OWNR Wallet Review – In-Depth Analysis of User Satisfaction and Security Measures

OWNR Wallet Review

More than 100 million people actively engage in the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies, navigating through its complex space daily. Through this broad market, OWNR Wallet emerges as a real deal, offering a transformative solution for managing digital assets with ease and security. Above all that, it possesses a license. Find out for yourself the difference OWNR Wallet can make in your digital currency journey.

Company type Crypto Wallet
Legal name OWNR Wallet
Regulation Licensed in Estonia
Registered in Estonia
Established 2019
Website ownrwallet.com 
Financial Authorities Warnings None
Contacts [email protected] 
If withdrawal is possible Available
Fees The fee structure can vary
If Active on Social Media: telegram.com






Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United States, India, Ukraine, Canada
Main threats Cybersecurity threats
Main perks Easy to navigate and secure management

User Satisfaction

User feedback gathered from Trustpilot paints a positive picture of OWNR crypto wallet, showcasing its reputation as a reliable platform. One user commented on OWNR’s profitable opportunities, highlighting the platform’s incorporation of local fiat settings for accurate transaction values. 

Another user praised OWNR Wallet for its versatility across both PC and mobile devices, and despite some features still being in beta, the user found the overall experience satisfying. Furthermore, OWNR’s standing as a top exchange site for cryptocurrencies was emphasized in another review. The platform’s responsive OWNR Wallet support was noted as a standout feature, earning praise from users. 

These OWNR Wallet reviews collectively contribute to its stellar reputation on Trustpilot, where it boasts over 400 reviews and an impressive rating of 4.4. While no platform is immune to criticism, OWNR’s consistently high score reflects the satisfaction of its users. Having served the community for nearly five years, OWNR Wallet has firmly established itself as a trusted and reputable player in the cryptocurrency space.


While the company claims licenses in multiple jurisdictions, our research has confirmed concrete evidence of licensing in Estonia and the United Kingdom. OWNR Wallet OÜ, registered in Harju Maakond, Tallinn, Estonia (registration code: 14555701), holds a license issued by Estonia’s regulatory authorities, as verified on the e-business register. While claims of registrations in other jurisdictions are made, the confirmed licenses solidify OWNR Wallet’s status as a reliable and compliant choice for digital currency enthusiasts and traders globally. For individuals interested in trying hardware wallets, read all about it in our BitLox Review

Set Up The Wallet

Downloading the app is a straightforward process. Users can visit the Apple Store if they’re using iOS devices or the Google PlayStore for Android users. 

  • Open the OWNR Wallet app once installed
  • Create a new wallet
  • Select a seed phrase
  • Memorize or write down the seed phrase
  • Complete the wallet creation process

Once the setup is complete, the OWNR digital wallet is ready to use. Users can get familiar with the wallet and its features, and when ready, start sending and receiving crypto within the OWNR Wallet app.

Buy Crypto – What Coins Are Supported?

In terms of the OWNR Wallet crypto offerings, the platform simplifies the process of buying and selling cryptocurrencies with its intuitive interface. Through OWNR, individuals can easily access a variety of popular coins including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. The wallet allows users to purchase digital currencies using fiat currencies such as USD and EUR. Upon exchange, users can receive their chosen cryptocurrencies like USDT-TRX, LTC, BTC, or USDT. 

OWNR Wallet App

The platform offers a seamless crypto experience through its multifunctional and secure mobile application. Designed to meet the diverse needs of users, the OWNR Wallet app allows you to manage all your coins in one place. The app provides a user-friendly interface for storing, exchanging, receiving, and sending nine different coins and managing ERC-20 tokens. 

Users can stay informed about Bitcoin price fluctuations with real-time updates, and use the app’s convenient feature to purchase cryptocurrencies and virtual currencies directly with an OWNR Wallet card. The app is available to download from the App Store, Google Play, or Galaxy Store. There is also a desktop version, download it from the Windows or Linux Store. The current version accepted can be viewed on the official website.

Are There Any Additional Fees?

When considering this wallet for cryptocurrency transactions, it’s essential to understand the OWNR Wallet fee structure. While OWNR’s payment gateway itself doesn’t apply fixed fees, continually using it might incur variable charges ranging from 3% to 5%. For regular users, there’s a fixed fee of 4% plus 3 USD per purchase. However, OWNR offers flexibility through its prepaid cards, allowing users to customize fees. 

Additional charges, such as card loading fees, FX market fees, and ATM withdrawal fees, are outlined on the OWNR website. Notably, OWNR recently collaborated with Bitfinex for USDT purchases, resulting in a reduced fee rate of 3% for verified Bitfinex users utilizing OWNR Wallet as the payment mode. While there are fees associated with OWNR Wallet, understanding them enables users to make informed decisions and maximize the benefits of the platform.


The wallet boasts a formidable global presence with licensed entities spanning across key jurisdictions. Headquartered in Estonia, OWNR Wallet operates as a registered private limited company. Beyond its Estonian base, OWNR Wallet extends its reach to pivotal markets, including the 

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • India
  • Ukraine

The recent acquisition of a license for its Australian unit underscores OWNR Wallet’s ongoing commitment to regulatory compliance and its dedication to serving users across diverse geographies with trust and reliability. To view the full list of countries that provide the OWNR wallet, visit the official website. Check out a wallet based in the UK, Cryptosteel Review

Affiliate Program

The OWNR Wallet affiliate program offers an effortless way to generate passive income by becoming a partner through the CPA system or referring friends and followers. Participants can earn up to 38% of the company’s net profit by engaging website owners, marketing specialists, bloggers, and sociable individuals. 

The program provides transparent tracking of rewards, high-quality products, and opportunities to meet new connections within the crypto community. By following a simple three-step process, partners can start earning commissions for their referrals’ actions and withdraw real money regularly.

Conclusion – Is It Safe?

To keep it short and sweet, the OWNR Wallet proves to be a reliable platform for managing digital assets securely. With confirmed licenses in Estonia, OWNR demonstrates its commitment to regulatory compliance. Positive user feedback and a 4.4 score on Trustpilot underscores its reliability. Regarding safety, OWNR implements robust security measures, including PCI DSS compliance and 3DS transaction acceptance, ensuring user protection. With features like a global presence and an affiliate program, OWNR Wallet offers a seamless experience for users worldwide.


What is OWNR Wallet?

It’s a platform for managing digital assets, offering features such as cryptocurrency exchange and wallet services, established in 2019.

Is OWNR Wallet Safe?

It implements robust security measures and holds a license, ensuring user protection.

Can I Use OWNR Wallet in the UK?

Yes, OWNR Wallet can be used in the UK. List all the countries that can use the platform on the official website.

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