Vestinda Review – Trusting Your Finances to This Tool

Vestinda Review

As digital assets continue to reshape the global financial landscape, Vestinda stands at the forefront, offering valuable tools and resources designed to optimize trading strategies and maximize returns. 

Join us as explore Vestinda’s offerings, its innovative solutions, and its commitment to revolutionizing the way we trade cryptocurrencies. Besides that, we will evaluate the client feedback, website ratings, and reputation in the market.

Company type AI Trading Tool
Legal name Vestinda
Regulation Not expected
Registered in Romania
Established 2017
Website vestinda.com 
Financial Authorities Warnings No official warnings
Contacts [email protected] 
If withdrawal is possible Highly unlikely
Fees Hidden fees
If Active on Social Media: facebook.com




Investor Protection: None
Activity areas Romania, United States, India, Germany, United Kingdom
Main threats Lack of reviews and limited asset coverage
Main perks Support and paper/demo trading

About The Founder

Looking into the CEO of the platform, we found Alin Breaban, the founder of Vestinda, who brings a profound vision to democratize access to investment opportunities and foster financial independence for individuals worldwide. 

  • Founder of Vestinda – leading the company since September 2022
  • Head of Engineering at PayU for over 10 years – specializing in financial services, online payments, credit, marketplaces, fraud management, and security
  • Founder of ArtDevMedia from September 2006 to January 2013
  • Software Developer at Netsource SRL from November 2010 to July 2011

Breaban’s journey was motivated by a personal realization of the importance of investing and the lack of widespread access to such opportunities. His determination to bridge this gap led to the establishment of Vestinda, where he spearheads efforts to empower users through advanced investment automation technology. Compare it with another trading tool out there, such as RobotBulls Review

User Satisfaction

Delving into the Vestinda reviews sourced from AppSumo, we discovered a mix of perspectives from users regarding this tool. Some users expressed satisfaction with the platform’s features and the supportive community on Discord. They appreciated the efforts of the CEO in providing insights and assistance to users. Vestinda’s accessibility was highlighted. Users particularly praised the ability to create custom strategies using various indicators, despite encountering occasional drawbacks such as slow backtesting and inadequate documentation on certain indicators.

However, amidst the positive feedback, there were also concerns raised by some users regarding Vestinda’s functionality. Disappointments were voiced over issues with backtesting, with comparisons made to other platforms like Tradingview. 

In contrast, the founder of Vestinda, Alin, responded to these concerns with understanding and a commitment to improvement. Acknowledging the challenges faced by users, the CEO apologized for any inconvenience caused by delayed support responses. 

Despite these challenges, some users continued to express confidence in Vestinda’s capabilities. Yet, there were still calls for improvement. Overall, even with one website that provided these comments, Vestinda still needs to work on its management by getting more users to evaluate their firm on other platforms.

Additional Ratings

Researching more about the feedback for Vestinda, we delved into evaluations from various websites. One such source, Scamadviser, employs an automated algorithm to assess the legitimacy and safety of websites. In their analysis of the Vestinda AI tool, they considered 40 different factors sourced from public information. Notably, the tool has received an average to good trust score.

Positively, the website has been active for several years, suggesting a level of stability and security. However, there are some concerns highlighted by Scamadviser’s review. Negative reviews were detected, though the specifics of these criticisms are not detailed. While Vestinda appears to be generally trustworthy according to Scamadviser, users need to conduct their research and exercise caution when engaging with any online trading platform.


Upon completion of the trial period, users of the Vestinda platform are presented with a range of subscription plans, each tailored to cater to diverse trading needs. The options include plans such as Explorer, Pro, and Expert. 

Within the subscription plans, users have the flexibility to choose additional features or add-ons, such as access to specific strategies in the library or performance-related services. Vestinda also offers various payment methods, with users authorizing the platform to charge subscription fees via selected means, typically credit card payments facilitated within the application.

It’s important to note that Vestinda reserves the right to update subscription fees at any time, with such updates superseding any previously displayed prices. The pricing structure is expressed in USD. Try out wallets that are well-regarded in the Bitcoin community, such as Mycelium Wallet Review

Are the fees refundable?

Subscribers are informed that fees paid to Vestinda are non-refundable, emphasizing the importance of careful consideration before committing to a subscription plan.


Each subscription plan with Vestinda provides users with access to a range of valuable features tailored to their trading needs.


Active Strategies: 3

Simulations/day on historical data: 20 / day


Active Strategies: 5

Simulations/day on historical data: 50 / day


Active Strategies: 10

Simulations/day on historical data: Unlimited

Additional Offerings:

  • Advanced indicators
  • Private Session for custom strategy creation
  • Dedicated support

It’s important to note that all three subscription plans mostly have the same features, the Expert plan has only 3 additional options. Users have the option to compare all the pricing plans side by side on the official website of Vestinda.

Paper/Demo Trading

Discover the risk-free world of Vestinda crypto paper trading. This option is perfect for testing your trading strategies without the fear of losing real money, the Vestinda paper trading platform mirrors real-world conditions seamlessly. With Vestinda’s paper trading, users can:

  • Test trading strategies risk-free
  • Sign up for a Vestinda free 14-day trial to start

At Vestinda, they aim to replicate real market conditions as closely as possible. It utilizes live exchange data, ensuring up-to-date information, while commissions are factored into paper trading returns. 

Pricing Plans

In terms of the Vestinda pricing ranges, we found three distinct subscription plans.


USD 26 / Monthly

USD 316 / Annually


USD 35 / Monthly

USD 422 / Annually


USD 62 / Monthly

USD 739 / Annually

Vestinda App

While the Vestinda app may not be readily available on mainstream app stores like Google Play or the App Store, its presence on platforms like Softonic offers users an alternative avenue for accessing the app. However, our recommendation leans toward downloading the app exclusively from the Vestinda website itself. This approach ensures users have direct access to the most up-to-date and secure version of the app, bypassing potential risks associated with third-party sources.

The absence of widespread availability on app stores may initially be a drawback, but it underscores Vestinda’s commitment to providing a streamlined and secure user experience. For those keen on exploring the Vestinda app, the path to access is clear: sign up for a free trial or Vestinda login if you’re already a member. 

Final Thoughts – Vestinda

In summary, Vestinda offers innovative tools for digital asset trading, backed by a mix of user experiences and external evaluations. While its subscription plans cater to diverse traders and its offering of paper trading is admirable, users should get more data about the user experience, as well as evaluate all the pros and cons before investing in Vestinda.


What is Vestinda?

It’s an investment automation platform offering advanced tools and resources to optimize trading strategies.

How Much Does Vestinda Cost?

Pricing ranges from USD 26 to USD 62 per month, with annual billing options available.

Is Vestinda Automation Any Good?

Vestinda's automation capabilities provide users with valuable tools, such as paper trading, however, users should consider other factors before making a decision.

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