Sharesight Review: Is the Award-Winning Portfolio Firm Reliable?

Sharesight Review

Sharesight is an investment portfolio tracker company that is available to traders globally. With robust features and affordable pricing, this firm seems like a great choice for traders of all types. But before subscribing, we recommend reading our Sharesight review, to better understand how this firm works.

In this fact-checked evaluation, we will talk about features, pricing, reviews, and more to assist you in making a well-informed decision. Read until the end, and make sure to check out Jigsaw Trading if you’re looking for a pretty solid DOM. Now without further ado, let’s start. 

About Sharesight

Over 400,000 amateur investors and financial experts use Sharesight, an award-winning online investment portfolio tracker, in more than 100 countries. The website is available in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Sharesight is a software for tracking and analyzing investment portfolios in the cloud. Users can keep an eye on their assets in a variety of asset types, including managed funds, equities, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and even cryptocurrencies. 

Performance parameters such as capital gains, dividends, and total portfolio performance are automatically computed by Sharesight. To assist investors in making wise investment selections, it also offers thorough reports and insights. 

Because of its extensive features and user-friendliness, Sharesight is well-liked by accountants, financial advisors, and ordinary investors alike.

Company Type Portfolio tracker investment company
Legal name Sharesight Limited
Regulation Not expected
Registered in WeWork, 320 Pitt St, Sydney, New South Wales 2000, AU

Level 2/1 Ghuznee St, Te Aro, Wellington 6011, NZ

Established 2009
Website sharesight.com
Financial Authorities Warnings
  • No official warnings
  • Data is hidden until you pay;
If a withdrawal is possible Yes
  • Check full pricing here
If Active on Social Media:
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States, Canada
Main threats Reliability issues with the platform; Several complaints;
Main perks Great reviews;

Sharesight Features

A wide range of features designed for both professional and individual investors are available with Sharesight. The greatest dividend and Sharesight portfolio tracker offers a one-stop shop for tracking and evaluating assets in a variety of asset types, such as equities, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, and funds. 

The capacity of Sharesight to precisely track dividends and other business actions is one of its most notable features. Users can save time and ensure accuracy in tracking income streams by watching as share splits, dividends, and DRPs (dividend reinvestment plans) are automatically updated in their portfolios.

Additionally, Sharesight’s comprehensive data and visualizations enable consumers to comprehend their actual performance. Investors can obtain important insights into their investment strategies and make well-informed selections by comparing the performance of various brokers and assets.

Suitable For Individuals or Professionals

Sharesight offers additional services for professionals, including partner directories, professional pricing options customized to meet their needs, and tax reporting tools. In addition, the platform provides a wealth of support through events, webinars, a community forum, a help center, and more, making sure users can get help anytime they need it.

Sharesight provides the resources and insights required to maximize your investment plan, regardless of your level of experience managing numerous portfolios as an individual investor or as a professional. Sharesight is already used by over 400,000 investors to track their investments, and the Sharesight stock tracker is a bonus for professionals.

Sharesight Pricing

A variety of Sharesight subscription plans are available and suitable for traders with different preferences. The free plan offers limited features, such as one portfolio, ten holdings, and one custom group. This plan suits traders who want to test the tool before subscribing.

Priced at $9.33 per month or $7 if you choose the annual plan, the Starter account also offers one portfolio with 30 holdings, 3 custom groups, and limited reporting. This plan is suitable for beginners. The Investor plan is, however, a completely different account type.

Priced at $24 per month or $18 if you choose the annual commitment, the Investor plan offers up to four portfolios, unlimited holdings, five custom groups, and advanced reporting. Lastly, the Expert account is suitable for advanced traders for $31 per month or $23.25 with the annual plan.

It offers up to ten portfolios, unlimited holdings, ten custom groups, full reporting, and priority support. Although support is not a benefit but something everyone should offer, it’s great knowing your issues will be prioritized with this plan. All paid plans include a 7-day free trial.

Sharesight Reviews

Users of the popular investment tracking tool Sharesight have left a variety of reviews. Trustpilot has 386 reviews overall, and it has a 4.1-star rating. According to the ratings breakdown, 14% of people gave it a 4-star rating, while 74% of users gave it a 5-star rating. There are, nevertheless, a few unfavorable assessments to take into account.

Numerous individuals conveyed their discontentment with the customer assistance provided by the platform. A UK user bemoaned the existence of faults and the unresponsiveness of customer service, recommending others to steer clear of the product in the end. In a similar vein, an Australian customer also berated the lack of phone service and the sluggish response time to queries.

Sharesight Complaints

Numerous evaluations emphasized problems with the platform’s functionality. concerns with the platform’s handling of foreign currencies, difficulties importing trades, and improper dividend monitoring were among the concerns that users experienced. 

A few customers bemoaned the cancellation process, pointing to situations in which an instant cancellation resulted in access being lost without reimbursement. Sharesight Reddit traders expressed only favorable opinions.

Before deciding to subscribe, consumers are advised to do extensive study and try out the platform, just like they would with any other investment.

Many users have praised Sharesight for its extensive feature set and user-friendliness, while the unfavorable evaluations point out certain shortcomings in the platform, most notably in terms of functionality, responsiveness of customer support, and policy clarity. 

Final Words…

Overall, Sharesight seems like a legit portfolio tracker that offers many additional features. The firm has been around for a long time and the plans are affordable, which is more than we can say for FXMeridian. Traders are advised, however, to conduct their own investigation.

In conclusion, the Sharesight free plan is a great way for traders to test the tool before subscribing. Many traders voted this tool as one of the best portfolio trackers, while others expressed concerns with the platform’s reliability. In the end, it’s up to traders to decide.

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FAQ Section

What is Sharesight?

Sharesight is an award-winning online investment portfolio tracker used by over 400,000 amateur investors and financial experts in more than 100 countries.

Is Sharesight Legit?

Yes, Sharesight is a legitimate portfolio-tracking business, however, several traders expressed issues while using the platform, so make sure to consider it before making a decision.

How Much Does Sharesight Cost?

Sharesight offers a variety of subscription plans tailored to traders' preferences, starting from a free plan with limited features to paid plans ranging from $9.33 to $31 per month, with discounts available for annual commitments.

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