Trade House Funds Review 2024: A Step Closer or Further From Profits?

Trade House Funds Review

In today’s Trade House Funds review, we evaluate a new prop firm established in 2023. Before committing to its services, we need to determine whether or not this company has what it takes to be considered. Stay until the end to learn more about the firm and learn about AI.F, a potent analysis bot. 

Trade House Funds prides itself as a reliable prop firm that excels in transparency. At first glance, it looks like they’re right. Everything you need to know is shown on the website, including rules, where the company comes from, and more. But is the firm as it seems? Keep reading to learn. 

About Trade House Funds

Trade House Funds offers a sponsored trader program that gives gifted traders all over the world the key to unlocking their trading success. The program enables traders to trade without utilizing their capital by providing them with access to substantial capital and continuous support to help them reach their objectives. 

However, many people started to suspect the Trade House Funds scam, as the lack of transparency became evident after further investigation. The anonymity is concerning, especially because the broker they’re partnered with is unknown. 

The registered address provided by the company seems to be some sort of shopping mall with a couple of offices for rent, however, we doubt the company is located in any of them. So far, the firm hasn’t impressed us but keep reading our Trade House Funds review for more information. 

Company Type Proprietary Firm
Legal name Trade House Funds, LLC
Regulation Not expected
Registered in 2301 Lucien Way, Suite 330, Maitland, Florida 32751
Established 2023
Website tradehousefunds.com
Financial Authorities Warnings
  • No official warnings
If a withdrawal is possible Potential issues are possible;
  • Challenge fee Beginner $250
  • Challenge fee Progressive $450
  • Challenge fee Experienced $850
  • Challenge fee Advanced $2,000
If Active on Social Media:
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas Canada, United States, United Kingdom, India;
Main threats Lack of transparency; Unknown broker;
Main perks Up to 90% profit split; 

Legal Information

Just like banks, who handle your money directly, brokers are required to be regulated by law. However, that doesn’t stop firms like Financial Aims LTD from operating without a license. Prop firms have different laws and are not required to obtain a license before providing services. 

That said, Trade House Funds is unregulated, so the regulation falls onto the brokerage they’re partnered with. Unfortunately, the company refers to him as ‘The Broker’, instead of providing a name, so traders are completely left in the dark as to what to expect. 

Due to this fact, recommending Trade House Funds becomes impossible, as the lack of transparency regarding their broker is concerning. There is a risk of ending up with someone like Coinexx, so make sure to proceed with caution. 

Trade House Funds Features

You will be provided with a demo account with an unknown broker to prove that you are an experienced trader and later, you will receive live account details with the prop firm’s capital to start trading. The Trade House Funds prop firm uses MT4 and MT5 trading platforms. 

Assets that are available for trade include Forex pairs, CFD indices, metals, and oil, however, according to the website, such products may change from time to time. The leverage allowed for trading is 1:10, while for Forex, metals, and indices the leverage is 1:10. 

If the double leverage add-on is purchased, Forex, metals, and indices will be 20:1. Accounts that are used by the broker are RAW accounts and have commission charges for Forex and CFDs, however, other assets don’t carry commission. The Trade House Funds profit split can go up to 90%, however, those earnings need to be unlocked first.

Trade House Funds Plans

Once you become a funded trader, you will unlock earnings of up to 90%. Holding over the weekends is allowed, which is something not too many prop firms have. Your trading target is 10%, with unlimited time to pass. Daily limits are capped at 5%, and the max trailing drawdown is 6%. Here is a breakdown of the Trade House Funds funded account: 

  • Beginner  $25,000
  • Progressive $50,000
  • Experienced $100,000
  • Advanced $200,000

Trade House Funds Reviews

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find any reviews about this company and the reason for that is probably because the firm was established in 2023, which is not so long ago. If they had a high number of comments, it would be suspicious and it could mean the comments are fabricated. 

The only 5-star comment we found is on Trustpilot, however, the score is 3.7, which is not at all impressive. As you probably know, Trustpilot considers many factors and not only the reviews. There aren’t even any forums where you can check traders’ experiences, the company is completely anonymous. 

Payment Options and Process

Besides paying for the evaluation fee, there are no additional charges. Payment can be made through credit/debit cards, wire transfers, or any of the available e-wallets. Traders can request a withdrawal at any time, however, the limit is no more than once per 30 days, meaning once a month. 

When you are ready to withdraw your funds, you can request it at your Funded Account under the ‘Withdraw Profits’ button. All withdrawals are processed over Deel and once it’s approved, the prop firm will pay the money owed into your Deel account, which you can withdraw via any available method. 

Weighing the Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  1. Up to 90% Profit Split 
  1. Lack of Transparency 
  2. Doubtful Company Location 
  3. Limited Information and Reviews
  4. Anonymity Surrounding the Broker
  5. Expensive Evaluation Fees

Can I Make Money While Trading Online?

In summary, Trade House Funds is not a reliable prop firm. Based on the lack of transparency and the unknown broker, we advise caution and recommend avoiding Trade House Funds. There are better alternatives and using a regulated prop firm will provide an additional level of security. 

That said, you may try your luck using AI-powered tools to assist you. Besides the fact you can stop relying on shady firms to assist you, this potent program has many features you won’t be able to trade without. 

The bot will process billions of data points and provide you with insightful recommendations, and all you need to know is how to implement those strategies. And with a 14-day free trial, we promise you will learn everything! Call us now and try your luck with AI.F! 

FAQ Section

What is Trade House Funds?

Trade House Funds is a proprietary trading firm established in 2023, offering a sponsored trader program with access to capital and support.

Is Trade House Funds a Legit Prop Firm?

The legitimacy of Trade House Funds is questionable due to a lack of transparency, unregulated status, and concerns about the undisclosed broker.

How to Choose the Right Broker?

The selection of a reliable broker involves considering factors such as regulation, transparency, user reviews, and the broker's reputation in the market.

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