TradingWalk Review: Key Offers, User Reviews and Disadvantages

TradingWalk Review

A TradingWalk company was registered in 2015 in Sweden as Trading Walk AB. The company was founded by Johan Nordstrom. He is a trader with 13 years of experience in the banking and trading industry, at least according to his website.

Sadly, there are not many details that can back up these statements. So, how can you be sure you can trust this guy? Let’s find that out step-by-step in this TradingWalk review.

Company type Active trading education company
Legal name Trading Walk AB
Regulation Not expected
Registered in Sweden
Established 2015
Website https://tradingwalk.com/start
Financial Authorities Warnings No official warning
Contacts e-mail;
If a withdrawal is possible N/A
Fees $97 per month / up to $3.800 for a lifetime
If Active on Social Media: Yes – YouTube, Facebook, Twitter
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United States, India, South Africa, Malaysia, United Kingdom
Main threats Lack of credibility; traders saying it’s not worth it;
Main perks None

A Bit About Johan Nordstrom

Johan Nordstrom is a full-time trader from Sweden with a master’s degree in risk management. Apparently, he was working as a financial advisor and investment analyst before his trading career.

Surprisingly, he doesn’t even have a proper LinkedIn account, which is not something you would expect from such a person. Also, his social media accounts don’t seem quite followed at least if you compare it to some other reputable traders.

Traders Reviews

As can be seen, Johan claims to have almost 75,000 happy customers all over the world. Yet, only 56 TradingWalk reviews can be seen. Even though most of it is positive, it seems there are some irregularities there as well.

Some traders claim the course is too expensive, while others are saying it’s a scam. But you decide for yourself if you will trust them or not.

What Are The Courses Available?

We need to be fair in this TradingWalk review. Indeed, the courses offered might look quite attractive to customers. Yet, if you look at the tradingwalk.com website, you might recognize those shady storytelling presentations. Surely, the company is designed to help other traders avoid the rat race and so on. But in reality, all the companies are registered for profit. So, let’s talk about it.

The Trading Walk company offers 4 types of courses. Those are: 

  • 10x Trading System
  • Pro Trader Program
  • 1 1 Mentorship
  • Free Strategy Guide

How Much These Courses Cost and What’s Included?

10x Trading System is practically just a TradingView signal system. It can work on all timeframes and markets. As the biggest downside, this system only uses technical indicators to form the signal. In any case, it will cost you $97 per month in a promotional period. The regular price is $147 per month.

On the other hand, there is a Pro Trader Program with lifetime access for $3.800. This program includes a wide range of e-books, strategies, support, and mentorship. But also, you have lifetime access to the 10x Trading System. Honestly, we would wait for some honest TradingWalk Reddit comments to find out if this works or not.

Of course, free strategy requires clients to leave some contact details. Which very often ends up with e-mail bombardment. As for the mentorship program, pricing remains unknown. Allegedly, they cover in 8 hours everything you need to know.

What Resources Does TradingWalk Promote?

Whether on the TradingWalk Instagram or website, you can see a few brokerage recommendations. Of course, the plan is to use TradingWalk 10x trading system. But make sure you check those firms before choosing them. One of those is PocketOption, which is on the CFTC warning list. Not to mention, their reviews are disastrous.

In addition to that, there’s another firm, FXChoice. Even though they have an IFSC license, their reviews are not shining either. Consequently, you might even be questioning the TradingWalk course.

Customer Support And Contact Options

Generally, some of the courses and trainings are done on Skype. But that’s only available for members. Instead, all other customers have to use e-mail to get in touch and wait one business day for a response. In either case, you have far more reliable options with other educational platforms.

General Summary – Is It Worth It?

All in all, the company has quite expensive features and very low credibility. Not to mention, they are most likely affiliated with shady brokerages. Consequently, you might question the reliability of all the company’s features.

Instead, you can choose Tier 1 licensed brokerages and get guided by licensed professionals. Not to mention, there are far better trading tools available. For instance, the AI Analysis Tool will help you trade freely and without pressure. Before choosing any brokerage, make sure you explore the options. Otherwise, you might burn your fingers and throw money away, which is not the goal.

How Can I Make Money While Trading Online?

The only thing why you see so many trading courses nowadays is because those guys who offer it don’t want to risk anything. They have tried it and showed they can make some money, and now they sell you courses. To be fair, courses can be quite helpful. Yet, with the development of AI technologies, some courses might be worthless.

For instance, if you book a meeting with our consultants, you can see the advantages of the AI Analysis Tool. Practically, everything that you learn in a course is chewed up and analyzed by software. Most importantly, nobody is putting pressure on traders they must do something. On the contrary, traders control the investments and money.

Therefore, a combination of this tool and a top-tier licensed firm can be unbeaten. Get in touch today and get your hands on this tool to see the real magic. After all, it doesn’t cost you anything in the first meeting. Contact us today!

FAQ Section

What is TradingWalk?

TradingWalk is a Swedish trading educational platform founded by Johan Nordstrom in 2015.

Is TradingWalk Course Worth It?

As can be seen, many traders say it’s not worth it. This platform only offers one strategy – 10x for $97 per month on promotion. But you have better options.

Who is Johan Nordstrom?

Johan Nordstrom is a Swedish trader with apparently 13 years experience of working with banking, investing, and trading professionals. Without proof of course.

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