VitalInvest Review: Everything You Didn’t Know About This Firm

Vitalinvest Review

VitalInvest company was registered at the start of 2023 in Indonesia. However, their activities are not focused on domestic traders. Instead, they are mainly targeting Europeans.

Ultimately, not a bright move if the company is not licensed. But let’s find out in this honest VitalInvest Review what exposed this investment firm.

Company Type Forex and CFD trading scam
Legal name N/A
Regulation Unregulated
Registered in Indonesia
Established 2023-01-05
Website Vitalinvest.org; vitalinvest.net
Financial Authorities Warnings Yes – BaFin
Contacts E-mail; phone; web form
If a withdrawal is possible Highly unlikely
Fees Hidden fees
If Active on Social Media: No
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas Armenia, Italy, Germany, Romania
Main threats Warning from the trusted regulator; no valid license
Main perks None

Regulation and Security

If you are looking for a trusted brokerage, you must find Tier 1 licensed ones. The top three institutions of a kind are FCA, BaFin and ASIC. But of course, these are not the only ones. In any case, VitalInvest company is not licensed by any of those. 

On the contrary, the warning was published by German BaFin. They are known for one of the most rigorous regulatory bodies and there’s no joking with them. Generally speaking, if they claim the broker is a scam, there’s no doubt about it.

Is This Broker Safe?

If you disregard the warning and lack of regulations, you can still see too many flaws. Primarily because the company doesn’t reveal necessary information, such as trading conditions. In combination with their web-based platform, everything could collapse in seconds. But only on your back, not the company’s. 

Therefore, you need to diversify good from bad companies. But also, start using third-party technology to maximize results and improve safety measures.

How VitalInvest Platform Reach Clients and Who Are They?

Since they don’t have trusted social media networks, you can expect hard-sales campaigns. The whole idea is to get your phone and quickly convert you to their client. Of course, without regulations, they can offer you anything they want. However, if you read our Xnvest review you could get tips on how to avoid that.

Generally, scammed victims are mainly coming from:

  • Armenia
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Romania

Suddenly, it’s not that surprising that BaFin was running an investigation against this investment firm. Most of the time, these firms are using fraudulent software to manipulate trading. That’s why we generally advise traders to work with licensed companies.

But also to use the advantages of AI tools that can help you enormously, such as AI Analysis Bot. It changes years of trading experience for a couple of clicks to get the proper market movement prediction.

Account types with VitalInvest

Overall, account types are designed to motivate traders into higher trading volume. But that’s the situation with regulated companies. With unregulated ones, the goal is just to make traders deposit more. Anyway, the account types available with this investment firm are:

  • ‘Mini – $100
  • Standard – $3.000
  • Silver – $10.000
  • Gold – $50.000
  • Platinum – $100.000

Important to note is that the company doesn’t offer any significant benefits. Instead, you can only get trading plans and financial analyst assistance. But if the analyst is not licensed, you can forget about it.

Trading Costs

Keep in mind that all companies offering services in Europe must comply with ESMA rules. Within the rules, companies cannot provide leverage higher than 1:30. And yet, VitalInvest brokerage offers 1:200 for currency pairs.

Sadly, none of the other fees are known with this company. But that might be the reason why the brokerage doesn’t offer a demo account. Otherwise, they would expose their shady costs.


Another key warning sign is the bonus offer. In fact, with this company, you can get up to 150%. But don’t fall for the trick. It might come with a catch. However, there are no T&Cs available and it’s hard to determine. 

But if you see any additional bonus policies you have to accept, be careful. To find out what to watch for, read our Financial Aims LTD review.

Deposits and Withdrawal Methods

The key detail of this illicit scam comes with their non-existent legal documents. Therefore, everything about payment systems, fees and processing time remains a mystery. In general, if the company is hiding such critical things, you know that you should run away.

But keep in mind to always use debit or credit cards. Ultimately, if something goes wrong you can get a chargeback. If you were sending cryptos, on the other hand, money is gone. Yet, there are ways to track it down.

Pros And Cons Summarized

In general, once you review all the features and downsides you realize there are no positive things about the company. With non-existent regulations, unclear trading conditions and legal documents you can’t expect anything good. Not to mention fraudulent trading software and a warning from trusted authorities.

After all, there are top-tier licensed companies with far better customer support features. On top of that, with top-notch security and higher transparency.

How Can I Make Money While Trading Online?

The key to success in trading is to find the right strategy, tools and trusted brokerage. As for the brokerages, you must decide on your own. Don’t let anyone trick you. However, we suggest you try out the AI Analysis Bot and combine that with any broker account you want. Forget about swindlers telling you what to do and start using technology to make smart investment moves.

Combination of trading patterns and technical analysis summarized in one signal. That’s a real deal. Today, you can book a consultation with our specialists and find out more about it. If you are not satisfied, not a big deal. Nobody can push you into something you don’t want. On top of that, the first meeting doesn’t cost you anything. Get in touch now!

FAQ Section

What Is VitalInvest?

VitalInvest is an investment firm with a base in Indonesia since January 2023.

Is VitalInvest Regulated?

No. Instead, they have a warning from BaFin. For safe trading companies and tools, we advise you to consult with our experts.

Are Funds Safe With VitalInvest?

No. Without a license, they are not obligated to follow any rules. To learn how to choose the right broker, contact us. Also, see our AI Analysis Bot in action.

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