Profit.ly Review: Track Profits, Analyze Trades, and Follow Others

Profit ly Review

The Profit.ly social trading platform is equipped with various features, including educational resources. Investors of all skill levels can use it, and Profit.ly also offers a community where they can discuss trades with other, more advanced traders. 

Keep reading our Profit.ly review to learn more, and make sure to not miss the Crypto Sharks evaluation if you are looking for a firm to teach you all about crypto trading and volatile markets.

About Profit.ly

A Profit.ly community forum, performance tracking, and trade verification are just a few features the platform provides. Profit.ly is a platform that prioritizes trader education. Renowned stock trader Timothy Sykes established it, and it lets investors share ideas, monitor performance, and gain knowledge from one another. 

The company is a part of TLC Media LLC, a reputable business. Employees of this firm are generally very happy, according to Glassdoor. However, the Profit.ly reviews on Glassdoor are the end of any type of feedback, which is a little concerning.

Overall, it seems that this company excels in transparency and offers its users a safe environment and community.  Let’s check all the features in detail but before, make sure to check Stock Sharks if you are a stock trader looking for an advantage.

Company Type Trading Platform
Legal name TLC Media LLC
Regulation Not expected
Registered in N/A
Established 2010
Website profit.ly
Financial Authorities Warnings
  • No official warnings
  • (205) 851-0506
  • Web Form
If a withdrawal is possible No refunds;
  • Full pricing options here
If Active on Social Media:
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United Kingdom, United States, Canada;
Main threats Refunds are not available;
Main perks Many features including educational resources;

Profit.ly Features

The leaderboards, which allow users to view top traders’ performance in real-time, are one of its primary features. This makes it possible for novices to pick up tips from the experts and comprehend the tactics used in profitable trading.

Users can also utilize the search tool to identify other traders or trading techniques that fit their objectives or areas of interest. Users can register at the Profit.ly login page to access these and other features, as well as engage with other investors and exchange ideas.

With lifetime access to these products, users can keep learning and honing their trading skills over time. All things considered, this tool is a valuable resource for investors of all skill levels, giving them the know-how and resources they need to succeed in the stock market and beyond.

Profit.ly Price

The price depends on what investors choose, whether to find a trading guru, get educational resources, or analyze their trades. Each section has its own pricing plans, which cater to users of different levels. Let’s take a look at the detailed pricing options below:

Weekly Videos from Tim Sykes

Tim’s Alerts: The alerts from Tim himself are available for a monthly plan charged $75 each month. This will include daily chatroom access, 5-10 stock watchlists, alerts, and profiDing trade alerts. Additionally, investors can download the app.

Pennystocking Silver: This plan includes everything from Tim’s alerts and in addition, users can now enjoy more than 7,000 video lessons in the library. Besides the library, weekly video lessons are provided. This plan is priced at $150 per month.

Tim’s Challenge: This challenge will allow users to learn more about Tim and his trading and become world-class stock traders. The challenge doesn’t have a price, rather, a random trader from a random country is chosen. To apply for it, traders can leave their details here.

Profit.ly Education

The educational resources are provided with the plans, however, traders can also purchase additional content. Available DVDs include Trading Tickers Combo priced at $1,997, How to Make Millions priced at $297, PennyStocking priced at $397, and many more.

Analyze Your Trades

Novice $29.95/month: With this, traders can verify and comment on trades, track profits, get on leaderboards, and follow and message others. Additionally, they will be able to sort and filter trades, analyze personal ones, and view other people’s stats.

Trader $49.95/month: This plan includes everything from the Novice plan, besides the ability to view other people’s stats. However, a new feature is added, which is the opportunity to have a private profile. All plans are available for purchase as both monthly and annual plans.

Pro $74.95/month: The Pro plan includes all features, without any new ones added or old ones removed. But if you don’t require a private profile, we definitely recommend choosing the Novice plan, as it is cheaper and offers the same features as the Pro plan besides the private profile.

Profit.ly Broker Connect

Users will be asked for credentials that are not stored. Different brokerage connections are used to download and verify traders, however, all these methods are read-only, so traders can’t transfer money or place trades using the website. That is why traders will be connected to brokers.

While brokers are required to make trades, traders are not required to verify them. To pass being connected to a broker, traders can post screenshots that are risk-free and work with unverified ones. The analytic and sorting features, however, work best with verified trades.

Payment Options and Process

This company only accepts credit cards, however, traders who are not able to pay via credit card can reach out to customer support for a solution. However, keep in mind that the solution can be provided only for annual subscriptions due to a high demand.

Refunds are not available as premium users gain access to everything immediately. Additionally, paper trading is also not made possible, which can be inconvenient for some users to experience the firm before subscribing.

Final Words…

The Profit.ly platform offers interesting and valuable features and the educational material can be of great advantage to traders who are only starting. It is suitable for traders of all skill levels, including more advanced and seasoned ones. Overall, the pros of this firm are endless!

However, we can’t overlook the fact the company was established in 2010 but has little to no reviews online. They do offer a proven track record on the website, with various traders expressing their experiences. In addition, there is also a community and social media. 

Overall, this firm is a safe choice for traders of all types and skill levels but traders should conduct individual investigations to make sure the tool is suitable for their preferences.

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FAQ Section

What is Profit.ly?

The Profit.ly trading platform enables traders to monitor their gains, evaluate their trades, and follow other traders. It provides educational materials and a forum for traders to exchange ideas with one another.

Is Profit.ly Legit?

Yes, the platform was legitimately established in 2010 by renowned stock trader Timothy Sykes. While there are some concerns about the lack of reviews, Profit.ly has a proven track record on its website.

How to Find a Good Trading Firm?

Finding a good trading firm involves researching the firm's reputation, track record, and user reviews. Look for firms that offer transparency, educational resources, and a supportive community.

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