omega Cost

Option Omega offers a monthly plan priced at $99.99 and an annual plan at $49.99 per month, billed annually at $599.88.

Can Options Trading Be Profitable?

Yes, options trading can be profitable, but it involves inherent risks and requires careful strategy and risk management.

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