TheTradingChannel Review: Positive Reviews, But Is It Trusted?

TheTradingChannel Review

Thetradingchannel.net lacks one key thing. Transparency about company details. Even though the ownership is fully transparent, this firm doesn’t reveal any registration details in the US.

On top of that, very few details are known about Steven Hart, who is mentioned as the founder and CEO. In any case, our detailed TheTradingChannel review will help you determine if you can trust them or not.

Company Type Trading education platform
Legal name N/A
Regulation Not expected
Registered in US
Established 2013
Website Thetradingchannel.net
Financial Authorities Warnings No official warnings
Contacts e-mail;
If a withdrawal is possible N/A
Fees $297 per month/year
If Active on Social Media: Yes – Facebook, Twitter
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United States, South Africa, India, Nigeria, United Kingdom
Main threats Poor support options; lack of transparency;
Main perks A lot of positive feedback;

Is The Trading Channel Legit?

As it seems, many traders have only positive comments about TheTradingChannel courses. Even though, technically, they don’t know which company they are working with. Clients can’t even find the headquarters details on the company’s poorly designed website. Yet, a bit of digging gets us to Georgia, United States.

Now, the main question is if this company needs regulation. To sum it up, no. These courses often provide hypothetical trading simulations on demo accounts. Therefore, complaints to the CFTC won’t work. All in all, Steven Hart’s course appears to be completely legitimate. If a trader is losing money, that’s not the problem of a course.

What Other Traders Think – User Review?

If you are looking only at Trustpilot comments, you won’t find much. There are only 7 reviews and one negative pointing out poor customer support. On the other hand, TheTradingChannel STO is the most popular feature. At least according to TheTradingChannel Reddit comments, which are quite positive, to be honest.

In general, with trading education, there’s no mistake. You just have to build credibility for a few years, and you start selling courses. This way, founders are earning income without any risks involved. Keep that in mind. Because if they are so good, shouldn’t they be trading more?

What Does TheTradingChannel Course Include?

With this educational platform, traders can get a few free basic learning options, such as candlesticks patterns, trend trading, risk management, basic indicators, and more. On the other hand, some more advanced learning lessons, evaluated as more than $10.000 worth, are sold for $297 per month.

These courses are part of the TTC Forex University, and you can choose:

  • Basics mastery
  • Trading psychology
  • Tech analysis
  • Strategy mastery
  • Backtesting strategy
  • Risk management
  • Advanced strategies
  • Strategy vault
  • Trading plans

ThePro Trader Program

Also, traders can unlock a whole new level of trading with The Pro Trader Report program. Practically, you are getting coached by Steven Hart. Most likely, those are some group sessions. Otherwise, it wouldn’t make any sense.

Also, traders get weekly reports as part of the program, and all this would regularly cost you $1.991. However, the limited-time price is $297 per year. Of course, the course comes with a special offer valid for 20 minutes only or for the first 100 students to join. Standard marketing trick.

30-day Money-Back Guarantee

In any case, if the trader is not satisfied with the program, they can request a refund. Sounds easy, right? But most definitely, it is not. TheTradingChannel Forex education might be harder than you think. Keep in mind that the TTC Forex University is charged quarterly.

So, instead of paying a one-time $297 fee, you’ll be charged almost $900. Yet, to get those funds back, you have to complete something like a mission. Starting with:

  • Proof of 500 backtested trades using the strategies from the program
  • Proof of a written trading plan
  • Proof of 1 month of demo trading using that plan

Yet, while you are doing that and bothering to get your money back, some kiddos out there are making loads of money. But most importantly, not on a demo account. Instead, they are using advanced tools and AI to get where they want.

Customer Service As The Key Downside

Generally, the company offers only e-mail for any inquiries. Yet, once you pay for their costly program, you might get invited into some closed groups on Discord or Telegram. But that’s not proven. In any case, none of the other contact options are available.

Luckily, there are numerous channels where you can try reaching out. Starting from Facebook and Instagram to YouTube channel. Yet, very rarely you will find any reliable response there. Ultimately, all the accounts are designed for a show-off.

General Conclusion: Is It Worth It?

Generally, all trading courses protect the creator. Practically, they are not investing any real money, but they are gaining a lot. At least the popular ones. However, once you complete a course, there’s no guarantee you will be profitable. To be fair, all the company’s disclaimers are telling you that.

Therefore, taking a trading course when you have numerous YouTube channels telling you the same thing is nonsense. But in the end, the decision is yours. Fairly, the TheTradingChannel course looks legitimate, and many traders like it. But if those are profitable, you’ll decide while reading the comments.

How Can I Make Money While Trading Online?

Knowing what brokerage and tools to use is the key to the success of every trader. For instance, if you choose unregulated brokerage, all the hard work won’t pay off. On the other hand, with inadequate tools, you might lose more than you earn. That’s why education plays a huge role. After all, these programs don’t have so many followers without a reason.

Yet, there’s something traders don’t get. To learn how to trade without hesitation in making a decision takes years. Not to mention, there’s no guarantee your decision is the right one. But once you start using advanced technology, things can change.

For instance, the AI Analysis Tool helps you analyze the market like a pro and forecast future price moves. What’s better than the right decision at the right time? It’s hard to beat that. Therefore, if you are sick of wasting your time and money, get in touch with us today. Our experts can introduce you to this amazing tool, and most importantly, the first meeting is completely free.

FAQ Section

Who is Running TheTradingChannel?

TheTradingChannel educational platform was founded by Steven Hart who has been a professional trader since 2011.

Is TheTradingChannel Good for Beginners?

In general, it seems like the program works for beginners. Yet, it doesn't guarantee you will make profits once you start trading.

How Much Does TheTradingChannel Cost?

Depending on the package clients are choosing, they will have to put aside $297 per month or year.

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