Tattvam Markets Review – Emirates Slowly Taking Over Trading World

Tattvam Markets Review

Tattvam Markets is a Mauritius-based trading company that has been operating since 2021. With registered entities in the United Arab Emirates and Mauritius, the company offers little, especially compared to top-tier licensed brokerages.

However, with quite attractive tax laws, we are seeing more and more trading firms having offices registered in the UAE. Is this country taking over the control of FX and CFD trading? Can traders enjoy maximum protection with local regulation? Answers and much more you can find in this Tattvam Markets review.

Company Type Regulated Offshore Broker
Legal name Tattvam Capital Markets Ltd
Regulation FSC Mauritius, SCA UAE
Registered in Mauritius
Established 2021
Website https://tattvammarkets.com/
Financial Authorities Warnings N/A
Contacts Phone; e-mail; contact form; live chat
If a withdrawal is possible Yes
Fees Spreads from 0 pips / no commissions
If Active on Social Media: Yes – LinkedIn, YouTube
Investor Protection: Segregated bank accounts for deposits;
Activity areas United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Africa, India
Main threats High leverage; missing compensation schemes;
Main perks MT5 availability, licensed broker;

Legal and Regulatory Information

Some traders might think this company is primarily based in Dubai. However, as can be seen in the FSC (Financial Services Commission) database, TATTVAM CAPITAL MARKETS LTD was registered in 2021 in Mauritius. A few years later, the company founded another entity – TATTVAM FINANCIAL ADVISORS L.L.C, which was registered in Dubai with SCA (Securities and Commodities Authority). 

One of the notable benefits of this regulation is strict compliance with laws and regulations. However, there is also a requirement to have segregated bank accounts for clients’ funds. On the other hand, if you compare these licenses to FCA, BaFin, or ASIC, you will realize how big of a difference that is. 

Another surprising detail is the absence of Tattvam Markets reviews. Instead, you may check our Laevitas and TradingLite reviews for more clues about trading security. 

Where Is Tattvam Markets Available?

As can be seen from the disclaimer, Tattvam Markets broker has quite a long list of areas where its services are not intended, starting with the USA, Israel, Russia, and a few other African and offshore islands. The company also claims its services are not intended for any person in the country where those services would be contrary to local regulations.

In a nutshell, their services should be only available in Mauritius and UAE. They might also operate in low-tier regulated countries but not in the UK, Malaysia, Australia, Canada, etc. And surprisingly, analytics show that platform users mostly come from:

  • United Arab Emirates 
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • South Africa
  • India 

What Platforms Does Tattvam Capital Markets Offer?

One way to attract users is to offer top-tier platforms. Such platforms are cTrader, MetaTrader, DAS Trader PRO, and similar. In this case, the preferred platform is MetaTrader 5.

In addition to that, the company fulfills everyone’s expectations with the TradingCentral option for even better analytics. Together with MT5 market depth and one-click trading, these features could be a perfect match. It also comes with iOS and Android apps. 

Tattvam Markets Account Types

It’s important to realize that the company doesn’t reveal many details about account types. Tyro and Pro accounts are briefly mentioned without a precise feature presentation. We also know nothing about Tattvam Markets’ minimum deposit requirement for those two. In all other cases, the minimum requirement is $50.

Most importantly, the company doesn’t charge deposit fees or commissions. It also provides three deposit methods traders can use. 

Does The Company Offer A Demo Account?

One of the major benefits of regulated brokers is a demo account. With these features, traders can explore all possibilities without the risk of losing their money. 

However, they can’t make anything either. That’s where companies like Funded Trading Plus could be more interesting to all traders. In any case, due to Tattvam Markets regulation, traders can expect a free demo account availability.

Trading Conditions With Tattvam Markets

Generally speaking, trading conditions can reveal a lot about some companies. For instance, with the Tattvam Markets MT5 platform, traders can expect a commission of $7 per side. Even though the presentation about tradeable instruments says, no commissions are included.

On the positive side, the company advertises highly attractive spreads starting from 0.1 pips. But in reality, spreads are rarely that low. Lastly, but most importantly, there’s a leverage of up to 1:200. Certainly not something any top-tier licensed broker would allow for retail users.

What Instruments You Can Trade?

Once you access your account on the Tattvam Markets app, you might be disappointed with the instruments offered. Understandably, due to regulatory oversight, they can’t offer crypto. Still, you have brokerages that offer them with much more strict licenses. Instead, with this broker, you can trade:

  • Forex – 40+ pairs
  • Indices – 10 +
  • Commodities – 8+
  • US Shares – 175+
  • UAE Shares – 98+ 

How To Complete A Withdrawal Procedure With Tattvam Markets?

According to the company’s presentation, traders can request a withdrawal via bank transfer or credit card. They have to complete the Tattvam Markets login procedure, access the “Funds” area, and follow the required steps to request a withdrawal. 

The processing time takes up to 3 business days, and apparently, withdrawals are free of fees. However, a fee of $10 applies if you request a Tattvam Markets withdrawal lower than $100. 

Conclusion: Are the Company’s Licenses Enough?

If you compare the company’s safety features to those of FCA-licensed firms, you will realize that there are a lot of missing ones. Still, having any licenses is better than having none. However, you are always exposed to the risk, and you won’t have a compensation scheme if the company goes bankrupt. That’s why more and more traders opt for proprietary trading with funded accounts.

One of the most popular firms of a kind is UK-based Funded Trading Plus. This company provides traders with funded accounts with up to $200k in the virtual balance that can scale up to $2 million. Of course, that’s just an evaluation phase where traders can still get a profit split of up to 90/10. Practically, you are collecting profits without risking your money. 

Even though it sounds hard, it’s not. You can continue trading if you maintain your account within guidelines. For instance, traders use Funded Trading Plus to test their strategies, AI tools, automated systems, and more. In the end, if it works, it can pay off to them really well. Most importantly, without exposing their own capital in the market. 

Become a member of the skyrocketing community already today. Sign up with Funded Trading Plus and get a chance to earn amazing rewards. 


What is Tattvam Markets?

Tattvam Markets is an FX and CFD brokerage with an operating office in Dubai and two legal entities registered in Dubai and Mauritius.

Is Tattvam Markets Legit?

According to licenses yes. But the trader's protection can’t be compared to the one with FCA-regulated brokers. A safer option is definitely Funded Trading Plus company.

Where is Tattvam Markets Based?

The company is legally registered in Mauritius and the United Arab Emirates. The business address is Office 5103, 51st Floor, Aspin Commercial Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE.

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