Queensway Academy Review 2024: What Can You Learn With This Academy?

Queensway Academy Review

Before committing to any business, it’s crucial to conduct research. However, many traders completely forget about that part, which is why we decided to write our Queensway Academy review. We evaluate the business head-to-toe so you don’t have to. 

Learn about courses, pricing, reviews, and most importantly, the benefits and drawbacks of using this online educational platform. After reading this assessment, we promise you will be able to make more informed decisions when it comes to choosing a reliable firm. 

Before we start, make sure to check out our Brokeragea review, which is about an unregulated brokerage company you should avoid at all costs. Now, let’s begin our Queensway Academy review. 

About Queensway Academy

Queensway Academy is an online educational platform offering the knowledge and experience of seasoned traders. The academy has been created by a team of experienced traders and finance professionals, aided by expert educators and technological advisors. 

The business has been operational for a couple of years now, since 2019. The main address of the company is in Bulgaria, however, they also offer a UK branch. But none of the branches are located in the US and according to WHOIS, the domain is registered at 2155 E Warner Rd, Tempe Arizona. 

Even at first glance, this academy looks better than The Trading Academy which we reviewed earlier. You can see the difference in transparency, as Queensway goes above and beyond to assist its traders and provide a user-friendly environment. But is this academy good? Learn more by reading on. 

Company Type Educational Platform
Legal name QueensWay Academy Eood
Regulation Not expected
Registered in
  • 96 Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd., Sofia 1784, Bulgaria
  • 77a Shenley Road, Kenwood House Suite 2, Borehamwood, England WD6 1, GB
Established 2019
Website www.queensway-academy.com
Financial Authorities Warnings
  • No official warnings
If a withdrawal is possible Depends on the broker;
  • Hidden fees
If Active on Social Media:
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United Kingdom, Bulgaria, United States, Canada;
Main threats Falsely representing its services;
Main perks Good courses; Free courses; Positive reviews; 

Legal Information

Unlike the LondonEX broker, educational platforms like this are not required to be regulated by law. Since they’re not participating in any activities that would require regulatory oversight, like handling deposits or providing a platform, there is no requirement for any type of license. 

This allows many companies to falsely present themselves as educational firms when in reality, they are firms with malicious practices. Luckily, Queensway Academy is not like those companies. 

The company uses industry-standard practices and guidelines to protect the data it collects and stop illegal use of it. They also mandate that any third party adhere to comparable security standards in line with the privacy policy. 

Queensway Academy Features

Navigate the Entry, Trainee, and Trader Central Stations; learn about the financial markets; become proficient in trading terminology; gain a basic understanding of finance; and delve into technical and financial analysis.

A reliable internet connection and some time are all you need to get started. Here is a breakdown of the Queensway Academy education courses and what they offer: 

Entry Central Station

Introduction to Financial Markets: Here is where you can explore the overall development of financial markets. 

All About Financial Assets: This course will teach you how to differentiate between forex pairs, indices, bonds, stocks, and ETFs. 

Trainee Central Station

Terms of the Trade: If you want to master essential trading terminology, from pips to margin and leverage, this course is suitable for you. 

The Basics of Trading: In this course, you will learn how to open an account, explore trading platforms, and demystify charts.

Trader Central Station

Financial Analysis: This is where you’ll gain knowledge to distinguish between investing and gambling, and how to develop trading strategies.

Technical Analysis: This course will teach you everything you need to know about technical analysis. 

Technical Tools: The power of technical indicators can be an amazing addition to your trading journey and with this course, you will learn all about how to interpret charts effectively. 

Honors Graduate Central Station

Advanced Strategies: This course is best used by more experienced traders, as you can learn expert research techniques, delve into auto trading and learn all about it, and explore vanilla options. 

Advanced Analysis: Master wave theory, doji patterns, and explore Fibonacci’s advanced applications.

Queensway Academy Price

The interesting part about this academy is that all videos, courses, and articles are completely free of charge. That means you can watch them as many times as you want and access various financial topics without spending a dime. 

The company works in a different way than other academies because as you learn, you will collect XP points to complete the entire program. After you finish the Queensway Academy course and complete the Honors Graduate Program, you will get an opportunity to trade for the academy and get funded. 

Queensway Academy Reviews

The firm is rated with 4 stars on Trustpilot, based on 12 comments. The majority of the comments are positive, praising the firm for its good work, however, there are still some who experienced issues, 20% of them to be exact. 

Considering the academy is free, we were eager to learn what could go wrong. Apparently, everything that’s offered is misinterpreted. The so-called XP points need to be purchased with money and buying 5000 XP points is equivalent to a couple of hundred pounds. 

The 3 unfavorable comments on Trustpilot are all focused on the same thing and it seems that the firm falsely represents XP points, as nowhere on the website is mentioned you need to use your money to purchase them. 

Payment Options and Process

The academy offers courses for free, however, the XP points can either be earned or purchased with real money. Earning them would be difficult, according to several traders, because even if you get stuck, you must pay money to advance to the next level. The points can be paid using credit or debit cards only. 

Only until you have begun to download (or stream) such content is it possible to return your purchase. You will not be able to cancel if the content is provided to you straight away and you consented to this while placing your order.

Weighing the Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  1. Free Access to Content
  2. Positive Reviews
  3. Structured Learning Path
  4. In Business Since 2019
  1. Hidden Costs
  2. Lack of Transparency 
  3. Misleading XP Points
  4. Unfavorable Comments

Can I Make Money While Trading Online?

Overall, we believe there are better alternatives than Queensway Academy. It seems the company falsely presents itself as a free educational platform but fails to mention you need to buy XP points to advance further. That is a huge lack of transparency we can’t possibly ignore. 

Luckily for traders, our group of experienced traders established AI.F, a potent analysis bot with whom you can skip years of education and advance immediately to the next level. Besides it can help elevate your skills, it can work fast and efficiently, and provide you with insightful recommendations. 

To learn about AI.F, give us a call and book a consultation and we will provide you with a 14-day trial so you can experience the bot firsthand. Don’t believe in the power of AI.F? Call us and find out the truth. 

FAQ Section

What is Queensway Academy?

Queensway Academy is an online educational platform offering courses in financial markets, trading terminology, and technical and financial analysis.

Is Queensway Academy a Legit Educational Provider?

While the academy has positive reviews, concerns arise regarding transparency, especially regarding the purchase of XP points for progression.

How to Choose the Safe Online Trading Broker?

Selecting a safe broker involves in-depth research on regulatory status, traders’ reviews, fees, and available features and assets to ensure a reliable trading experience.

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