Wall Street Funded Review – Detailed Analysis, Top Features and More

Wall Street Funded Review

With a huge expansion of prop trading firms, traders have to realize which companies they can trust and which ones they cannot trust. If you look at this company in particular, you can see the maximum transparency.

Consequently, they should be fairly trusted. However, registration in Andorra might be speculative. After all, Andorra is not a very well-known country for investments. In any case, to find out if this firm is the right choice, read this Wall Street Funded review carefully.

Company Type Prop Trading Firm
Legal name Brevet Holding SL
Regulation Not expected
Registered in Andorra
Established 2023
Website https://wsfunded.com/
Financial Authorities Warnings No official warnings
Contacts Discord, live chat, email
If a withdrawal is possible Yes
Fees From $69 to $649
If Active on Social Media: Yes – Twitter, Instagram
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas Spain, United States, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico
Main threats Possibly misleading details; Small number of traders;
Main perks Affordable pricing;

Legal Information and Regulation

As mentioned, this company is based in Andorra and operates under the ownership of Brevet Holding SL (L-716322-B). With its registration in 2023, the company entered an interesting trading area for many traders. Trading with the company’s capital is always an attractive deal. Most importantly, such firms are not required to be regulated at all. After all, they are not handling your deposits or your money. 

Thus, the brokers they are using for offering trading services should be top-tier licensed. In this case, the company uses Purple Trading SC and ThinkMarkets firms. Even though both are regulated, these are not the most popular traders’ options. Still, you shouldn’t have any issues trading on their platforms. 

Wall Street Funded Reviews: What do Traders Say? 

This quite young prop trading firm has only 48 comments on Trustpilot so far. Compared to some other top-ranked firms like Funded Trading Plus, that’s nothing. However, the company is building credibility steadily. With an average rating of 4.7, it shows that it is going in a good direction. 

Even though the company has a good rating, there are a bit below 2,000 members in their Discord community. Such numbers can reveal if some company should be your primary choice or not. The same logic works for look-a-like firms such as FundedX and TopFundr.

What Are Funded Accounts Available?

Even though the Wall Street Funded affiliate campaign is highly promoted, the key focus is still on the regular funded accounts. In general, traders can choose between three types of challenge phases. Those are:

  • Rapid
  • Classic
  • WSF Ultra 

Pretty much all accounts offer the same trading features but different trading requirements. The price range for all account options is between $69 and $649 per run. 

Of course, the fee depends on the amount you get credited to your virtual account. It can go up to $100,000, and if you pass the evaluation, you will get the fee refunded. Surprisingly, the first one is refunded 120%.

Trading Conditions

The key interest for every trader is the Wall Street Funded profit split. In this case it can go up to 95% with fast payouts. At least, that’s what the company claims. Rapid funded program has a bit stricter conditions starting with leverage of 1:30, 4% daily loss limit and 6% maximum loss. 

Sadly, weekend trading is not allowed on any of the programs. Also, it is worth noting that the Rapid program is one-phased and requires a profit target of 10%.

The other two programs are two-staged and have quite similar requirements. The profit target is set at 8% in the first phase and 5% in the second. While the maximum loss for the Classic program is 8%, on the WSF Ultra, it’s 10%, so you have a bit more breathing space. Another important difference is the leverage of 1:50. 

Trading Software Offered

As can be seen, Wall Street Funded prop firm has partnered with two quite interesting brokerages. Sadly, you have to use one or the other for specific software choices. If you want to use cTrader, you’ll have to use the less popular Purple Trading SC. For the DX Trade platform, which is a fairly worse one, you can opt for ThinkMarkets accounts.

If you opt for mobile trading, keep in mind that only cTrader has dedicated mobile apps. Also, if you opt for a Wall Street Funded funded account, you will have EAs and news trading allowed.

How Often Does The Company Allow Payouts?

Compared to other firms that offer bi-monthly payments, this firm does it every ten days. Withdrawal options are crypto and Rise. However, if the Rise feature is not available in your country, the withdrawal will be processed via crypto. 

However, all trades should be closed before requesting a payout. Also, all withdrawals below $500 will be processed via crypto, regardless of the Rise availability.

Customer Support

Generally, the company’s support looks quite decent. With 24/7 availability and options like live chat and Discord, they can easily compete with other firms. But not with Funded Trading Plus, which also offers a phone line, being very rare with prop trading firms. 

Summary: Wall Street Funded or Competitors?

All in all, the company’s services look quite decent. However, this firm is still young and doesn’t have a reputation like other prop trading firms. Primarily Funded Trading Plus. Even though the Wall Street Funded price for evaluation programs is acceptable, that shouldn’t trick you into a blind trust. 

Wait and see what traders say in the future, or explore through other social media platforms. Meanwhile, we suggest you sign up with top-tier UK prop firm Funded Trading Plus and explore all the possibilities of trading there. In general, there’s nothing much the company can offer you except for payouts and transparency. That’s why traders stick with this firm, after all.

On top of that, if you sign up right away, you can get access to certain promotions and giveaways. So you can make the worth of it as well. Don’t waste any time, so jump on board today.


What is Wall Street Funded?

Wall Street Funded is a proprietary trading firm registered in 2023 in Andorra.

How Much Is Profit Split With Wall Street Funded Prop Firm?

Profit split with Wall Street Funding is up to 95% and a bit higher compared to some competitors.

Does WSFunded Allow Payout?

With such small sample of traders, it’s hard to judge yet. That’s why traders opt for more trusted prop firms like Funded Trading Plus.

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