TradeUI Review: All Features, Pros and Cons Revealed

TradeUI Review

The official owner of this firm is listed as Traderead Inc. With headquarters in the US, you would expect everything to be smooth with the company. Indeed, it is. The company is fairly transparent and offers quite attractive services.

However, traders are quite skeptical when it comes to trading tools. Primarily because those are often manipulated and don’t work properly. But to find out if you can trust this software, check out this TradeUI review until the end.

Company Type Trading Tools Developer
Legal name Traderead Inc
Regulation Not expected
Registered in United States
Established 2020
Website Tradeui.com
Financial Authorities Warnings No official warnings
Contacts Live chat
If a withdrawal is possible Depending on the brokerage
Fees $44.99 – $195.70/month
If Active on Social Media: Yes – LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Telegram
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United States, France, India, Saudi Arabia, Canada
Main threats Lack of credibility; no reviews about the product; poor contact options;
Main perks Free trial; customization options; trading automatization

Legal Information: Is The Company Safe?

TradeUI is a firm registered in the state of NY. With their activities since 2020, you would expect them to be recognized by the community. Yet, they are not. Considering they are not offering trading services directly, you should be aware of other risks.

In general, you need to make sure you are using these tools with the right broker. But the only right broker is a licensed one. If you can find ones with FCA, BaFin, or ASIC licenses, even better. Since all your results also depend on the brokerage you are working with, check our RACFX review as well.

Trading Tools Offered By TradeUI

As can be seen, the company advertises tools for beginners and seasoned traders. These tools offer a wide range of advantages for any trader. Yet, the company has limitations depending on the pricing plan you choose. In any case, some of the most popular Pro features are:

  • RealTime Signals
  • OptionFlow
  • Live News with AI Sentiment
  • Automated Charts
  • ABI Index & More

Option Flow As The Most Popular Feature

This feature enables traders to be ahead of the market. This tool developed by TradeUI company helps visualize the market’s flow of options trades. Consequently, you can predict the moves and react accordingly.

Pricing Plans And Discounts

In general, the company offers three payment solutions or billing cycles. The cycles are monthly, mid-annually, and annually. These plans offer more and more features once you start paying more.

Generally speaking, it is a standard strategy to make investors pay more. Luckily, before you pay anything, you have a 3-day free trial period, even though they advertise 7 days.

Stocks Plan

Stonks or not stonks. This plan regularly costs $65.70, but with the current discount, you can start at $44.99. In fact, this is one of the newer plans the company offers. As for the 6-month payments, it will cost you $41.99, and for annual payments $41.25. Not a discount you wish for. Practically, a $45 save. In any case, some of the highlighted features are:

  • Option flow (no filtering)
  • Realtime news
  • Trade Analysis
  • Sweep Setup Scanner
  • Signals

Trader Plan

The trader plan will cost you at least $30 more. The price with a discount starts at $74.99, while the regular one is $95.70. For annual payments, it would cost you $67/month. However, the highlighted benefits are full option flow and chain overview and analysis.

Important to realize is that both mentioned account types have discord premium features available. Thus, those will be charged an additional $45/month.

Pro Plan

Unfortunately, a Pro plan is still under development. It will include everything Trader Plan offers but also SMS/e-mail alerts, advanced alerting tools, and some new features. However, it is not precise which ones. In any case, you’ll have to pay $144.99 per month or $120.80/month for annual payments.

Is The Mobile App Avaialble?

Sadly, the TradeUI mobile app is only available for Android devices. If you check PlayStore, it reveals a bitter truth. This tool has only a bit over 50 downloads on this platform. On top of that, it seems that the mobile app is only available if you have a Pro Account.

In the end, even the best tools in the world are worthless if you are trading with the wrong brokerage. Therefore, before jumping into TradeUI deals, check our AMarkets review.

Final Verdict: Can You Trust These Tools?

According to the company, some traders are rating these tools with 5 stars. However, these reviews are nowhere to be seen. So, they could be completely fake. On top of that, the company offers a free trial. But only to a limited number of clients. Which is always a red flag. This way, they pressure you to make a decision immediately. But very often, the offer never ends.

Generally speaking, without any legitimate proof that these tools work, you should reconsider your choices. We are sure once you see the benefits of AI Analysis Bot, you won’t be looking for other options. All the necessary tools are combined into one simple app. We know that you are sick of swindlers and fake programs. Try it out and let the results speak for itself.

How Can I Make Money While Trading Online?

As we can see, traders are just looking for shortcuts to make money. Very often, they end up with their fingers burned, if you like. On the other hand, some of those traders succeed. But the key to that is finding the right brokerage and trusted tools, such as AI Analysis Bot.

With top-notch analysis and historical data research, you can get the right signals for trades with the biggest potential. Many traders were skeptical about it until they tried it. The rest is history. Therefore, don’t waste any more time. Book your meeting with our specialists today. We know what your fears are, and now is the time to overcome them. Get in touch.

FAQ Section

What Is TradeUI?

TradeUI is a software that helps traders to make better trading decisions. But comparing it to AI Analysis Bot would be shameless. Get in touch to see the difference.

Is TradeUI Legit?

Generally, yes. They claim not to offer 100% accurate decisions. Neither are they licensed entities. But your whole experience depends on their tools.

How Does TradeUI Work?

Practically they offer quite costly plans in exchange for trading tools. But we suggest you reach out to our experts for safe trading advice and AI Analysis Bot presentation.

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