PHI 1 Review: Going Through All The Main Features

PHI 1 Review

As we all know, Indian scientists and IT developers have recently become very well-known worldwide. Therefore, it’s not surprising they are developing tools in different areas, such as trading for example. Yet, we all know where money is involved, you can rarely trust somebody 100%.

Therefore, testing out some features and getting real value for money is the key. But if that’s what you are getting from this company, we are about to discover in this detailed PHI 1 review.

Company type Trading tools provider
Legal name Powerweave Heuristic Investment Technologies Pvt Ltd.
Regulation Not expected
Registered in India
Established 2019
Website Phi1.io
Financial Authorities Warnings No official warning
Contacts e-mail, web contact form; live chat
If a withdrawal is possible N/A
Fees $12 per month
If Active on Social Media: Yes – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United States, India, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Japan
Main threats Lack of proven results; zero reviews about the company;
Main perks Automated trading; free trial;

Cab PHI 1  Services Be Trusted?

PHI 1 company is operated by Powerweave Heuristic Investment Technologies Pvt Ltd, which was registered in India in 2019. Since they are not providing financial services, none of the trading licenses are required. Yet, you need to find a way if you can trust their tools. The best option is to try it out. But if it fails and you lose money, are you protected?

To sum it up, no. Even the company’s T&Cs reveal that the licensor of the software is not liable for any losses. Practically, they are telling you it’s your own responsibility if you lose any funds with their tools. So, why throw any money away when you have more reliable options?

PHI 1 Pricing Plans

All the features of this company are offered through two different plans. Yet, the pricing for only one of them is known to the public. That’s the PHI 1 Core plan that costs 999 Indian Rupees per month, which is approximately $12. On a yearly basis, it would cost you around $120. 

On the other hand, advanced traders and institutions can choose the Elite program as well. However, the whole list of benefits in this program sounds a bit irrelevant. If the tools provided in the Core package don’t work, nothing of this matters. Anyway, for Elite program pricing, you’ll have to contact the company.

What Are PHI 1 Features?

All the features in the Core plan are mainly focused on automated trading. But traders can also choose different live strategies, 120+ indicators, strategy templates, and much more. Yet, you should keep in mind that API charges are not included in the pricing.

As for the Elite plan, you can get an advanced strategy coding interface, coding assistance, dedicated servers, data services, and more. Yet, none of this can really help you if the automated software is losing money for you.

Can You Trade For Free?

In general, the company doesn’t offer any demo accounts. Neither are some PHI 1 reviews publicly available to tell us more if it’s working or not. 

Luckily, you can get a 7-day free trial period. But for that, you’ll still have to leave your contact details, which can lead to unexpected calls and persuasions from the company. Still, even if you choose to use their services, you have to choose the right brokerage as well. For this reason, we invite you to read our 4xEx review and find out how to protect your funds at all costs.

Does The Company Offer Customer Support?

If you have trouble setting up PHI 1 software or have any questions, you can contact their support from 9 AM to 9 PM. Most likely on Indian local time.

On the positive side, the company offers a live chat feature where you can get instant responses. But also, for some non-urgent inquiries, you can reach them via e-mail and an online contact form. Yet, nobody talks about this firm on forums or on Trustpilot. Therefore, it remains unknown how reliable, professional, and helpful their support is.

All The PHI 1 Pros and Cons Revealed

The main advantage of trading tools is that they make trading easier. With user-friendly features like a no-code strategy builder, algo-trading features, and advanced indicators, you would think it’s worth it. But when the company tells you they are not liable for any losses, you know what it means.

Everything else related to these tools is highly speculative. Primarily its results because there are no transparent reviews or proofs that those are working. But also, if you think about it, if it’s working, why don’t they use it? It’s practically generating free money.

Once you answer these questions, you will understand why you should keep to the basics. Keeping control of your funds and investing smartly is the key. On top of that, if you include AI Analysis Tool in your trading analytics, you will see all the benefits.

How Can I Make Money While Trading Online?

Generally, automated trading has always sounded too good to be true. Many traders burnt their fingers trying different algo trading options. Primarily because those tools can easily wipe your balance off. On top of that, disaster is inevitable if you are using unregulated brokerages.

For this reason, we always advise traders to use trusted tools and brokerages. Firstly, top-tier licensed firms. But also tools where the traders still keep control of the money. For instance, if you choose AI Analysis Tool, you can get detailed analytics and market forecasts while still being in charge.

But once you implement those results, you can very quickly realize the difference. Most importantly, you can use any risk management tools as you wish and keep your funds safe. Therefore, we suggest you try it out and see the benefits first hand. Contact us already today and find out more details.

FAQ Section

What is PHI 1?

PHI 1 is an Indian-based trading tools developer. The company was established in 2019 and covers a wide range of trading products.

Is PHI 1 a No-Code Trading Software?

Indeed, one of the features this company offers is a no-code strategy creation tool.

How Much Does PHI 1 Cost?

For the monthly billing cycle, traders have to pay 999 INR or approximately $12. For annual payments, the cost would be 9999 INR or $120.

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