TdTrade Review – Who Is Behind TdTrade.ca Scam?


TDTrade Review, Figuring out exactly who is running this scam is a little bit difficult and convoluted, this is without a doubt done intentionally by the scammers. They say that they are owned by Trade Defi Trading Services LLC and that they are licensed to offer their services in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. 

The real confusion begins when they also claim to be owned by Bayline Global World Ltd, yet another offshore company, this time claiming that they are actually regulated by the IFSC in Belize. 

Clearly, a broker who makes the information about their ownership structure and their regulation is a scam. 

Company TDTrade
Website TdTrade.ca
Address Dominion Centre, King and Bay Street Toronto, Canada
Email [email protected]
Phone +1 (647) 945-7463
Minimum Deposit Minimum of 1 BTC or 10 ETH
Leverage N/A
Bonuses N/A
Regulation Not Regulated

 Is TDTrade a Reliable Broker? Regulation and Safety of Funds

It is important to note that while this broker claims to be regulated by the IFSC, this has been proven to be a false claim. Offshore brokers are no strangers to claiming that they are regulated when in reality they are not subject to any of the constraints that properly regulated brokerages are.  

When looking for a trading firm, clients should make sure that they are not falling for an investment scam by double-checking that the broker they intend to use is licensed by at least one tier-one regulatory body. 

TDTrade Trading Platform Overview 

Yet another scam broker boasts about “an award-winning trading platform,” but makes it 100% impossible to test/ get a look at this amazing software they say that they provide.

Clients can not test it out without creating an account. 

This broker has set things up so that the website is available only to certain countries. If a potential client from a non-supported area tries to enter the website they are greeted with an error code. However, it is possible to enter the website by using a VPN.

In general, a proprietary trading platform can be a good thing if a legitimate brokerage has spent years tailoring the platform to their users’ needs. It should be taken with a grain of salt though when an unregulated broker makes wild claims about developing an innovative trading platform that can rival any of the industry standards that are available.

Deposit and Withdrawal Procedures at TDTrade

We can see that this broker claims to accept all sorts of payment methods. In reality, this is just another scam broker that makes bold claims of accepting diverse payment methods whilst pushing clients to make payments in crypto (making payments untraceable).

As far as withdrawals are concerned, we have not been able to find a way. This broker hasn’t outlined how one could withdraw funds after realizing that the award-winning platform that this brokerage provides is unable to even place trades. 

How They Execute the Scam

This scam operates just like the majority of investment scams based out of offshore locations. Victims first come across the scam via social media ads and then they are presented with an offer that is too good to be true. 

This is usually in exchange for their email. Once the scammers have a victim’s email they keep sending them increasingly tempting offers till they make an initial deposit. 

With the money in their accounts, the scammers tend to switch focus on new victims. This investment scam even goes out of its way to make reviewing them impossible by granting access to their website only to that given access by the website admins.

TDTrade Summary

All in all, this is just another scam broker that provides its clients with poor trading conditions and no way of returning their funds once they have made a deposit. This is all too common with brokers based in offshore locations such as SVG. 

The issues that clients face keep piling up as there is no legitimate way to make a deposit without the worry of not being able to retrieve your money, and the brokerage does not outline a possible way to make a withdrawal. 

This is par for the course for the majority of investment scams, a straightforward way to make a payment and no way to withdraw funds.

FAQs About TDTrade Broker

What Methods Can I Use to Deposit Funds at TDTrade?

The broker claims to accept all forms of payment methods but in reality, they only accept wire transfers.

What Is The TDTrade Minimum Deposit Amount?

Currently, there is no available information about this broker’s minimum deposit as their website is down.

How Long Does it Take to Withdraw from TDTrade?

Nothing about this broker is set up in a way that makes it clear that making a withdrawal is even possible, let alone in a reasonable amount of time.

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