Quantvue Review: How Trustworthy and Reliable Is Quantvue.io?

Quantvue Review

Ever since we started writing reviews, we never placed much trust in companies that have domains ending in io. Even if the domain is meaningless, we were unable to locate a trustworthy organization using it. But if you pick a trustworthy, ICANN-accredited supplier, you can get SSL certificates for your website so the io domains are completely secure.

However, that doesn’t stop us from confirming the reliability of this company in our Quantvue review, so you don’t end up with companies like Trality that stop working after a while. And with firms that were established recently, you never know what can happen. 

About Quantvue

Quantvue is suitable for experienced traders only and not beginners. So this Quantvue review is beneficial to experienced traders who are looking for AI-powered tools like this one. The trust score on ScamAdviser is low for this company for many reasons, including the fact that they offer high-risk investment services. 

The company is based in the US, where the majority of its traders come from. The lack of transparency is concerning, as we know for a fact the company was recently established, however, the firm claims they started their business sometime in 2022. 

The owner of the company is Michael A. Santucci, according to LinkedIn. At first glance, the firm seems like a reliable option for experienced traders, however, that is not what more than one scam checker says. Keep reading our Quantvue review to learn more. 

Company Type AI Trading Tool
Legal name QuantVue 
Regulation Not expected
Registered in Tampa, Florida US
Established 2023
Website www.quantvue.io
Financial Authorities Warnings
  • No official warnings
  • $127/month or $914/year for the Premium plan
  • $147/month or $1059/year for the Pro plan
If Active on Social Media: Yes
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United States, India, United Kingdom, Canada;
Main threats
Main perks

Quantvue Features

The Quantvue trading tools are designed for any market and any time frame. However, they are optimized for 1s Renko candles. Besides providing alerts, indicators, chart layouts, and many more, the firm offers a vast array of resources including blogs, newsletters, and video tutorials.

Check out a complete breakdown of the features below: 

Chart Layouts

  • Prop Focused Chart Settings
  • Best Backtested Indicator Settings
  • Futures Chart Settings
  • FX Chart Settings
  • Crypto Chart Settings


In addition to offering various types of indicators, the Quantvue crypto bot can be beneficial to traders who are into cryptocurrency. 

  • Qwave – Prop Challenge Indicator
  • Qcloud – Trend Sniper Indicator
  • Qalerts&overlays – Alerts & Overlays Indicator
  • Qsmc – Automatic SMC & ICT Indicator

QuantVue “Moneyball” Oscillator

The oscillator is suitable for Quantvue prop trading and passing challenges. 

  • 3:1 RR Primary Setups
  • Built For Scalping & Swing Trading
  • Catch Explosive Price Runs
  • 4x Price Action Sequencing
  • Pass Prop Firm Challenges

QuantVue Alerts, Overlays & Momentum

  • Bull & Bear Price Alerts
  • Automatic Take-Profit & Stop-Loss Levels
  • Trend Filter Dashboard
  • Reversal Clouds
  • Advanced Momentum Oscillator

Quantvue Plans

There are two options to choose from and each offers both monthly and yearly subscriptions. With the Premium plan, you can enjoy alerts & overlays – SMC Indicator, Qcloud indicator, momentum indicator, a discord channel, 3 weekly market reports, and lifetime updates. 

The price of this plan is $127/month if you choose the monthly subscription or $914 for a whole year, which means the monthly subscription ends up being $76. There is a free trial and this plan is meant for traders looking for a standard TradingView toolkit. 

The Pro plan costs $147/month or $1,059/year, lowering the price of the monthly subscription to $87. This plan is meant for serious traders wanting an edge and with it you get everything from the Premium plan plus the Moneyball oscillator, qwave prop challenge alerts, Qbands indicator, Q_Pro indicator, and a complete 10-hour video course. 

Quantvue Reviews

While the majority of reviews on Trustpilot seem positive, don’t let them fool you from uncovering the truth. According to ScamAdviser, the reviews about this company are suspiciously high, which could indicate that they’re fake. 

As soon as we visited their Trustpilot profile, the high score of 4.7 and 98% of positive comments confused us. Some companies that were established a longer time ago have fewer or no reviews, however, Quantvue which started in 2023 has over 60 comments. Strange, don’t you think? 

Either way, relying solely on reviews is never enough, which is why research is important. ScamAdviser provided a trust score as low as 1 for this firm, which is why you must proceed with caution and test their services to see if they’re a good choice. 

Payment Options and Process

After purchasing the all-access membership, you will receive the tools in the “invite-only” scripts of your TradingView “indicator” section. You can pay for the subscription using Stripe, PayPal, cryptocurrency, or credit/debit cards, which include Visa, Mastercard, Discovery, and American Express.

The refund is available only during the 7-day free trial period. After the trial ends and you keep using the service, the refund request will be denied. Refunds are also not issued if you use cryptocurrency due to the high risk of fraud, meaning that all crypto payments are final. 

Weighing the Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  1. Robust Features
  2. Trial Period
  3. Active Social Media Presence
  1. Low Trust Score
  2. Lack of Transparency
  3. Potential Fake Reviews
  4. Limited Refund Policy

Can I Make Money While Trading Online?

In a way, Quantvue is similar to Gimmer. While they do offer interesting features, their reliability is under question. The only difference between the two is that Gimmer has no reviews and Quantvue has too many positive ones. Either way, neither one impressed us enough to recommend them. 

But if you are adamant about finding a reliable tool, check out AI.F. This potent analysis bot has many features that will leave you wondering if there is a better tool out there. Have you ever wondered what would it take to skip years of education and start trading immediately? Well, with AI.F, you can do exactly that. 

Instead of relying on shady brokers, you can make the decisions even if you’re a beginner. That is the power of our analysis bot. Reach out now and try it for 14 days for free and we promise you won’t be able to trade without it ever again. 

FAQ Section

What is Quantvue?

Suitable for seasoned traders, Quantvue is an AI trading tool that provides a range of indicators, chart styles, and resources.

Is Quantvue a Legit Trading Tool?

Conflicting reviews and low trust scores raise questions about Quantvue's credibility and dependability.

Can I Make Money with Quantvue?

Because of varied evaluations and trust issues, Quantvue's profitability is questionable. As such, customers are advised to proceed with caution and do extensive study before using the platform for trading.

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