Stock Trader’s Almanac Review: Fact-Checked Assessment of the Features

Stock Trader's Almanac Review

The value of history is sometimes undervalued in the digital society we live in today.  Though the patterns are not mathematically certain to reoccur, they do so frequently enough to give astute, focused investors a competitive advantage. 

The company we are reviewing today is dedicated to finding the patterns, verifying them through in-depth research, and informing you of opportunities to benefit when these trends emerge in the current markets.

Sounds interesting? Keep reading our Stock Trader’s Almanac review to learn more, and make sure to check out London Bridge Cap to learn more about the broker before committing.

About Stock Trader’s Almanac

Established by Yale Hirsch in 1996, the company has provided investors with profitable insights and tactics for almost thirty years. They teach investors how to put the ideas that have made this company a must-have for active investors for nearly 50 years into practice in real-time, with Stock Trader’s Almanac alerts sent twice a week.

You may find an array of valuable market data and research tools on the website. You may look at the data that goes into the January Barometer, which is among the most accurate market forecasting instruments ever created. Alternatively, you can view the remarkable returns that The Best Six Months Strategy has produced year over year from 1950 to the present. 

A wealth of historical data supports every strategy. You have the option to use the Almanac Investor service to implement those methods precisely as they are, examine the underlying research and adjust the strategies as needed, or even come up with your own plans.

Company Type Financial Market Research and Analysis
Legal name Hirsch Holdings Inc.
Regulation Not expected
Registered in 200 Mamaroneck Ave Ste 504 White Plains, NY 10601
Established 1996
Website stocktradersalmanac.com
Financial Authorities Warnings
  • No official warnings
If a withdrawal is possible Depends on the broker;
  • $69/Quarter
  • $219/1 Year
  • $339 /2 Years
  • Get started for $23
If Active on Social Media:
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, India;
Main threats Lack of reviews;
Main perks In business since 1996;

Legal Information

The Hirsch Organization, a financial research and publishing firm established by Yale Hirsch, publishes the Stock Trader’s Almanac. This publication is not meant to be financial advice; rather, it is meant to be instructive and informative. 

Before relying solely on the data presented in Stock Trader’s Almanac to make investing decisions, traders should undertake independent research and speak with a financial advisor. In this situation, choosing a regulated broker and not someone like Welta is crucial.

Stock Trader’s Almanac Features

With the abundance of historical data on stock market performance provided by the platform, traders can see reoccurring patterns and trends. The journal identifies and promotes stock market seasonal patterns, like the “January Effect” and the “Santa Claus Rally,” which may present new trading opportunities.

A comprehensive study of economic variables, geopolitical events, and market indicators that could affect the stock market is provided by the firm. To assist traders in making wise judgments, the magazine provides a variety of trading tactics based on market analysis and historical data.

The firm helps investors create a diversified Stock Trader’s Almanac portfolio by offering insights on long-term investment patterns and tactics. Traders will also receive alerts that provide guidance on the best and worst trading days, techniques, and general sentiment in the market.

Stock Trader’s Almanac Price

Stock Trader’s Almanac provides customizable subscription choices. Start-up costs $23 per month, or you can choose to pay $69 for a quarterly subscription. For all quarterly customers that are active as of October 31st of each year, a complimentary STA desk edition is included with the subscription.

The firm provides yearly and two-year subscription plans for those who wish to commit to a longer term. When compared to quarterly memberships, the yearlong subscription saves you more than 20%, at $219. Additionally, subscribing to the Stock Trader’s Almanac newsletter is free.

If you want to save even more money, a two-year subscription costs $339, which is more than 38% less than quarterly subscriptions. Whichever subscription you select, this tool will provide you with access to insightful market analysis and insights. Traders can use all major credit cards to pay for the subscription.

Stock Trader’s Almanac Reviews

The company doesn’t have an active Trustpilot profile and in fact, we couldn’t find any dependable comments about it anywhere online. However, on Amazon, the book is rated 4.6 based on 64 comments, and there are over 2,000 likes on the firm’s Facebook page.

Additionally, we found some reviews on Shortform, where the book is rated 4.8 based on 73 comments. Overall, there are no unfavorable reviews and this company is a legit and reputable business with a lot of great feedback for its 2024 book.

Final Words…

Although the company offers insightful historical market data, traders should be aware that past success may not necessarily be a reliable indicator of future market performance. When using the information and suggestions in the publication to guide your trading decisions, keep this limitation in mind.

All things considered, the Stock Trader’s Almanac trading platform is a great instructional tool that provides information on long-term investing patterns and tactics. To make trading judgments, traders should, however, use this information as an addition to their investigation rather than depending on the data.

Utilize the Advantages of AI.F and Stock Trader’s Almanac

The Stock Trader’s Almanac offers seasonal trends and historical market data, which can be used to identify possible trading opportunities. At the same time, AI.F uses massive data analysis to deliver real-time insights and suggestions that take into account the state of the market. 

By integrating historical patterns with real-time data-driven methods, traders can increase profitability by utilizing AI.F’s analysis for up-to-date market insights and Stock Trader’s Almanac to find historical trends and seasonal patterns.

To experience AI.F in full potential we invite you to test it risk-free with our 14-day free trial. Come and take advantage of simplified trading by utilizing the benefits of both AI.F and Stock Trader’s Almanac to increase profits and elevate your skills.

FAQ Section

What is Stock Trader's Almanac?

Stock Trader's Almanac is a publication that provides historical market data, seasonal patterns, and trading tactics to help traders make informed decisions.

Is the Stock Trader’s Almanac Worth It?

Whether the Stock Trader's Almanac is worth it depends on individual trading preferences and needs for historical data and market analysis. Overall, the business is legit and reputable.

How to Choose the Right Stock Trading Firm?

Choosing the right stock trading firm involves considering factors such as fees, reputation, customer service, and the range of services and tools offered.

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