Toggle AI Review – Key Features, Pricing, And More Revealed

Toggle AI Review

With a company registered in New York in 2019, Knabble Inc. started its journey in the AI trading world. However, the founders already had previous experiences and that is one of the reasons why they started this company.

Some of the key figures at the company are President Giuseppe Sette, CEO Jan Szilagyi, CTO Armenak Mayalian, and CPO RJ Assaly. With multiple awards won since 2021, this AI tool might be a good choice for you. But is it, though, you’ll find out in this detailed Toggle AI review.

Company Type AI Trading Tools
Legal name Knabble Inc
Regulation Not expected
Registered in United States
Established 2019
Website https://toggle.ai/
Financial Authorities Warnings N/A
Contacts Web contact form; e-mail;
If a withdrawal is possible N/A
Fees Hidden fees;
If Active on Social Media: Yes – Twitter, LinkedIn
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, India
Main threats Reliance on historical data; potential technical glitches;  
Main perks Award-winning technology;

What Is Toggle AI All About?

The whole purpose of AI tools is to automate trading experience as much as possible. Consequently, you can maximize your potential profits in a shorter time. However, it’s quite hard to find trusted and reliable tools nowadays. Especially since the field is not regulated and any company can claim to offer trading bots

Yet, traders have to understand these tools won’t trade instead of you. However, they will give you a comprehensive analysis of the market so you can make better trading decisions. To avoid ones that won’t benefit your account, make sure to read our Scopuly and Dusery reviews. 

What Do Traders Say About Toggle AI?

There are very few publicly available Toggle AI reviews. According to some sources, approximately 75.000 traders use this tool, but that data can’t be confirmed. In any case, for a long time, a few users commented about the tool on Reddit. Yet, the platform didn’t gain much popularity.

If you check the reviews on the AppStore, you will see astonishing results, with a few customers, of course, complaining about some issues. Generally, none of those reviews are fairly concerning. Still, it is not enough to convince inexperienced traders to trust it 100%. 

But if you know some most popular news channels that feature the company’s staff, that might be a sign. Some of the notable names are CNBC, MarketWatch, FOX Business, etc.

Features Of The Toggle AI App

Generally speaking, if you look at the company’s website presentation, you’ll find quite a few details about the app itself. With only a few words about its capabilities, it’s quite hard to get what its features are. Some of the notable options available are: 

  • Scenario testing
  • Asset intelligence
  • Chart exploration
  • Idea discovery

In addition to these options, the app also allows users to test market hypotheses and explore more with its analytical engines. Also, a knowledge graph allows users to scan potential connections regular traders often overlook.

Pricing Plans For Toggle AI

If you are worried about the Toggle AI cost, you shouldn’t have any concerns. With a basic version without any fees required, you can test the features with a few limitations. Fairly, that’s understandable. Some of the features you have with a free plan are: 

  • Access to US equities and cryptos
  • Delayed notifications and stock prices
  • 10 insights per month
  • Top-notch customer support

Paid Plans

If you opt for a paid version, the Toggle AI pricing plans are:

  • Copilot – $8.33 per month or $99.99 per year
  • Pro – $100 per month or $1.200 per year

Of course, it doesn’t seem like a benefit to pay annually. At least, the company could offer some discounts. Anyway, some notable advantages and features are access to Global equities and all global asset classes, unlimited insights, news trading, scenario testing, and much more.

Customer Support Availability

Even though the Toggle AI terminal has partnerships all over the world, it doesn’t seem they have top-notch support. But before you start using the tool, you won’t know what the options are.

So far, you can only book a consultation with them through the web contact form or reach them via Twitter or LinkedIn. For an award-winning platform, such poor support options might be a deal breaker for some investors.

Summary: Is It Worth The Money?

Generally, all the Toggle AI analytics can eventually affect your trading results. So, you have to understand them better to trade profitably more consistently. As can be seen, the company has partnered with some of the best brokers in the US and some top-notch firms like Microsoft and TradeStation. Consequently, you can expect growth in the future. 

Still, when you are first into trading, you might also consider other options, such as prop trading. This way, you can even test all these AI tools and avoid risking your money. For instance, a UK-based firm, Funded Trading Plus, offers a wide range of funded programs of up to $200k in the balance with profit split up to 90%.

In the evaluation phase, you can test all your strategies and AIs. But if it works, you can continue trading without exposing your money in the market and yet collect the profits. It’s a win-win situation for every party. Check Funded Trading Plus offers already today and begin a new successful trading journey. If you sign up right away, you might participate in special promotions the company often offers.


What is Toggle AI?

Toggle AI is an award-winning platform founded by Knabble Inc. that has been offering AI trading tools since 2019.

What Does Toggle AI Do?

Toggle AI helps traders test different scenarios, practice asset management, discover new trading ideas, and much more.

How Much Does Toggle AI Cost?

You can choose between three plans whereas one is free while others cost $8.33 and $100 per month, or $99.99 and $1.200 per year.

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