ProFX Academy Review: Crucial Insights into ProFX Academy

ProFX Academy Review

When it comes to online trading education, ProFX Academy emerges as a promising platform. But does it truly deliver on its promises? Let’s hop into an unbiased exploration of this business. We will talk about its offerings, pricing, courses, and customer support. So, keep reading our ProFX Academy review for more real facts!

Company type Trading Education
Regulation No regulation expected
Registered in 3rd Floor Office, 207 Regent Street, London, England, W1B 3HH
Established 2023
Website profx.academy
Financial Authorities Warnings FCA
Contacts +447456416930, [email protected]
If withdrawal is possible n/a
Fees n/a
If Active on Social Media: No
Investor Protection: No
Activity areas United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Australia, India
Main threats Lack of information and reviews, FCA warning
Main perks ProFX Academy plans

About ProFX Academy – Their Approach

ProFX Academy, headquartered in London, says they have outstanding educational resources. Yes, we must say that their initial impression may seem positive. But a closer look reveals some huge gaps on their website. Active since 2023, the company has raised big questions due to limited info, especially the lack of reviews from real traders.

Another big red flag is the warning from the FCA. This only serves to strengthen our conviction that this company is a scam.

Their Story

This is a firm that apparently wants to make your trading process easier. They emphasize the significance of understanding markets.

Founded by seasoned traders, they aim to share their knowledge and prevent others from repeating their past mistakes. Now, let’s elaborate on what they offer after all.

Note: Have you heard of Up4Profit? This is another questionable trading company that you should avoid. They may promise big things, but their only goal is to steal from you! So be cautious! 

ProFX Academy Plans

ProFX Academy trading firm says they care about aspiring traders. We can see that they offer professionally designed courses made for serious learners.

The courses, designed for flexibility, allow learners to progress at their own pace. Still, everything is questionable when the company fails to substantiate its claims with credible reviews. Keep that in mind!

Let’s take a look at their pricing plans below:

  • Essential Package ($249.00):
    • Unlimited Platform Access
    • Ebooks
    • Educational Videos
    • Market News
    • Essential 1-on-1 Sessions
    • Integrated Economic Calendar
    • Risk Management Tools
    • Automated Features
    • Balance with Partner Broker
  • Advanced Package ($499.00):
    • Advanced 1-on-1 Sessions
    • Personalized Trading Strategy
    • Daily Signals
  • Academic Package ($999.00):
    • Academic 1-on-1 Sessions
    • Priority Queue
    • Insider Activity

As you can see, the platform offers 3 membership plans. Clearly, each one promises access to decades of trading knowledge. However, the prices are too high.

Aside from that, as we already stated, there are no reviews to validate the effectiveness of these plans.

What About the ProFX Academy Courses?

When you get into the specifics of their courses, you will find 3 tiers:

  • Essential
  • Advanced
  • Academic

Still, access to all of them is restricted. They want you to purchase a plan to access it. What’s more, here are some examples of the topics they cover in those courses:

  • Signals
  • Market News
  • Live Signals
  • Glossary
  • Daily Technical Analysis Videos
  • Charts
  • Calendar
  • Trading tools
  • Trading Terms
  • Trading Psychology eBook

The course list seems comprehensive. Still, remember that everything about this company is shady.

Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, what is there to know? The ProFX Academy Forex platform provides an email address and office location in London, along with a contact number. We must say that this looks decent.

However, the absence of live chat may leave users wanting more prompt assistance.

Contact Information:

While the contact details are there, the efficacy of this support remains unverified. We have sent them an email to test the response time. Still, we haven’t received an answer yet. 

Tip: Similar to other fake brokers, FXtradewolf attempts to portray itself as a trustworthy one. The company shows exclusive offers that may appear appealing to you. Still, know that it’s a facade! 

ProFX Academy Reviews on Trustpilot

It is time to talk about ProFX Academy and what the online grapevine is or isn’t saying. Trustpilot seems to be keeping this firm in the shadows with no reviews. That’s a solid zero.

As we’ve been emphasizing, that’s a big cause for concern. Scouring the web for insights on this company, we stumbled upon a lone ranger – a not-so-positive rating on webparanoid.com

When it comes to financial education, always play it safe with 4.5+ stars on Trustpilot. This isn’t just a suggestion, as it’s practically a golden rule. Keep your funds and peace of mind intact by leaning towards platforms with the stamp of approval from real users.

Unlock Your Financial Potential

It’s time for us to take a break and focus on something positive! 

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Final Verdict

So, what can we conclude about this company? They’re pitching courses tailored for everyone, promising to spill the beans on trading secrets. But before you trust them with your money, it’s worth noting that we’ve spotted some gaps and a lack of nods from the trading community.

So, when you’re on the lookout for a trading mentor, weigh your options wisely. And if you’re seeking something a bit more innovative, check out our AI Analysis Tool. It’s a game-changer that might boost your trading skills in this dynamic landscape. Here’s to informed choices and financial success!


What is ProFX Academy?

ProFX Academy is an online trading education platform based in London.

Is ProFX Academy Legit?

The legitimacy of ProFX Academy is questionable. They received a warning from the FCA.

What is ProFX Academy Cost?

This firm offers 3 membership plans: Essential ($249.00), Advanced ($499.00), and Academic ($999.00).

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