SteadyTrade Review – Can You Learn From a Podcast?

SteadyTrade Review

SteadyTrade is a podcast hosted by traders Tim Bohen and Stephen Johnson. The podcast provides insights, tips, and strategies for day trading in an engaging and informative format. Listeners have the opportunity to learn from the host’s experiences.

Moreover, SteadyTrade isn’t just a podcast. It offers additional features, such as educational videos and a book club for book recommendations, adding layers of depth and legitimacy to its offerings. 

Today we are going to analyze SteadyTrade, including delving into user reviews and assessing its overall reputation. Despite it giving free educational content, our goal is to determine the platform’s reliability and effectiveness. So, let’s dive in and uncover what it has to offer.

Company type Trading Education
Legal name STeadyTrade
Regulation Not expected
Registered in N/A
Established 2018
Website https://www.steadytrade.com/ 
Financial Authorities Warnings No official warnings
Contacts Social media
If withdrawal is possible Non-needed
Fees No fees
If Active on Social Media: youtube.com



Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany
Main threats Limitation – only for day trading
Main perks Free access


The SteadyTrade podcast offers informative features in the realm of day trading. The SteadyTrade team consists of Tim Bohen and Stephen Johnson, they’re hosts who provide valuable insights and lessons from their ongoing experience in the trading world.

Tim Bohen, a trading expert, boasts over a decade of experience in the field. He achieved financial independence by trading penny stocks and retired at just 40 years old. Today, Tim shares his knowledge by training others in the art of day trading.

Stephen Johnson, is a part-time trader, under the mentorship of Timothy Sykes and Tim Bohen. Through StocksToTrade Pro, Stephen has personally experienced the profitability of trading penny stocks. 

Stephen Johnson is also known as @Jonk87 on Twitter, he and Tim bring a wealth of knowledge and a passion for trading to the SteadyTrade Podcast, making it a must-listen for anyone interested in mastering the art of day trading.

User Feedback

Delving into SteadyTrade reviews, on a popular form Podbay, there are mostly positive user opinions reflecting the SteadyTrade podcast. Many users praise hosts Tim Bohen and Stephen Johnson for their ability to deliver valuable trading information engagingly and entertainingly. 

On the other hand, some users express dissatisfaction with the podcast, particularly criticizing the hosts’ interviewing skills and audio quality. One listener even suggested that the hosts don’t know how to ask good questions. 

Despite these criticisms, the majority of reviews express high satisfaction with SteadyTrade education. Listeners appreciate the podcast’s educational value. One listener finds Tim Bohen’s voice motivating, especially during runs, highlighting the podcast’s ability to keep them focused and motivated on trading.

While some improvements could be made, such as audio quality, the consensus is that the podcast is a valuable resource for new and experienced traders seeking to enhance their trading skills, and additionally, prefer to learn from podcasts.

SteadyTrade – Episodes

Regarding offerings of SteadyTrade, we found episodes structured in a format of educational videos. The platform offers:

Season 1

  • Covers a range of topics, including “The Truth Behind the Wolf of Wall Street,”. Another episode, “Building a Trade Plan,” provides insights into sticking to a trading strategy. Additionally, “What Makes Stocks Move?”.

Season 2

  • Introduces a more elaborate format, featuring prize giveaways and in-depth discussions. Episodes like “The Ten Commandments of Trading Steady” aim to provide essential trading principles.


  • Shorter episodes that focus on specific topics. For example, “TWIST: Learning a Stock’s Personality” features analysis and discussion by experienced traders. 

SteadyTrade lessons offer a structured approach to learning through their episodes. On a non-related note, for individuals looking to invest in trading tools, check out our FactSet Review

StockToTrade – Any Relevenace?

Looking into the social activity of Tim Bohen, we found that while he’s also a co-host of the SteadyTrade podcast, he also influences the platform StocksToTrade. As previously said, SteadyTrade education is different than the other associated platforms. 

StocksToTrade is a trading form designed to help traders analyze stocks, track market trends, and make informed trading decisions. It offers a range of features, including stock scanning, charting, news, and social media integration, all aimed at providing traders with the tools they need to succeed in the stock market.

In SteadyTrade, Bohen shares his insights and experiences as a trader, providing valuable advice and tips to listeners. While In StocksToTrade, Bohen serves as an integral part of the team, offering his expertise to help develop the platform’s features and tools.

Overall, Tim Bohen’s connection to SteadyTrade and StocksToTrade is instrumental in both educating and empowering traders, making him a key figure in the trading community. StocksToTrade also offers a YouTube channel with over 118,000 subscribers, where Bohen filmed episodes regarding the market.

Youtube Presence

Tim Bohen’s presence on social media, especially on YouTube, is notable for his collaboration with Timothy Sykes. Sykes, a prominent figure in the trading community with a great following of 464,000 subscribers, features Bohen in educational videos on his channel.

Their collaboration is the playlist titled “Tim Bohen’s Trading Tips (Intermediate),” where they delve into crucial trading topics. In this playlist, Bohen and Sykes share their insights on various aspects of trading. 

They discuss topics such as the best times of day to focus on trading, highlighting the importance of timing in the market. Moreover, the playlist features videos where they provide trading tips from StocksToTrade’s lead analyst, offering viewers a unique perspective on market analysis. 

They also address the importance of smart trading practices and avoiding common pitfalls that could hinder one’s success in trading. Steer clear from non-transparent companies, such as TheNewsSpy Review, not to fall victim to their scam.


Evaluating the SteadyTrade price ranges, we concluded that it offers free lessons and educational content. We give the platform a big plus for making it accessible to everyone. Non-related, SteadyTrade recommends trying StocksToTrade, a platform connected with Tim Bohen, for traders interested in further enhancing their trading capabilities. 

StocksToTrade offers various features and tools, and users interested in their pricing information should check the official website for up-to-date information. In terms of SteadyTrade login, there is only information regarding the email application to receive further updates from the platform. Nothing on making an account with the platform.

Final Take On SteadyTrade

To sum up, SteadyTrade stands out as an exceptional podcast that offers great insights, tips, and strategies, making it a must-listen for anyone. Despite some criticisms regarding audio quality and other issues users experience, SteadyTrade receives high praise for its educational content and the engaging manner in which it is delivered. 

The platform’s additional features further enhance the learning experience for listeners. Moreover, Tim Bohen’s connection to StocksToTrade adds a layer of credibility to SteadyTrade. Overall, SteadyTrade’s commitment to providing free educational content makes it accessible to a wide audience, solidifying its position as a valuable resource for traders of all levels.


What is SteadyTrade?

It’s a podcast hosted by traders Tim Bohen and Stephen Johnson who provide valuable information for traders.

Is SteadyTrade Educational Material Good?

It offers valuable insights and strategies, and its features like educational videos, a book club, and a connection to StocksToTrade add depth to its offerings. Additionally, the majority of reviews express satisfaction with the educational value provided.

How to Pick the Right Broker?

Always consider factors such as fees, customer service, trading platform, and security.

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